Monday, 31 December 2012

Emerald Fireworks

emerald, new year's eve, outfit, retro
Where is the best place to see the fireworks?
fake fur, retro, fifties, hat
Dressed in an emerald green dress from HM and a vintage fake fur cape, I am ready.
Azumi and David, brooch, hand, gold
A golden hand with a pearl from Azumi and David sits on the collar of my Vivien Of Holloway bolero.
hat, Collectif, vintage, 50s, veil
Feeling coquettish with the veiled hat from Collectif.
outfit, night's out, emerald, retro
From above, the skirt looks like the big sister of the flower on the hat.
Anna Dello Russo, crocodile, bangle, H&M
A crocodile bangle with a lot of glamour from the Anna Dello Russo for HM collection.
green, dress, retro, petticoat
The petticoat from American Apparel puts me into the mood for dancing to songs of Billie Holiday.
Bordello, high heels, black, shiny
The highest pair of shoes I own from Bordello.

I wish you all a wonderful New Year's Eve ! I do have a little story about this special day just for you: Once, there was a girl, she dreamed of New Year's Eve. She longed to wear an opulent outfit and have her darling take her out to an opulent party with all the luxury in the world. He would hold open the door for her and help her out of her fur cape. They would drink Champagne from crystal glasses and dance tight to the song "I'll be seeing you" from Billie Holiday (just click play on the video at the bottom of the post and you will hear this song while you read). Later, they would watch the fireworks together and kiss each other while saying hello to the new year. They would look deep into each others eyes and promise to love each other forever.

I present you the outfit I imagine this girl could wear. It is a mix of new, old and vintage pieces: This beautiful dress I found at HM a few years ago. I think it would be perfect for this occasion with it's elegant emerald green colour. If I combine it with the bolero from Viven of Holloway, I feel dressed well. The white vintage fake fur cape keeps warm and the beautiful hat from Collectif completes the look. Of course I am wearing the highest heels I own to make my legs as long as possible. This Bordello shoes are surprisingly comfortable if you consider their hight.

The brooch is a special piece from my beloved friends and fabulous designers Azumi and David from London. They are an incredibly lovely and charming couple and their designs often have a surprising or surreal touch. If you ever look for a special handbag, you should have a look at their heeled handbags. The bangle is from the Anna Dello Russo for HM collection to show my adoration for amazing Anna. The necklace is from my mother with a lot more adoration donated to this special woman.

I wish the girl in the story was me, but it is not this year. Maybe next year? The beauty of unfulfilled dreams is, you can continue dreaming. Unfortunately I am sick at home. I am glad that we took this pictures already last week, otherwise I wouldn't be able to show you this look. So I go back and hide under my blankets and wish you all the best, have a lot of love and joy this night and in 2013! Thank you for reading my posts and all your lovely comments!

My Outfit: 
Dress: HM (not recent), Petticoat: American Apparel, Bolero: Vivien of Holloway, Fur Cape: Vintage, Shoes: Bordello at Attitude Clothing, Hat: Collectif, Bangle: Anna Dello Russo for HM, Brooch: Azumi and David, Necklace: Vintage, Tights: Primark

Thursday, 27 December 2012

Spread Your Wings

trend, wings, fashion
Ring: Wildfox at Jades24, Necklace: Tatty Devine, Backpack: Lostmannequin, Shoes: Vivienne Westwood for Melissa at Asos, Fascinator: Pearls & Swine*

Christmas is the time of the angels and as well the opportunity for you to become one! All you need to spread your wings are the right accessories. There is a heavenly touch for every kind of outfit: A winged backpack for your casual outfits (Lostmannequin), an elegant fascinator for going out in the evening (Pearls & Swine), jelly shoes for dancing like a disco angel (Vivienne Westwood for Melissa at Asos) and jewellery for everyday (Ring from Wildfox at Jades24, Necklace from Tatty Devine).

As a little girl, I played an angel in the Christmas play at our school. I had long blond hair and my mother curled it for me. My halo was made of golden cardboard and I wore a long white dress (probably made of curtain fabric). Our lovely teacher was the makeup artist and used a lot of glitter and light pink lipstick to finish the look. I always loved to dress up, to act and to sing. Doing all this things while being dressed up as an angel was a lot of excitement for a little girl.

This accessories remind me of that moment and give me a warm feeling. I just can't decide which of this wings shall be mine… What do you like best?

