Thursday, 11 February 2016

Being a Living Piece of Art

Diane Goldie, flamingo skirt, rainbow color looks
flower headdress, rainbow flower crown, marina fine pineapple earrings
Diane Goldie, flamingo skirt, rainbow skirt
boo + boo factory, leather necklace, rainbow necklace
Marina Fine, pineapple earrings, perspex jewellery
Diane Goldie, rainbow look, street style
sunglasses, diamond, glitter
Diane Goldie, flamingo skirt, african print
fluffy jacket, lime fur, rainbow look

Most people encourage you to blend in and be part of the majority, but there are a few who inspire you to be the most eccentric you possible. This post is dedicated to Diane Goldie, who is certainly one of the second kind and the designer of my skirt. I met the London artist, feminist, former puppeteer and maker of wearable art on the Spitalfields Market a while ago. There is no way I could have overseen this remarkable free spirit of a woman with her rainbow necklace, her arms full of bangles and her hair full of flowers.

From the first second, there was a bond between us, a certain kinship only found among fellow artistic, bold and quirky people. We queer ones don't need a passport or an own country; one glance is sufficient to recognise our kind among millions of people.

So we talked like old friends about relationships, arts, fashion, politics and many other things. I was overwhelmed by the kindness and warmth emerging from this woman and soaked up her words. Diane embraces the awkward, the colourful and the diversity of people. "It's ok to be just as you are" seems to be the universal message behind her words and they touched my soul. I wanted to evolve into an even brighter, more colourful version of myself and raise the flag of uniqueness high above my head.

Suddenly our encounter came to an end: Diane said she had to go home to her sewing machine. Only a few hours later my phone rang and a picture appeared on its screen, showing me this amazing skirt. She said she turned what she saw in me into a piece of fabric. And what a creation it was! Wearing it makes me a living and walking piece of art, signed with the name of Diane Goldie. Isn't it a liberating thought not to confine art to museums, but to bring it out into the world, to make it part of our lives? I still have the spark of energy Diane passed on to me in my heart and I'll keep it alive.

My Outfit:
Jacket: Lavish Alice (sold out), Skirt: c.Art (Diane Goldie), Shirt: Vintage,
Flower Crown: Temptress of Waikiki, Earrings: Marina Fini,
Necklace: Boo + Boo Factory, Sunglasses: Natasha Lilipore, Tights: H&M,
Shoes: Underground London, Socks: Topshop

Sunday, 7 February 2016

Kanokkorn Lamlert SS16: Whisper From Eden

kanokkorn lamlert, acrylic jewellery, vogue who's on next
kanokkorn lamlert, acrylic jewellery, vogue
kanokkorn lamlert, acrylic jewellery, vogue who's on next
kanokkorn lamlert, vogue who's on next, acrylic jewellery
kanokkorn lamlert, whisper of eden, ss16
kanokkorn lamlert, vogue, jewellery

Kanokkorn Lamlert is my insider tip number one when it comes to unique acrylic jewellery with extraordinary details. When she told me about her new collection, I didn't need a fortune teller to foresee it's magnificence.  SS16 "Whisper From Eden" is like an irresistible siren song turned into jewellery.

All pieces enchant with their details, materials such as sparkling Swarovski crystals, acrylic in sweet pastel colours and brass join each other and form delicate flowers. Marie Antoinette would have loved the whole collection for sure.

The Bangkong-based designer and Vogue's "Who's on Next" finalist 2015 was inspired by the dream of diving into the garden of Eden, the miracle of love and it's innocence. When the flowers exquisitely bloom, love blooms as well. She says that the jewellery has the scent of first love, I believe it has the look of eternal love.

The Estelle Store Melbourne  –  The Wonder Room Siamcenter Bangkok   –   
Siam Discovery Bangkok   –  Mini’s Boutique Oman


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Monday, 1 February 2016

Ten Lovely Fashion Finds & Ten Things That Make Me Happy

shopping finds, rainbow, colourful fashion
Flamingo Necklace  –  Rainbow Monster Clutch  –  Care Bear Shoes
Hands Necklace  –  Rainbow Top  –  Bomb Bag  –  Rainbow Glasses
Lilac Faux Fur Coat  –  Moschino Ombre Bag  – Fruit Print Dres

Being a blogger puts you into the position of a material girl. You are always browsing for the newest coolest finds; your postie moans under the load of parcels he has to carry to your doorstep and at first sight you give the impression that consumption is your only definition of happiness. But isn't there more behind the facade?

