Sunday, 29 April 2012

Heart Shaped Glasses forever

heart shaped glasses, golden frame, Asos, Lana Del Rey
My newest version of the beloved heart shaped glasses from Asos
heart shaped glasses, vintage picture, girl
Me as a child with my first heart shaped glasses

Lana Del Ray, Marianne Faithfull, Sue Lyon, heart shaped glasses
Beautiful Lolitas: Lana Del Rey, Marianne Faithfull and Sue Lyon

From my early childhood till now, I've always been a big fan of heart shaped glasses. When I was four years old, they were just the greatest thing to have. Nowadays I'm a proud owner of a little collection with many different colors and variations of them.

The most iconic look including this fabulous glasses is of course Sue Lyon wearing them in Stanley Kubrick's movie Lolita (1962). Even today, heart shaped glasses always remind of her.

In my personal view, the heart shaped glasses had their revival in 2006/2007. They rocked the catwalks from Moschino, to Luella and Blugirl. Many celebrities such as Peaches Geldorf, Britney Spears, Kelly Osborne or Bat for Lashes have been spotted with them. The most memorable impression they made on me during this time was with their appearance in Marilyn Manson's video to the song "Heart Shaped Glasses", released 2007. In the video, Rachel Evan Wood is seen as a modern interpretation of a – not so innocent – Lolita.

Heart shaped glasses are hot this season too: My latest version is a simple one with a thin golden frame, just as seen recently on Lana Del Ray. I love them, because they have a classy touch and look less quirky as with a colored plastic frame.

Take a heart and wear glasses like this!


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  2. Heart shaped glasses are amazing!

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