* Pearls & Swine Fascinator: Model: Alexandra Robb and Jacq Boulton, MUA: Ria Yvonne,  
Clothing: Chloe Kent, Photographed by Rekha Garton Photography

Friday, 21 December 2012

Lovely Label: Ximena Yutronic

candy, shoes, art, sweet
Ximena Yutronic, fashion, shoes, candy
candy, sweet sensations, shoes, fashion
candy, handbag, sweet, Ximena Yutronic

I seem to have a crush on Spanish designers recently: After introducing Yiddish Chutzpah and her wonderland dresses, I fell in love with another amazing designer from Spain: Palma de Mallorca based artist and designer Ximena Yutronic creates very special shoes and accessories, finding her inspiration in nature. There is no border between art and fashion in her work. Her shoes are like pieces of art and wearable fashion at the same time. Why restrict art to museums and galleries if you can wear sculptures on your feet?

The focus in this post is on the candy inspired pieces from her collection "Sweet Seasons". Ximena creates stunning shoes and handbags all covered in leaves and flower petals worth a look as well. To me, the candy inspired work is the most surprising: At first sight the pieces – looking like covered in sugar – cause irritation. They seem to be made of real chocolate, strawberry ice cream and a mouthwatering sweet cream topping. Just at second sight, it's revealed that they are recreations of sweets. Usually desserts have a very short life, they are eaten up quickly or the ice cream melts in the sun. Ximena stops the time and preserves the sweets, turning the dessert into something everlasting. Her work doesn't just leave a sweet taste in your mouth for a second, but causes a sweet feeling in your heart whenever you look at her shoes and accessories again.

If you are interested to see more of Ximena Yutronic, please visit her Facebook Page or watch this video to see more of the collection. What do you think about this sweet shoes and accessories?

Where to buy:
In Store: The Gallery, Plaza del Mercat, 8, 07001 Palma, Spain
To Order: Feel free to contact Ximena Yutronic on Facebook.

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Flowers in the Snow

Collectif, coat, winter, retro
A white wonderland with just a tiny hint of purple.
flower crown, winter, 50s, Collectif
A cosy collar is a good weapon against the cold.
flower crown, selfmade, purple, Collectif
Trying to fill the world with flowers: Purple roses on the crown and preserved flowers in the buttons.
diy, flower crown, purple, silk flowers
Brave little flowers, mocking the ice cold air.
frills, cross belt, coat with fur, lace
What's hidden beneath the coat: Lace, frills and crosses.
fake fur, retro, coat, armcuffs
Gently flattered by fake fur sleeves. No animal was hurt and the game is still in the forest.
creepers, golden socks, wedges, London
Snow, you can't stop the mighty creepers!

Why do the naked trees always seem to be sad? Why can't I stop missing the sound of the birds and the scent of the flowers? I am here, trying to bring a hint of purple and a couple of blossoms into this white winter world. For this mission, I made myself a big bold flower crown. It already had a few appearances on my head while I was in London. Many daring people asked me to try it on, even some male ones and complete strangers. I never got so many compliments for any other accessory before. If you have ever worn a crown like this, you will understand: Wearing it makes you feel different immediately. You become something between a saint and a queen. You can imagine being Virgin Mary, Frida Kahlo or Cicciolina, whoever inspires you most.

My new coat from Collectif enhances that feeling of elegance, my crown gives me. With its cosy fake fur collar I don't even need a scarf. The buttons with the dried flowers inside, are somehow melancholic and romantic at the same time. They are like a little souvenir from past summer to me.

Before you ask if I don't get frozen legs, I tell you a little secret: I do layer tights and wear up to three pairs of them on top of each other. Together with the socks, my legs are as comfortable as possible. But even dressed like this, I prefer to hurry inside as soon as possible. If I would be a product and come with a tag, on mine would be written "not for outdoor use" for sure. I always try to get excited about outdoor activities, but to be honest it's more force than joy most of the time. I could sit forever on the sofa with a mug of hot tea, reading a gripping book on the other hand. Being outside is never the goal for me, but just a necessity on my way from A to B and for that I don't need to dress up as a Yeti. I'll be back in a cosy house before my flower crown is covered with snow anyway and I'm sure my brave little flowers appreciate this.

How do you like my flower crown and my new coat?