My musings about questions ended in me realising that happiness often lies in the small things of life, the things nobody mentioned. Therefore, I decided to pair my ten fashion finds post for the first time with a list of 10 moments of happiness during the last days. Most of them might seem unremarkable, but I believe they make a difference. I like the idea of continuing the list and having a million of reasons to be happy if I continue to write them all down.

10 Things That Make Me Happy

1. Booking the next trip to London. Yay! My advice: You get the most of your travels when you plan ahead and leave a lot of time for pleasant anticipation.

2. A smile from a (female) stranger one the street. It doesn't cost you anything to lift the corners of your mouth but might bring the sun into somebody else’s day.

3. Telling your boyfriend, your family and friends how much you love them and appreciate them being in your life.

 4. Taking care of yourself just because you deserve it: Doing a face mask while having a Lush flamingo bubble bath on a regular day. What could be more relaxing?

 5. Fulfilling a New Year's resolution: I wanted to read a book a month this year, and I already finished two in January (Super Sad True Love Story by Gary Shteyngart and Burial Rites by Hannah Kent). Especially the second one touched me and will stick in my mind for quite a while.

 6. Waking up early in the morning and realising it’s weekend, hiding deeper under the sheets and continuing with adventures in dreamland.

 7. Getting in touch with people you haven't talked to for years and still enjoying each others company like no time at all has passed.

 8. Having a cosy evening at home with warm candle light and steaming Earl Gray tea. There is no need for wellness when you declare your home to your island of recreation.

 9. Reading the news that David Bowie prepared music to be released after his death. Thank the stars, it's not necessary to live without the man who fell to earth!

10. The moment when you catch a glance of yourself in a shop window and realise even the colour of the fruit juice you carry matches your outfit.

What was your moment of happiness this week or today?

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Flamingos During Wintertime

Karen by Simonsen, Lazy Oaf, winter look
streetstyle, skinny dip, flamingo bag
pink winter look, flamingo bag, maxi dress
pompom, purple, the laden showroom
Skinny Dip, flamingo bag, clutch
karen by simonsen, wool coat, pink look
karen by simonsen, winter look, pink coat
winter outfit, pink coat, flamingo bag
skinny dip london, flamingo bag, clutch bag

Yay, I loved to shoot this outfit. No freezing in the cold but feeling cozy and warm in my wool coat while presenting my winter jacket. Why can't it always be like this? It might not be the most quirky look I ever styled, but I love this casual winter look and wear it a lot recently.

The dress has already become one of my favourites no matter that my mother asked me If I'm wearing a clown costume seeing me wearing it. Sometimes parents are strange creatures, aren't they? I remember the day so well when my mother saw my pink hair for the first time and didn't want to speak to me nor leave the car. Meanwhile, she got used to having a pink-haired daughter, even if the candy colours don't run in the family.

There seems to be no end in sight for the era of the flamingo. While I show you my darling flamingo bag from Skinnydip I got a few weeks ago in London; three new flamingo pieces are already waiting on my desk to be included in a styling. I wish I could show you everything right away, I Iove all of them and see it as a great privilege of being a blogger to be surrounded by so many beautiful things. Dear weather, please, be kind to me, I have to take pictures.

If you like the look: Shhhhhh, jacket and dress are on sale right now, so you could make a bargain.

My Outfit:
Dress: Lazy Oaf, Coat: Karen by Simonsen, Bag: Skinny Dip (sold out),
Pompom Keychain: The Laden Showroom, Earrings: Kanokkorn Lamlert,
Sunglasses: Alexander Wang, Gloves & Scarf: Vintage, Shoes: Timberland 

Thursday, 21 January 2016

Oh David Bowie… I Just Can't Let You Go

David Bowie, fashion, shop
Skater Dress  –  Ziggy Brooch  –  Modern Love Jumpsuit
Jareth Brooch  –  Neoprene Coat  – Space Man Jacket
Lightning Bolt Shoes  –  Ziggy Scarf

David Bowie was not just a musician; he was – and is – my hero. Not just for one day, but forever. He was art, fashion and all those beloved characters he created. If you roll your eyes and say this article is released when the return of the Starman to a galaxy far away is old news already, let me tell you it came years too soon. The world is a much less exciting place without Bowie.

Millions of people out there have their personal story what Bowie means (yes means and not meant, because his legacy is immortal) to them, so let me tell you mine: Since I was a child I felt like I didn't fit in and got treated as an outcast. I was a shy and lonely girl who spent her time with books and music instead of friends. Somewhen I found Bowie – the beloved Alien – and it was like somebody turned on the stars in my universe. I instantly recognized him as the figurehead of a tribe of eccentric people and felt a strong connection. Seeing the androgynous singer in his fabulous costumes, living his crazy dreams, taught me it's not just ok to be different, but a desirable position to walk towards bravely. Like a comet, this man was leading me the way where I wanted to go in my life.

