Thursday, 23 March 2017

Lovely Giveaway: Fashionhotel Spring Edition

FASHIONHOTEL, spring edition 2017, Kameha Grand
Fashionhotel, Kameha Grand, Giveaway
Fashionhotel, Zurich, tickets
Fahionhotel, Kameha Grand, ticket giveaway

Everybody who is in or around Zurich: Just a few days left till the Fashionhotel Spring Edition 2017 is happening. I teamed up with them to give you the chance to win tickets for the pre-opening and I'd be happy to meet a lot of you there.

In case you never heard of this cool event: The Fashionhotel turns Zurich into a city of fashion for three days and brings you a unique shopping experience. The event takes over a hotel – this time it's in the Kameha Grand – and transforms it into a hub for over 80 brands and designers showcasing fashion, accessories, and beauty. It takes place from Friday 31th of March till Sunday 2nd of April 2017.

Two floors of the Kameha will brim with pop-up stores where you can see the creations of emerging designers and established brands. You can shop endlessly and talk to the people behind brands like Claudia Nabholz, MDK – Miranda Kaloudis, Swiss Smile, Berenik or Retro Punk and many more. There are different workshops and parties, and you can book special dining & shopping packages for even more fun.

How to win tickets:
I am giving away 5 x 2 tickets for the pre-opening on Friday the 31.3.17, at 8 PM. All you need to do is to leave a comment below this post and leave your mail. The contest will end on the 27th of March. Winners will be announced the next day. If you want to increase your chances, you can enter on my Instagram and Facebook as well.

Monday, 20 March 2017

Lovely Giveaway: Maude Studio Sunglasses

giveaway, sunglasses, Maude Studio
Maude Studio, sunglasses, giveaway
Maude Studio, sunglasses, giveaway
Maude Studio, sunglasses, giveaway
Maude Studio, sunglasses, giveaway

Girls, spring is coming, are you ready? It's almost time to take out your sandals and make your sunglasses ready! Ah but wait, there is a problem: Your old sunnies are catching dust in a box, and you are tired of them, am I right?

Don't worry, help is here: You can win one of my favourite pairs of sunglasses: The iconic emerald bee sunnies from Australian designer Maude Studio. Of course, I own those pretties, and whenever I wear them, I feel like an alien version of Dorothy, coming from a fabulous land where everything is iridescent. Have a look at this post and see what I mean...

The sunglasses feature a tortoiseshell rim with five small gold stones, holographic green lenses and two large bee embellishments. Each pair is hand embellished in Melbourne at Maude Studio and offers a high sun glare reduction with an excellent UV protection. I believe no matter if you want to create some daytime brilliance or aim to make a party look perfect: You should make them yours!

How to win
Just follow the options in the Rafflecopter below and tell me about your favourite place in the sun. The giveaway is open worldwide and ends on the 16th of April 2017.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Sunday, 12 March 2017

Schmiley Mo SS17: The Story of Henry

Schmiley Mo, Diana Rikarasi, fashion
Schmiley Mo, London Fashion Week, Diana Rikasari
Schmiley Mo, Diana Rikasari, London Fashion Week
Schmiley Mo, The Story of Henry, Diana Rikarasi
Diana Rikarasi, Schmiley Mo, LFW
Schmiley Mo, Diana Rikarasi, LFW
Schmiley Mo, Lookbok, Diana Rikarasi

This February, Indonesian-based fashion brand Schmiley Mo presented their new quirky collection "The story of Henry" at London Fashion Week. The main character is a cheery chicken with big dreams named Henrietta, who goes by the nickname of Henry. Henry came to show that out of the egg shell you can be everything you want and find happiness without asking other people for their approval.

Schmiley Mo, the label of Indonesian blogger Diana Rikarasi, is a whimsical and playful fashion brand, founded in 2010. The label is a great source for playful fun clothes for daily wear. Their loose-cut signature allows layering as many pieces as you want together. The story of Henry is the third collection of Schmiley Mo.

In this fun collection, Diana Rikarasi features a creative twist on knit and crochet, combined with denim, fringes, and polka-dotted tulle. I am head over heels for the bubbly pieces and can't wait for Henry to join my wardrobe! Come here chick, chick, chick!

Visit Schmiley Mo here 
or shop from their UK stockist Ownthelook.

Sunday, 5 March 2017

The Pink Mixture

winter look, pink and burgundy, cat print
blogger look, pink hair, pompom hat
moschino gloves, organge gloves, leather gloves
blogger look, winter outfit, pink and burgundy
blogger look, faux fur scarf, cat look
Vivienne Westwood, Melissa, Rocking Horse Shoes
faux fur scarf, cat scarf, cleo ferin mercury
winter look, cat print, pleated skirt
pom pom hat, pink hair, Alexander Wang

blogger look, winter outfit, pom pom hat
furla glitter bag, moschino gloves, pink and orange

I loved pink for a long time, but recently it's becoming more: It started to turn into what black is for others. I feel like a veil was lifted from my eyes and I can see clearly now: There is no colour that doesn't go with pink, there really isn't!

While I always liked to combine my favourite colour with blue, yellow or red, I just discovered how flashy pink looks with lilac or with a bit of orange. I never liked orange, but look: Mixed with pink that suddenly changes. There seems to happen a kind of magic between the two of them (maybe you can call it love ;-) ).

The longer I live as a pink girl, the less I understand why most people's basics are black or gray. There is nothing against those "colours" if you like them (unless it's beige, this is just terrible in my opinion), but why not being a little bit more playful and fill your wardrobe with the bold diversity of a box of coloured pencils?