My Outfit: 
Coat: Collectif, Flower Crown: DIY (thanks to Fashion Hayley for inspiration), 
Shoes: from Camden, Socks: HMRing: HM, Lace Bodysuit: From my mum's wardrobe,
Top: Strawberry Kats (not recent), Belt: Urban Outfitters
Lipstick: Airborne Unicorn by Limecrime

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

The Pearls & Swine "Not Very" Christmas Range 2012

Pearls and Swine, fascinator, headwear, christmas

Why not going for really sophisticated headgear for Christmas instead of topping your head with stupid reindeer antlers from the fun shop? Even if your dress is rather plain, the right fascinator will turn you into the brightest star of the evening. This is the "not very" Christmas range 2012 from Pearls & Swine. Breathtaking headpieces made for girls who like to dress up, but are maybe a little bit tired of the usual christmas kitsch. Among the creations full of fantasy, there is a purple bambi waiting for you as well as a pretty red winter rose and a Carmen Miranda inspired fruit hat.

It's very hard to decide on a favourite from this range, but I am madly in love with the disco and glitter balls fascinator with the name Space Oddity (shown in the middle). Metallic colours are one of the big things in fashion for spring and that's why I am convinced this one will have a lot of wonderful appearances. I can't stop thinking about how it would look with a pink Maison Martin Margiela for H&M candy clutch (seen in this post) or a metallic trench coat form Burberry Prorsum (seen at Vogue). Another highlight are is the red shoes fascinator, called Dorothy's delight. Which girl doesn't dream of being Dorothy from Wizard of the Oz and having magical glitter shoes?

The nice side effect of this range not being christmas themed in a very classical way is, you can easily wear most of the pieces during the whole year. So please dear Santa, bring me the disco balls fascinator, the red shoes fascinator and something beautiful form this range to every other nice girl! If you can't get enough of this wonderful headwear like me: There is more on the Pearls & Swine page, waiting to be discovered.

Which fascinator is the highlight of the Christmas or New Years Eve outfit of your dreams?

Model: Jennifer Dickinson Model / Isobella MUA: Jane Armstrong Mua Photographer: Ellie Victoria Gale Photographer                                         

Sunday, 9 December 2012

Are You Ready to Celebrate?

cat handbag, christmas, outfit, bordello
Cross necklace: Joolwe at Linens 'N' Things, Cat bag: Oasap, Red leather gloves: John Lewis, Dress: Topshop, Cat Beret: Oasap, Bangles: Sal Y Limon, Shoes: Bordello at Shoebuy

I slowly get into a Christmas mood, while seeing all the festive lights in the city. It's definitely time to prepare all the gifts, bake cookies and decorate home! A perfect outfit is required as well and a successful christmas looks needs glamour, glitter and red. I created a look for you, bringing all these things together:

This power stud dress is very elegant, but you don't have to freeze like all the ladies with sleeveless dresses. To match this dress, I choose the colours night blue and gold for jewellery and red for the rest of the accessories. The shoes are the most glamourous and eccentric heels, but with their plateau they are comfortable enough to stand around the tree and sing songs as long as you like.

The cross necklace goes very well with the pattern of the dress, adding a little bit of baroque opulence. Even if you are not religious, why not wearing a cross for christmas if the colour of the gem stones matches exactely the eyes of your cat handbag? The highlights of the outfit is the cat bag, do you agree? Even if there is no connection from cats to Christmas it's incredibly cute and everyone will envy you. On your arms you definitely need bangels. If you take a few, the sound of them will remind you of a sleigh with reindeers and enhance your festive mood. I recommend this charming handpainted ones. As you see, there is even one with a star pattern on it. The cat ears beret is the second part of feline touch in this outfit. Together with the red leather gloves it will keep you warm while watching out for the Star of Bethlehem.

Now you are ready to shine brighter than any Christmas tree, don't you think?

Monday, 3 December 2012

Sweet Like Candy Cane

Yiddish chutzpah, outfit, dress, candy
Sweet love: Let's cover the world with sugar today!
star, fascinator, outfit, cute
Little fairy's wish: Everything shall be sweet and merry.
dress, frills, candy, Yiddish Chutzpah
A girl's dreams: Just thinking of prince charming.
candy jewellery, fashion, cute, kawaii
Candy jewellery: If the time is not right, just eat up the watch (or otherwise go for a lollipop)!
frills, candy print, pastels, dress
World's best cotton candy: The sweetest pink frills ever.
print, candy, illustration, cute
Candy mania: I wish I could eat them all…
pink, shoes, jelly, sandals
Jelly sundae: Even the shoes look like dessert.

