Sunday, 27 May 2012

What's in Lovely Sara's Bag?

what's in my bag, handbag, content

Lovely Book
I always have a book with me. At the moment I'm very addicted to George R. R. Martin's brilliant saga called "A Song of Ice and Fire". It's a gripping and epic tale about intrigues, kings, traitors and dragons. Definitely one of the best fantasy stories I ever read. It has an absolutely page-turning plot and complex characters. At the moment I'm reading volume four and I wish this story would be never ending.

Lovely Fan
Fans are so pretty and elegant! Even if it is not very hot at the moment, I love to have a fan with me for a little bit of Geisha-feeling in my life.

Lovely Makeup
Leaving the house without makeup is something I never do, on the opposite: I tend to carry around too much makeup just in case I want to change from Lipgloss to a bold coloured lipstick or need to refresh my rouge. The most important things in my makeup bag are my Mac Studio Fix foundation, the Mac Bold Black Lash mascara and a lipstick (it's a Guerlain Shine Automatique on the picture).

To refresh myself there is always a deodorant in my beauty bag. Very important: It has to be without aluminum salts like the DeoDry Fresh&Floral Roll-On from The Body Shop.

Lovely Sweets
A bag without sweets is a sad bag! That's why I always need to have chewing gums or candies with me. I love this pretty box from "Les Anis de Flavigny, so I fill it with other kinds of sweets, cause I prefer to treat myself with gentle on the teeth sweets.

Lovely Hands
Soft hands are very important to me and I always have a hand cream in my bag. At the moment I use "Helping Hands" from Lush. The philosophy of this company is great and they've got the most cheerful shopping assistants.

Lovely Perfume
My favorite perfume at the moment is Ma Dame from Jean Paul Gaultier. A wonderful mix of rose, orange, grenadine and musk. It makes you instantly feel more sassy.

Lovely Glasses
The sun is always dazzling me so I never leave the house without sunglasses.

Lovely Music
With my babushka shaped headphones and a few good songs on my iPod every rainy day gets brighter.

My top five songs of the week:
1) Ingrid Lukas: Rainspell
2) Jimmy Hendrix: All along the Watchtower
3) Zola Jesus: Ixode
4) Florence and the Machine: Seven Devils
5) Dillon: Thirteen ThirtyFive

Lovely Wallet
I need a huge wallet with a lot of space for a big bunch of customer and visit cards, money and coins and little notes like shopping or to do lists.

Lovely Keys
One of my favorite movies is Kill Bill. That's why I have this pink "Pussy Wagon" key charm guarding my keys. I don't own a big yellow car with red flames, but at least I have the fitting charm.

Lovely Phone
The most important thing in my bag is my iPhone. Like most people I can't be without it. Staying in contact with my beloved ones and checking mails is just too important. The case is from Freitag, it's very practical but I wish I had a more elegant one.

Monday, 21 May 2012

Time for a Cocktail Baby!

summer outfit, cutout dress, Tatty Devine, cocktail umbrella necklace
Having fun outside and loving my cocktail umbrella accessories
summer outfit, cutout dress, Tatty Devine, cocktail umbrella necklace
Cheers to the lovely weather!
Tatty Devine, cocktail umbrella necklace, perspex jewellery, handmade
Close shot of my new beauty
Tatty Devine, statement necklace, cocktail umbrella necklace, cat eye sunglasses
Why isn't there any ice in my cocktail?
summer outfit, cutout dress, Tatty Devine, cocktail umbrella necklace
Party among trees and plants
cat eye sunglasses, retro, red sunglasses, cat eye
Do dandelions bring luck?

When I was a child, the best thing about sitting in a bar was if one of the adults ordered a cocktail. I was crazy about the colorful and kitschy cocktail sticks they come with. My love for them didn't die until now. They look so cheerful and make me think of holidays at the beach with picture book sunsets. There are neon pink flamingos, fancy paper fruits, little pirate ships and glitter palm trees. All of them exciting, but I always had a special favourite:

The cocktail umbrella. It is made of very thin paper and painted with a beautiful flower pattern. As a child I was astonished that this fragile looking think could be opened and closed just like a real umbrella. Once I've seen a picture of a girl with paper cocktail umbrellas in her hair as a party look. It was amazing but I wished the umbrellas would have been more durable.

Tatty Devine made this dream come true 2010: Their jewellery collection included a range of perspex cocktail umbrellas. They created amazing necklaces, beautiful rings, brooches and even cufflinks. I just bought a hair barrette at first, but I was in love with the whole range and always felt that I should have gone for a necklace as well.

A few days ago Tatty Devine hold their sample sale which is always very exciting. It's not just about making bargains, but also about getting the hands on stuff from former, already sold out collections. That's how I got my long desired cocktail umbrella necklace. I think you might be jealous now that I didn't told you about this fabulous sale, but I promise to keep you informed about the next one!

What do you think about the cocktail umbrella juwellery?

My outfit:
Necklace and Hair Barrette: Tatty Devine. Dress: Topshop. Petticoat: Angel's Sale London. Sunglasses: Accessorize. Bag: Vintage.

