Saturday, 19 May 2012

The Minnie Mouse Fringe

Minnie Mouse, fringe, hair style, cut
Being Minnie: Now i just need longer lashes and a black dot on my nose

With summer approaching unfortunately I can't wear my Minnie crochet anymore. I already started to miss a little bit of Minnie in my life. Just wearing a bow is just not enough Minnie feeling anymore. That's why I'm very lucky to have found another way to bring back Miss Mouse into my style:

It's much more subtle than wearing plastic mouse ears on top of my head:
I had my lovely hairdresser cut my fringe into the pointed, characteristic Minnie shape. It's just a small change to the straight fringe I had before, but I think it makes my haircut more edgy.

I don't know if other people with this fringe style had as well Minnie as a source of inspiration. Maybe the fabulous Broken Hearts did.

What do you think about my new fringe shape?