Look what arrived in my mailbox: It's the "Caramelos" dress from Yiddish Chutzpah! With all the snow outside I don't dare to wear my new dress outside, but I love to turn the house floor into my catwalk. I just couldn't wait to share it with you. I feel like a little candy fairy. The dress fits perfectly and the pattern made by Gema of Yiddish Chutzpah is adorable. My darling was bedazzled when he saw me and we started to dream of a picnic next spring. The magic of cute and pink things has a lot of power over me and this dress makes me happy a lot. Actually it was just the right thing to get rid of my winter mood.

Girls are not just craving for candy, but for glitter too! I have this as well: The pink fascinator from Peals & Swine is a bright glitter star. Tinker Bell would be jealous and I almost expected it to turn my lollipop into a ward and spread sparkles all around. It's as well a cool fascinator for a christmas outfit, if you don't play the summer girl at the moment.

My Lolita look gave me the opportunity to wear girly jelly shoes. Of course not elegant high heels, but cute ones made for running over meadows and catching butterflies. I could wear this comfortable shoes from Juju all the time. Especially with cute socks, they look very girly. To complete the look I went into a place I loved since I was a little girl: The candy store. I always had a sweet tooth and it was fun to wear candy jewellery again. I couldn't resist to eat a lot of it right after the shooting. If the candy on the dress would be edible, I'm afraid it would be gone too.

I hope this outfit put you into a sweet mood and made you forget about the nasty weather outside. Are you enchanted by dress and fascinator, my lovelies?

My Outfit: 
Dress: Yiddish Chutzpah, Star Fascinator: Pearls & Swine, Shoes: Juju at MrShoes, Socks: HM, Juwellery: Candy Store

Get in touch with Yiddish Chutzpah on Facebook, at or send a mail to yiddishchutzpah(at) if you are interested in my beautiful dress or any other item from her lookbook.

Thursday, 29 November 2012

A Suitcase Full of London No. 2

shopping, haul, buys, clothes
All the things from my London shopping haul neatly arranged.

This is a sneak preview of my London shopping. If you have seen my London Wish List, you might ask why I didn't go for more from the list. Unfortunately, most items where sold out at all or not available in my size. The only thing I bought according to plan is the laser cut collar from Topshop (left corner on the top). I found some other beautiful things instead:

I am a proud owner of two pairs of creepers now. Shiny golden ones from Urban Outfitters and high wedge creepers bought in Camden. I seemed to have a legwear addiction as well: I bought so many socks and tights, I had to put a "legwear shopping ban"on myself. I don't show you all of them here, you might see a few of them in outfit posts later.

My best shopping moment I had at Collectif: I transformed myself into a true 50s lady in their changing room. An absolutely divine feeling, like being reborn! I coudn't resist to buy a hat (top center) and a black coat (bottom right corner). Despite my wish to have a colourful and extravagant coat, after being influenced by Comme des Garcons A/W 2012, I fell in love with this coat. There are dried flowers in the buttons and the cut is perfect for not especially tall girls like me. If you want to feel like a glamorous lady too, I recommend to visit Collectif!

To continue with black temptations: Many fashionistas name Atsuko Kudo, when being asked about their secret fashion dream. I was craving for something from this designer for a long time as well. The London based Japanese designer is specialized in latex couture. Someday I wish to own a Atsuko Kudo dress, for a start I treated myself with gloves and a bow choker. I love latex as a material and I think it doesn't deserve to be restricted to dingy fetish wear.

Because it was a little bit cold to walk around the whole day in the city, I also bought a cosy jumper from Primark and a pom pom scarf from Irregular Choice (previously seen in this post). Nonetheless I was happy to return to our cosy heated home every evening. I had a wonderful time and dream of seeing London again in spring or summer.

Now I am very curious what you like best from my shopping. Please tell me!

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Call Me Kitty, I Am In London

cat jumper, london, phone box, fashion
Me and my cat jumper in London.
cat jumper, london, phone box, blond girl
Red jumper meets equally red phone box.
cat jumper, phone box, London, fashion
Hello Kitty, have you seen my choker necklace?
cat jumper, phone box, London, fashion
Sometimes you accidentally dial the wrong number, but with this jumper you can't go wrong.
cat jumper, outfit, back, look
Also from the back a lovely view. Have a look at the cute toes!
frilled socks, creepers, gold, glitter
This shoes carried me around the whole city without itching feet and with lots of compliments.

