Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Celebrate the Queen & Britain!

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1) Perspex crown jewellery: Tatty Devine
2) Jessie J with Union Jack lips: Tattoos available at Violent Lips
3) British stamp necklace: Abilu Creations London
4) Solar Queen who waves with her hand: Amazon
5) Socks: Accessorize   6) Fan: Accessorize
7) Corset: What Katie Did, Crown: Pearls & Swine
8) Shirt: Vivienne Westwood    9) Shoes: Irregular Choice

Recently everyone is crazy about Britain: The Queen's Diamond Jubilee and the Olympic Games in London are taking place this summer. Don't you think that's exactly the right time to show a little bit of love for this amazing country? There is a lot of cool stuff around with the Union Jack pattern. It would be possible to dress yourself completely in Union Jack prints, from underwear to socks, glasses and nails. 

Hundreds of fashion designers already included this iconic blue, red and white flag in their collections. I can't name them all here, but have to mention the maybe most outstanding Union Jack look: Geri Halliwell from the Spice Girls being on stage with a very short Union Jack dress in 1997. This picture has gone around the world and made her to my teenage idol. The dress was quite plain but very short and daring. The Daily Telegraph mentioned it amongst the ten most iconic dresses of the last 50 years and there is a page about it at Wikipedia.

If showing flag is not your cup of tea but you admire the Queen: Go for crown jewellery instead! Tatty Devine has got beautiful things for this occasion. Pearls & Swine is the perfect place to look for opulent crowns and fancy Union Jack masks. Which girl doesn't dream of being a princess or queen?

I think these shopping tips will help you to be prepared as British celebrations are coming closer. Don't forget to propose a toast to the Queen!

The Spice Girls: Geri Halliwell wearing her Union Jack dress (1997)
Milliner Stephen Jones wearing his iconic Union Jack hat
Vivienne Westwood (2012)
Artist Tracey Emin: Running Naked (2000)


  1. danke für deinen Kommentar! zu deiner Frage.. ich wohne in Südtirol :)
    xx S.

    1. super dass es in dem fall auch im südtirol mit dir ein wenig uk-love hat ;-) das südtirol ist schön, war da als kind in den ferien manchmal. genug spazierwege um mit dem süssen kleinen racker spazieren zu gehen. xx