Sunday, 1 March 2015

A Happy Meal For Choupette

moschino, mcdonalds, choupette
McDonalds Love: This is where good style meets bad taste.
Choupette, Moschino, Mcdonalds
Fast fashion for me and a milkshake for Choupette, please!
Moschino, bag, mcdonalds
This outfit was just missing a Big Mac, so I ordered one.
yru, bae, pink platform shoes
Best advice to continue to look slim while eating fast food: Wear the highest shoes you find.
moschino, streetstyle, karl lagerfeld
Yummy, Yummy: What a bright look!
Moschino, bag, mcdonalds
Over 20 Billion Served: So it was time I got one too…
Choupette, pink hair, moschino
Pink Hair Don't Care: And it even goes with red and yellow, you see?
yru bae, moschino, karl Lagergeld
Dinner is Served: The cats are starving.
coupette signature, lagerfeld, lagerfelds cat
I Am Such a Groupie: Wearing Choupette's signature on my back.
coupette tee, Karl Lagerfeld, famous cat
Monster Cat: Karl thinks she can be nasty, I think she is just cute as a button.

Moschino and Karl Lagerfeld in one look, impressive isn't it? Sometimes even the lovers of independent designers – such as me – fall for the major labels… Carl wants to marry his cute cat Choupette, so how do you think I could resist having her on a tee at least? The tee was a gift from my darling, he said that it just belongs to me. I wanted to show it to you since I got it, but it was so cold during the last weeks. Finally I was brave enough to step outside with it.

The Moschino bag was a gift from me to myself, I just couldn't go on without this fashion milestone from Jeremy Scott in my life. I am a humble girl and I still feel bad if I spent a lot of money on fancy things and I certainly don't need expensive things for my ego. I feel so astonished that this bag is mine and expect it to vanish again every moment like an air built castle. But whenever I open my eyes again, it's still there. Thank you life, I love you, you are so good to me!

I never go to McDonalds to be honest. Isn't it sweet irony that a fast food inspired bag won over my heart in a storm? McDonalds is an icon of pop culture for me. The red and yellow signs from the fast food chain (which have been replaced by green ones) remind me of the nineties, when fast food was so cool over here and we've been excited to spend our birthdays in the place with the big yellow "M". 

It felt like the huge world has finally come over to our sleepy town, when the first Mc opened. I've always been a little bit afraid of Ronald McDonald and I bet you agree: Choupette is far, far cuter than him and wins every game. Maybe she would try a burger, if I don't…

What do you think about this look lovelies?

My Outfit: 
T-shirt: Karl Lagerfeld, Cardigan: Vintage, Skirt: Vintage, Bag: Moschino,
Shoes: Y.R.U, Glasses: Craig & Karl for Le Specs, Bow Ring: Tatty Devine,
Rose Quartz Ring: Tenebris, Tights: H&M

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

JumpFromPaper SS 2015

Look who is back: JumpFromPaper and their SS 2015 – called "Girl Gang Power". Inspired by sport and campus life, it showcases the primary colours blue, yellow and read. The guys at Taipei-based label JumpFromPaper got into 90s movies and came up with a fantastic throwback. Not just tennis court beauties and baseball heroines will love this collection!

The lookbook – shot by young London photographer Charlotte Rutherford – captures perfectly well the sporty vibe of a cool high school girl gang.

Either if you like the bags from JumpFromPaper or not, you must admit that their quirky 2D-looking bags are true eye-catchers and have the power to turn heads. Yes, believe me: They are real and waiting for you!

Shop JumpFromPaper here and don't forget to visit them on Facebook.

Copyright of all pictures by JumpFromPaper.

Friday, 20 February 2015

Lucky Dip Club Box Review: Valley of the Unicorns

Lucky Dip Box, subscription box, handmade
This lovely sticker is the first thing visible after opening the box.
Lucky Dip Club, surprise box, handmade stationary
All items I found in my box. A dream indeed…
Lucky Dip Club, unicorn necklace, personalised necklace
Personalised unicorn necklace with my name on it.
unicorn notebook, Iucky dip club, valley of the unicorns
Cute unicorn notebooks by Becky Holmes.
I love crafty, unicorn brooch, lucky dip box
A dreamy unicorn brooch by I Love Crafty, my favourite.
lucky dip club, unicorn stickers, kawaii stationary
Everybody needs unicorn stickers for sure.