Besides the colours, there are many things I like about this looks: All the cute cats and the fact that the outfit reminds me of Japanese street style looks – especially because of the platform shoes. But I am not done yet: I want to see what else can be done with pink. Let's combine it with everything I haven't tried yet!

Be prepared for more colour mix looks! Gray can stay home for a long, long time!

My Outfit:
Shirt: Pinko, Skirt; LM Lulu Le Showroom, Bag: Furla (similar here),
Shoes: Vivienne Westwood x Melissa, Scarf: Cléo Ferin Mercury, Gloves: Moschino, Sunglasses: Alexander Wang (old), Hat: Bought in London

Sunday, 26 February 2017

CeliaB SS17: Spanish Bomb!

CeliaB, SS17, lookbook
CeliaB, SpanishBomb!, SS17
CeliaB, SS17, colourful fashion
CeliaB, SS17, Natacha Duarte
CeliaB, SS17, red dress
CeliaB, SS17, Natacha Duarte
CeliaB, Natacha Duarte, SS17

Hello CeliaB SS17! My favourite fashion designer released her next collection, and while I think all her collections are (colour) bombs, this one is even called Spanish Bomb! and truly fulfills the expectations of this powerful title.

With this collection, the Asia-based designer Celia Bernardo returns to her Spanish roots and merges her original signature designs with spectacular ruffles and bold, colourful prints. The Latin influence is apparent in the delicate embroidery, the mesh textile and the explosive use of colours.

For the third time, CeliaB worked together with Natacha Duarte who made the prints for the collection. This time the Portuguese artists created a land of wonder where everything is possible with dreamy fantasy leafs and flowers, colourful peasants and dotted jaguars.

Celia's passionates goal for Spanish Bomb! is to bring happiness into our world and I believe who looks at the fantastic pieces can feel this immediately. Her fashion is for bold, strong women who are feminine and individual, yet playful and it's such a relieve to see something as unique as her work in a world where people tend to dress the same. It must be a lot of fun wearing those mind-blowing pieces, therefore: Yes, I want to be a Spanish Bomb!

You can shop the collection here and watch this video to find out more about CeliaB:

Monday, 20 February 2017

Lovely Shopping Wish List

blogger, shopping, wish list
Rainbow iPhone Cover  –  Knitted Turban  –  Flower Necklace
Embellished Sunglasses  –  T-Rex Bag  –  Printed Dress  –  Heart Collar
Glitter Boots  –  Geometric Earrings  –  Star Handbag

Yesterday, for the first time this year I felt spring approaching. I watered the plants on the balcony without freezing, and the sunrays tempted me to sit into my baby blue Acapulco chair for a few minutes. Oh yes, I anticipate the warmer weather coming back! 

Inspired by the beautiful light, I started to compose this wish list post, and I bet you are not surprised it turned out all spring-like and colourful. How I would love to wear everything together to a smashing look...

I love all my fluffy coats, but I am so so ready to put them aside till next winter. I want to wear my highest heels without fearing to slip on icy streets, and I am looking forward to fewer layers of clothes. Please, please, please sun, say you are here to stay. I‘ll do my best to pick up piece after piece of my spring wardrobe in the meanwhile to look like a sparkling rainbow when the flowers start to sprout.

Which pieces of this wish list do you like best and what are your must-have spring items?

Monday, 13 February 2017

No Cloakroom Ticket Required

blogger, look, winter
winter look, Shrimps coat, faux fur coat
Ego Official, embroidered shoes, flower pattern shoes
Shrimps Coat, Claude coat, blogger look
blogger look, winter style, Shrimps coat
Silhouette Eyewear, Jean Paul Gaultier x Swarovski, blogger loook
Silhouette sunglasses, thin sunglasses, purple sunglasess
Jean Paul Gaultier x Swarovski, statement necklace, silver necklace
blogger look, Shirmps coat, faux fur coat
Sequin skirt, blogger look, silver nails
Shrimps coat, faux fur coat, blogger winter look
Shrimps Coat, blogger style, winter coat
Silhouette Eyewear, sunglasses, purple sunnies

When you return to the cloakroom of a posh restaurant after having dinner, and the lovely lady awaits you with your coat in her hands, telling you she remembers its gorgeousness, you might have done something right. Maybe you might have shopped at Selfridges. This post is not sponsored by my beloved high-end department store in London (I wish it were ;-) ), but I have to tell you a little story about what Selfridges means to me:

Years ago there used to be a design intern in London. Like most interns, the one called Sara didn't have a lot of money. Nonetheless, at weekends I loved to walk through Selfridges. I adored the more than 4000 pairs of shoes in the building, the flamboyant designer robes and of course the extraordinary windows. In the end, I always left with some tea, a few cookies or a hand cream and I was happy to have a little part of the shopping world that I loved with me. A piece of the place with the ladies wearing Chanel from head to toe, perfect makeup and expensive handbags.

A few years later it's time for an announcement: Ladies and gentleman, may I present my first major Selfridges shopping? I mean from upstairs, where the real treasures are, not from the high street section. May I present my Shrimps coat?

I was fed up with cheap and bad quality coats, I just needed a good one this year, and only the best silky faux fur could do. The happiness I feel whenever I wear it was worth every penny. Sometimes a girl just needs to treat herself!

My Outfit:
Coat: Shrimps, Bodysuit: Worlford Vintage, Skirt: H&M, Shoes: Ego,
Sunglasses: Silhouette, Bag: Vintage, Neclace: Jean Paul Gaultier x Swarovski, Earrings: Jean Paul Gaultier x Swarovski