Sunday, 27 May 2012

What's in Lovely Sara's Bag?

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Lovely Book
I always have a book with me. At the moment I'm very addicted to George R. R. Martin's brilliant saga called "A Song of Ice and Fire". It's a gripping and epic tale about intrigues, kings, traitors and dragons. Definitely one of the best fantasy stories I ever read. It has an absolutely page-turning plot and complex characters. At the moment I'm reading volume four and I wish this story would be never ending.

Lovely Fan
Fans are so pretty and elegant! Even if it is not very hot at the moment, I love to have a fan with me for a little bit of Geisha-feeling in my life.

Lovely Makeup
Leaving the house without makeup is something I never do, on the opposite: I tend to carry around too much makeup just in case I want to change from Lipgloss to a bold coloured lipstick or need to refresh my rouge. The most important things in my makeup bag are my Mac Studio Fix foundation, the Mac Bold Black Lash mascara and a lipstick (it's a Guerlain Shine Automatique on the picture).

To refresh myself there is always a deodorant in my beauty bag. Very important: It has to be without aluminum salts like the DeoDry Fresh&Floral Roll-On from The Body Shop.

Lovely Sweets
A bag without sweets is a sad bag! That's why I always need to have chewing gums or candies with me. I love this pretty box from "Les Anis de Flavigny, so I fill it with other kinds of sweets, cause I prefer to treat myself with gentle on the teeth sweets.

Lovely Hands
Soft hands are very important to me and I always have a hand cream in my bag. At the moment I use "Helping Hands" from Lush. The philosophy of this company is great and they've got the most cheerful shopping assistants.

Lovely Perfume
My favorite perfume at the moment is Ma Dame from Jean Paul Gaultier. A wonderful mix of rose, orange, grenadine and musk. It makes you instantly feel more sassy.

Lovely Glasses
The sun is always dazzling me so I never leave the house without sunglasses.

Lovely Music
With my babushka shaped headphones and a few good songs on my iPod every rainy day gets brighter.

My top five songs of the week:
1) Ingrid Lukas: Rainspell
2) Jimmy Hendrix: All along the Watchtower
3) Zola Jesus: Ixode
4) Florence and the Machine: Seven Devils
5) Dillon: Thirteen ThirtyFive

Lovely Wallet
I need a huge wallet with a lot of space for a big bunch of customer and visit cards, money and coins and little notes like shopping or to do lists.

Lovely Keys
One of my favorite movies is Kill Bill. That's why I have this pink "Pussy Wagon" key charm guarding my keys. I don't own a big yellow car with red flames, but at least I have the fitting charm.

Lovely Phone
The most important thing in my bag is my iPhone. Like most people I can't be without it. Staying in contact with my beloved ones and checking mails is just too important. The case is from Freitag, it's very practical but I wish I had a more elegant one.


  1. lovely post! :)

  2. Wow! echt ein super Post. Das Bild ist so fröhlich und ... lieblich :)

    Alles Liebe,

  3. Dein Blog ist einfach klasse,
    dein ausgefallener Stil gefällt mir sehr!

  4. Süßer Post! Nicht einfach ein Foto und "Buch, iPhone, Creme" sondern super persönlich :) Und du hast wirklich nen Fächer dabei? Super cool. Ich benutz immer irgendwelche alten Flyer, die sich in der Tasche finden, bin also weniger stilvoll ;)
    Lilly x

  5. Danke für die Komplimente, meine Tasche freut sich sehr darüber ;-) Liebe Lilly, ja der Fächer ist wirklich mein Begleiter von Frühling bis Ende Sommer, so bin ich stets gewappnet für nicht-klimatisierte Verkehrsmittel. xx

  6. Mega coole Sachen!!! Und die Bilder vom nächsten Post sind auch genial, wie aus einem anderen Jahrzehnt...