I'm back with you after a wonderful week in London. We did a lot of fabulous things like visiting the Harry Potter Studios, seeing amazing exhibitions (Tim Walker at Somerset House and Hollywood Costume at the V&A) and going to a concert of El Perro Del Mar. I met all my London friends and this warmed my heart. When we came back my head was full of lovely memories and my suitcase stuffed with my shopping finds.

You can have a little sneak view into my shopping bags later, for now I show you a casual outfit, perfect for a city trip. I wear comfortable shoes for walking around and clothes easy to get off in the changing rooms. In my opinion, casual doesn't mean plain and without fun and this cat jumper fulfills my wishes. Combining the jumper with gold dot tights, golden shoes and a bright red lipstick add a hint of elegance.

If there is something like a London shoe it must be a creeper! This sparkling version goes very well with my current obsession for frill socks. A lot of people couldn't keep their eyes of this shoes and I was asked many times where to get them.

I'm happy to be back here and excited about planed future posts, but a little bit sad at the same time. Leaving London always gives me a feeling of loss and it takes a few days to settle in again. What I like most about London are the open minded people. I always feel welcome and free to be whatever I can think of. I got loads of compliments for my outfits in London, while back in Switzerland I often face people laughing about me behind my back (or even worse: into my face). This doesn't change me, because I am a stubborn girl and stick to my taste, but it's not encouraging neither. But don't be afraid: Regular visits to London and your wonderful comments will prevent me from giving in and hide myself behind gray mouse outfits. Let's keep it colourful and sparkling!

My Outfit: 
Cat Jumper: Shuala Zurich, Tights: Primark, Necklace: Me & Zena (sold out), Shoes: Urban Outfitters, Frill Socks: Topshop

Most of the items in this outfits are not available for online shoppers, but in the box beneath you find my suggestion how to recreate my style with similar items. Unfortunately there is no other red cat jumper around, but I think the black or white one will look great too.

Get the Look: 

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Lovely Label: Yiddish Chutzpah

Yiddish Chutzpah, fashion, El Bosque de Hansel y Gretel
Yiddish Chutzpah, fashion, El Bosque de Hansel y Gretel
Yiddish Chutzpah, fashion, El Bosque de Hansel y Gretel
Yiddish Chutzpah, fashion, El Bosque de Hansel y Gretel
Yiddish Chutzpah, fashion, El Bosque de Hansel y Gretel

This is actually the first time ever I introduce a fashion brand. When I came over Yiddish Chutzpah I just couldn't keep this fabulous gem of a label to myself, especially because I'm sure you haven't heard about it yet.
Yiddish Chutzpah was founded 2011 by Gema Alonso in Salamanca/Spain. The word "Chutzpah" in the name stands for an attitude of audacity and reflects perfectly how the clothes look: Daring and unique. The fashion is retro-naif, girly and flattering. There is a lot of love for details in the designs: Cute bows, sweet patch pockets and doll-like frill collars are true eye-catchers. All the patterns and prints of the clothes are designed by founder Gema and make the clothes exclusive.

The current collection of Yiddish Chutzpah takes us into a magical wonderland: It's called "El Bosque de Hansel y Gretel" (The Woods of Hansel and Gretel) and it's filled with many wonders: Mystical trees or beautiful flowers will await you as well as unicorns and sweet little Bambi. Of course there are bonbons as well, to make every fairy tale as sweet as sugar. With a piece from this collection your prince charming will be impressed and fall in love with you head over heel for sure!

I strongly recommend you to have a look at Yiddish Chutzpah's whole lookbook. While the clothes look unlike something I've ever seen, the price range of them is quite affordable and you can be a happy owner of a Yiddish Chutzpah piece within a price range from 30 to 140 Euro. So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with Yiddish Chutzpah on Facebook, at or send a mail to yiddishchutzpah(at) for further information.

I promise your childhood dreams of being a coquettish princess will come true with a little bit of Yiddish Chutzpah in your life!

Photographer: Balles Fotografia,

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Lovely Fashion Rule No. 2

fashion rule, colours, rainbow

Lovely Sara says: Don't be afraid of colours! There is already enough grayness out there, so dare to wear all the colours of the rainbow!