Saturday, 19 May 2012

The Minnie Mouse Fringe

Minnie Mouse, fringe, hair style, cut
Being Minnie: Now i just need longer lashes and a black dot on my nose

With summer approaching unfortunately I can't wear my Minnie crochet anymore. I already started to miss a little bit of Minnie in my life. Just wearing a bow is just not enough Minnie feeling anymore. That's why I'm very lucky to have found another way to bring back Miss Mouse into my style:

It's much more subtle than wearing plastic mouse ears on top of my head:
I had my lovely hairdresser cut my fringe into the pointed, characteristic Minnie shape. It's just a small change to the straight fringe I had before, but I think it makes my haircut more edgy.

I don't know if other people with this fringe style had as well Minnie as a source of inspiration. Maybe the fabulous Broken Hearts did.

What do you think about my new fringe shape?

Monday, 14 May 2012

Lovely Sara is "Chic in Zurich"

Chic in Zurich, Dotti's Vintage, vintage outfit

A few days ago I bumped into charming Andrea from the blog "Chic in Zurich". She took pictures of me and shows them on her blog now.

"Chic in Zurich" is a swiss street style blog. Andrea is on the hunt for pictures of well dressed people in the swiss capitol. I am surprised how many extraordinary people she finds. Sometimes I have the impresssion that the majority of people here seems to know nothing about the existence of colors. Andrea proves me otherwise. I like the style of her pictures and I'm proud to be on her beautiful blog.

Andrea caught me wearing an outfit I really like: The jacket is from my favourite vintage store in Zurich called Dotti's Vintage. The Shirt is from H&M and the skirt from Topshop. The necklace belonged to my grandmother. On my feet I'm wearing a pair of my beloved Melissa shoes. You have seen the heart shaped glasses in my post "Heart Shaped Glasses Forever", they are from Asos.

I hope you like Andrea's pictures as much as I do and I recommend you to visit her blog as well!
Here is the link:

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Funky Fruits in Fashion: The Pineapple

pineapple handbag, asos, fruits in fashion
Love: I'm the proud owner of a beautiful pineapple bag from Asos
pineapple handbag, asos, fruits in fashion
Tropical Fever: Trousers and Shirt from Zara. Necklace from my mother. Bangles from Becksöndergaard
pineapple handbag, asos, fruits in fashion, tropical trousers
Details: Matching fruit nails and how the bag looks while being carried
pineapple handbag, asos, fruits in fashion, fruity fingernails
Details: The pineapple has a flip top opening
Vivienne Westwood, Melissa, shoes, jelly
Shoes: Vivienne Westwood for Melissa
pineapple handbag, asos, fruits in fashion, pineapple
Two Pineapples: Which one is more juicy?

After my post about the melon, here follows another fruit: The pineapple. This sweet and juicy fruit stands for self-confidence, hospitality and exotic. Christopher Columbus discovered it during an excursion to south africa and since then it has been very popular. Specially because you can make delicious cocktails and desserts with it.

As you might now, I'm a huge fan of funny shaped bags and my latest discovery is this very eye-catching pineapple bag from Asos. It has exactly the same size as a real pineapple and I think it's a very lovely interpretation of the fruit. I love how the woven straps form the body of the fruit. It's quiet spacious inside and I manage to carry around more than just phone and lipstick in it. The pineapple bag has a flip top opening with a press-stud fastening and a body strap with adjustable length. It's a very funny feeling to sit in the train and open the pineapple to pick out the ticket.

I combine my pineapple bag with tropical print trousers and a simple coralline shirt. The colorful fruit nails make the outfit complete.

This pineapple is the perfect bag for a bright summer outfit. I'll take it out for having a few cocktails (maybe even a Pina Colada). The pineapple will be the star of this summer for sure!

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Celebrate the Queen & Britain!

fashion, uk flag, british, union jack
1) Perspex crown jewellery: Tatty Devine
2) Jessie J with Union Jack lips: Tattoos available at Violent Lips
3) British stamp necklace: Abilu Creations London
4) Solar Queen who waves with her hand: Amazon
5) Socks: Accessorize   6) Fan: Accessorize
7) Corset: What Katie Did, Crown: Pearls & Swine
8) Shirt: Vivienne Westwood    9) Shoes: Irregular Choice

Recently everyone is crazy about Britain: The Queen's Diamond Jubilee and the Olympic Games in London are taking place this summer. Don't you think that's exactly the right time to show a little bit of love for this amazing country? There is a lot of cool stuff around with the Union Jack pattern. It would be possible to dress yourself completely in Union Jack prints, from underwear to socks, glasses and nails. 

Hundreds of fashion designers already included this iconic blue, red and white flag in their collections. I can't name them all here, but have to mention the maybe most outstanding Union Jack look: Geri Halliwell from the Spice Girls being on stage with a very short Union Jack dress in 1997. This picture has gone around the world and made her to my teenage idol. The dress was quite plain but very short and daring. The Daily Telegraph mentioned it amongst the ten most iconic dresses of the last 50 years and there is a page about it at Wikipedia.

If showing flag is not your cup of tea but you admire the Queen: Go for crown jewellery instead! Tatty Devine has got beautiful things for this occasion. Pearls & Swine is the perfect place to look for opulent crowns and fancy Union Jack masks. Which girl doesn't dream of being a princess or queen?

I think these shopping tips will help you to be prepared as British celebrations are coming closer. Don't forget to propose a toast to the Queen!

The Spice Girls: Geri Halliwell wearing her Union Jack dress (1997)
Milliner Stephen Jones wearing his iconic Union Jack hat
Vivienne Westwood (2012)
Artist Tracey Emin: Running Naked (2000)