Do you love receiving parcels as much as I do? Standing on tiptoes and checking the mailbox with the feeling of sweet anticipation is just such a great feeling. Because it's not always Santa's turn, from time to time a girl needs to order gifts for herself. I love surprises and beauty boxes and already tried a few until I heard of the Lucky Dip Club.

Lucky Dip Club is a subscription box full of cute handmade presents. One of the best things is that each box includes a personalised, unique item. The goodies could include pretty stationary, jewellery, homeware or DIY kits. Every 1st of each month at 7am a new box theme launches and if you would like to grab one you have to be very fast. The theme of the box I received was "Valley of the Unicorns".

Usually, the boxes sell out in a few hours only. Of course, you can save yourself the troubles and just sign up for a monthly subscription.Unfortunately, they announced to stop international delivery due to thigh costs just after I ordered my first box. So this is for my readers in the UK only. Enjoy this box of treasures!

This is what I found in my box:
– A unicorn brooch by I Love Crafty
– A sticker sheet
– Two little notebooks
– A personalised necklace
– An illustrated postcard
– A label set
– A zine explaining the items in the box and telling about their makers

Costs: One box for £18, monthly subscription £15, six months for £84

My opinion: I loved what I found in my box, and the unicorn brooch alone would have been worth ordering this box. Truly a box full of magic and as well a lovely gift for a crafty friend!

Get your own Lucky Dip Club box here.

Sunday, 15 February 2015

The Ghosts Of A Bright Future

gray outfit, futuristic fake fur look, somewhere nowhere
A Grey Ghost: No fortune teller could have guessed me wearing this colour.
le specs hi brow, somewhere nowhere, ghost jumper
Thinking of Barbarella: Others have fluffy spaceships, for me a fluffy jumper must do.
Maison Martin Margiela, silver candy clutch, metallic
Shiny Silver: No futuristic look without silver for sure.
elbow straps, somewhere nowhere, bead jewellery
Woohoo: My first elbow straps ever. I think I found another place to put accessories.
somewhere nowhere, voegele shoes, metallic look
Looking Up to the Sky: What the future brings is still to be discovered.
ghost look, futuristic fake fur, barbarella
Boooooo: Here I am, and I am not a wallflower.
ghost jumper, elbow straps, glow in the dark jumper
Tiny Beads: They glow in the dark as well, what a fun surprise effect.
silver clutch, metallic, futuristic look
Candy Clutch: You know how much I love this bag. I am happy I own it in silver as well now.
grey look, futuristic fake fur, somewhere nowhere
Just Live in the Now: It's going to be past sooner than you think.
metallic look, le specs hi brow, silver clutch
This is the Future Babe: Don't care about being sexy, be edgy!
voegsel shoes, metallic, pointed boots
Barbarella Would Be Jealous: Pointed boots with silver heels.

What does the future bring? Where will we go and what doors will close and open? Are our dreams too big or will reality even exceed them? Today's future is tomorrow's past, and there will always be new questions.

Thinking too much about the future sometimes distracts from the present. But it's the here and now we are living in, and today is never coming back. So live it, breath every bit of air like it's something special and enjoy yourself! Don't spend your days following others dictating you what to do, but follow your own path.

Nobody knows what tomorrow brings. Very often, we can't even guess the little surprises life will drop in front of our door, not to mention the big life events.

When somebody wanted to discuss with me the new it-colour grey a few months ago, I just refused to believe that I would wear grey. Grey is for mouses, for people without joy and courage. Well, look at me now! I'm wearing grey, and it feels edgy and futuristic.

I watched Barbarella a while ago a and this jumper made me think of her fluffy spaceship. It's easy to style a science fiction look if you have a haircut like mine. Just add shiny metallics like my new fantastic shoes from Voegele Shoes and the Maison Martin Margiela candy clutch, and ready is the fashion ship commander!

I think my sense of fashion benefits from watching old science fiction movies... Let's stay inside and boldly go through the DVD collection (where no man has ever gone before)!

How do you like this look lovelies?