I was almost under shock when I heard the sad news and had to collect my thoughts for a few days before I was able to write about losing my sparkling hero. The evening before I went to bed with his new album Black Star in my head. David singing "I'm in heaven" followed me into my dreams and the morning afterward the man who fell to earth was gone from it again.

How could he leave us and what can we do? Mourn! All the people for whom he was only a musicians among many will not understand the sadness caused by an idol never met personally. I don't care, and I bet they don't belong to the eccentric tribe! Do you agree? Then maybe you feel the need I do to have Bowie closer than ever. Let's watch his movies, turn the speakers up and listen to his musical legacy, paint lightning bolts across your faces, and last but least: Wear Bowie themed things. He will live forever in our hearts!

I know this post doesn't do Bowie justice at all. He created and didn't reproduce. Those pieces here are mere copies of his iconic style while I believe he would like all eccentrics out there to create and evolve. Yes, Mr. Bowie, I promise we will. We owe you this, because after you are gone there is nobody but us left. But let us mourn first, tribe of colourful people, and then we can go on and someday (hopefully in the future far away) we will meet Bowie on a star far away.

Sunday, 17 January 2016

Four Years in Love with

streetstyle, blogger style, quirky fashion
blogger, fashion, street style
blogger, streetstyle, fashion

Time to celebrate: Happy Birthday "Sara is in Love with…"! Exactly four years ago I published the first post on this page. It feels like that was only yesterday. I can't imagine a life without this blog (Oh my, so much free time what would I do with it? Going back being a hardcore gamer? ;-) ). Even if year four found me moaning now and then about not reaching my goals, it was a good year with a few little dreams coming true. Like the year before, this blog didn't save the world, but maybe it inspired a few of you.

During my year four of blogging I was able to wear clothes I dreamed about and survived the death of my precious MacBook (every bloggers nightmare). I got more involved in the blogger scene and made new contacts with a lot of PR agencies. I was quite surprised about this happening because it's something I had troubles with the past three years and I was already convinced that business and quirkiness don't go very well together.  I am still very grateful I don't have to make a living from blogging because this puts me in the comfortable position to stay true to myself and not to feel the need to do something just because it's profitable.

If I compare my current style to the first looks, there is certainly more daringness and my hunger for bold accessories evolved. I love to challenge myself and it feels like the journey has just started. You can be curious about what's to come… Maybe even bigger changes than ever before? Just keep me company and let me surprise you! Thank you all very much for reading this blog, without you, it would be a sad, lonely island.

A few numbers about year four:
Number of Outfits: 26
Most Worn Colour: Pink
Outfits with Skirts: 25
Never Worn Colours: Brown, Beige, White
Outfits with Trousers: Only 1
Outfits featuring Headwear: 12
Outfits featuring Sunglasses: 22

Most Popular Outfit: My Crazy Pineapple and Flamingo Look

Freezing in the cold while having my picture taken: At least ten times
Being angry about the weather interfering with my shooting plans: Very often
Being afraid of not being good enough: 1 000 000 times
Being excited about this blog: 10 000 000 000 times

Pictures: Overview of all outfits of year four.
If you wanna go further back with the time machine:
The Looks of Year 3      The Looks of Year 2     The Looks of Year 1

Thursday, 14 January 2016

Tatty Devine SS16

Tatty Devine, SS16, statement necklace

I wanted to do a shopping finds article including all the lovely new pieces popping up here and there. Cunning Tatty Devine changed my mind when I saw their great new collection. I just had to dedicate a post to their SS16 only. The new acrylic masterstroke is called, "Skies of Antiquity" and it is inspired by nature, Roman Architecture, the Renaissance and classic iconography. Tatty Devine takes you back in time to the era of The Grand Tour of Europe.

Of course, there is no tour without souvenirs and this is where the jewellery comes in: All pieces are part of a numbered edition between 50 and 150 and come with an exclusive certificate of authenticity that makes those pieces ideal for collectors and magpies with a love for statement jewellery. Collecting Tatty is therefore far cooler than collecting little statues of famous buildings!

I tried but couldn't resist at all, so my first order is already placed. You can guess in the comments what piece I went for if you like me to tell you. I am almost sure it's not the only item I'll get from this collection…

What do you think of Skies of Antiquity and do you have any favourites?