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Princess Leia of the Purple Planet

outfit, galaxy print, purple, lime crime
May I introduce: For today I'm Princess Leia of the Purple Planet.
airborne unicorn, lime crime, ear muffs, galaxy print
Ear Muffs are part of the outer space uniform.
galaxy print, fashion, ear muffs, purple
Purple is the most favourite colour on my planet.
asos, peplum top, purple, galaxy print
Peplum tops are very hip for space girls at the moment.
galaxy print, necklace, stone, agate
This is a necklace made from a rare stone found on my planet.
eel leather, fashion, handbag, Becksöndergaard
My bag is just big enough to contain my intergalactic passport and a lipstick.
melissa, vivienne westwood, jelly, high heels
On my jelly shoes, I travel around the galaxy and watch out for aliens.

When we did this shooting, the sun was finally back after many cold and rainy days. With the sun came a little part of summer-me back and I felt very hungry for colours. It was just the perfect day to wear my new galaxy peplum and go for a crazy look! I have to say a huge big thank you to Fashion Hayley: She showed this top on her blog and looked so marvellous in it, I just had to buy it too. When she had it on, she was called Kim Stardashian and I perfectly know why: The top makes a girl feel extremely curvy. The waist looks absolutely slim in it and hips and butt wide. At the beginning I was a bit sceptical about this shape, but my darling convinced me that there is no need for that. I would have kept it anyway, because I love the pattern and colours. It's kind of a cosmic print, but unlike all the galaxy prints seen at the moment, more abstract and colour wise different. I combine it with a plain pencil skirt, to give all the attraction to the top.

I am wearing my grandma's earmuffs as well. They make people not think of Kim, but of Princess Leia from Star Wars. Together with the galaxy print of the top an intergalactic combination, don't you think? This earmuffs are actually one of the very few things I have from my grandma and I'm very proud on them. Unfortunately they are real fur, which I would never buy. Since they are most certainly more than 50 years old I make an exception. They make me feel like my beloved grandma is close to me.

I added glitter to my nails and to my eye makeup to complete the galaxy look. Together with my lilac Lime Crime lipstick (Airborne Unicorn) and teal coloured accessories (Necklace: Tenebris, Bag and Bangles: Becksöndergaard, Shoes: Melissa) I think this Princess Leia is ready to show up on the purple planet!

How do you like this outfit? Aren't the colours a true energy booster?

My Outfit: 
Peplum Top: Asos, Skirt: A Gift, Ear muffs: Vintage (belonged to my grandma), Shoes: Melissa (sold out but see a little bit similar ones below), Bangles: Becksöndergaard, Handbag: Becksöndergaard, Necklace: Tenebris

Get the Look:

Thursday, 8 November 2012

London Wish List

shopping, wish list, London, pastels
Red Candyfloss Girl
Polka Dot Sequin Jacket: Louise Gray for Topshop, Red Shoes: Office,
Sequin Dress: Louise Gray for Topshop, Latex Kitty Collar: Atsuko Kudo,
Multicoloured Clutch: River Island, Creepers: Jeffrey Campbell

shopping, wish list, London, Lazy Oaf
Dark Comic Cutie
Faux Fur Earmuff: Accessorize, Panther Crop T-Shirt: Lazy Oaf, Baroque Alice Band: River Island,
Happy Smiley Crop Shirt: Lazy Oaf, Laser Cut Collar with Pearls: Topshop,
 Zebra Print T-Shirt: J.W. Anderson for Topshop

Big happiness: I am going to spend a few days in lovely London very soon. My favourite city will have me again. I can't wait to visit all the exhibitions I have in mind, meet my dear friends and of course go shopping excessively. For you, a brand new London Wish List post is here, revealing what I might bring home from my trip. I searched all the pages of my most frequented London shops to make a pre-selection of cool items I'm gonna watch out for. On my last trip, the list was a big help and I actually bought a few great things according to it. Your comments and opinions have been a wonderful help as well to make my choice.

All the items catching my eye this time are either sweet as candy or a little bit dark and comical. It was not the intention to create two looks, it just seems my taste is torn between this two moods at the moment.

Don't be sad if you have to stay at home and can't raid all the beautiful shops with me! If you fall in love with something from my list: All the items are available for online shopping too. Please just don't buy everything before I arrive in London. ;-)

Which of this treasures make your heart beat faster? I am very grateful for your opinion and will follow your advice. Of course I'll show you my shopping after the trip.