My Outfit: 
Jumper & Elbow Straps: Somewhere Nowhere, Skirt: Vintage, Shoes: Voegele Shoes,
Tights: Esprit, Bag: Maison Martin Margiela for H&M, Sunglasses: Le Specs,
Ring: Tenebris

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Lovely Label: Boo and Boo Factory

boo and boo factory, leather jewellery, geometric necklace
Boo and Boo Factory, leather jewellery, rainbow jewellery
Boo and Boo Factory, leather jewellery, handmade
Boo and Boo Factory, statement jewellery, tassels

"Oh my god, I found the holy grail of jewellery", this is what I thought when I discovered the page of Boo and Boo Factory for the very first time. Just thinking about this jewellery makes me jittery. While the usual brown and black leather jewellery doesn't attract me at all, this unique handmade pieces are what make a girl's heart beat faster.

Boo and Boo Factory was founded by Chicago-based designer Christina Anton. All her pieces are handmade with a lot of attention to detail and using ethically sourced materials. Christina studied architecture, and this is a big inspiration for her jewellery as well as science, nature and natural forms.

Influenced by geometric form, Boo and Boo Factory's designs are bold and like a trip to a super colourful rainbow land. The funky shaped leather pieces with their feathers, tassels and beads look like wearable art. Very often, they even come in neon, what could be a better antidote to the winter blues?

Finally somebody makes statement necklaces that deserve this name. I am convinced: If you heard about this shop, your life will not be the same anymore. Say hello to colours and goodbye to monotony!

Shop Boo and Boo Factory here and don't forget to like them on Facebook.

Copyright of all pictures by Boo and Boo factory.

Thursday, 5 February 2015

Lovely Shopping: Bold Sunglasses

sunglasses, ss 2015, eyewear
1  –  2  –  3 –  4
5  –  6  –  7  –  8

Let's shop sunglasses! They can completely change the look of a face in an instant. Sunglasses are just my favourite accessory and I never leave the house without a pair of them. At the moment, it might be more the snow than the sun dazzling, but this might change soon.

I recommend going for bold statement glasses. They are just so much fun. I don't see why somebody should choose a modest model. Go for colourful, big, completely round or extreme cat eye, but don't go for boring!

Most of the glasses in this post are designer pieces, but I think they are worth an investment. Most girls invest in bags, I say glasses are just as important. After all, they will sit right on your face.

I am especially in love with the blue and yellow Miu Miu glasses (2) and the Linda Farrow x Agent Provocateur cat eye glasses (4). I plead for the boldest as usual…

Which sunglasses from this post are your favourites?

Friday, 30 January 2015

Curiosity Never Killed the Pink Cat

It's so Fluffy: Quirky bags are my kind of fun.
Like a Superstar: Disguising myself with big glasses and hiding behind my bag.
Quilt & Lace: Who says that delicate and casual don't fit?
Character Cat: I must admit Kitty looks a little bit grumpy, but cute as a button.
Unicorn Hair & Barbie Jewellery: Big girls still like what little girls love best.
Wave the Tail: Because this is what happy cats do.
True Love: A perfect pink couple.
Saying Goodbye: Cat and me are on our way to more adventures.

"Excuse me, may I stroke your cat?" I was asked when I went out dressed like this. "Of course," I said, even if my pink kitty is a little bit shy sometimes. Some dating experts say that going for a walk with a dog is a very good way to get in touch with possible partners. I say a fluffy fake fur cat is all you need to stir attention. Ok, probably it attracts more quirky women than suitable lovers, but I'm not in need for a romance anyway.

January is almost over, and I feel restless. I wish I could travel somewhere right now. London, Paris, Japan, China... I am so ready. Where is my ticket? Where are the cool events, the exciting places and the crazy people? I wonder if they do all hibernate and imagine a big fluffy cave with fantastical sleeping creatures somewhere. Please send me directions, and I'll join.

To cheer myself up I just booked my next trip to London and tickets to the Alexander McQueen exhibition at the V&A. I am playing with the thought to fly to China in summer.

Plans keep the heart warm while the body feels the chill…
How do you survive winter and what do you think about this look?

My Outfit: 
Jumper: Defshop, Skirt: United Colors of Benetton,
Bag: New Look (still available in black), Tights: Calzedonia, Shoes: Ego & Greed,
Heart Ring: Nina Bee, Other Rings: A Gift, Necklace: Anne-Sohphie Cochevelou,
Earrings: Suzywan Deluxe, Sunglasses: Alexander Wang