Thursday, 28 June 2012

A Suitcase Full of London

shopping, London, haul
All the beautiful things I bought. But oh no: I even missed to add a few ;-)

London, I lost my heart somewhere in a dark little street in the east of this amazing city. I can't stay away too long and being there feels like an immediate boost of energy. I feel more like being myself while breathing British air and I love how open-minded and easygoing the people are. It always feels like not having been away at all, when I am in the pub with my dear former colleagues or walk around the flower market with my beloved ex-flatmate.

It's always funny that a lot of tourists in London are asking me for taking my picture. I imagine them showing it at home as an image of a crazy London girl. This time I was even filmed by the German TV channel ZDF for a documentary about fashionable people in the east of London. I was very delighted, especially because the filming took place in my favourite street called Broadway Market. I don't know if I'll be seen in this documentary at all after they cut their material, but I'll keep you informed.

My mind is completely full of the most beautiful memories from our trip. We walked through the city till our feet hurt and discovered many new things. London is a city where you always discover something you haven't seen before, even after living there for a long time. There is always a beautiful building, a nice shop or a wonderful restaurant you've never seen before.

My stylish friend and me shopped a lot. The two girls of us went from shop to shop while our two sweet boyfriends had to be very, very patient and strong to suffer our never-ending haul. Usually I go shopping alone, but together with a like-minded friend it was far more fun. I think I never shopped so much before in my whole life.

The picture above is a little preview of the treasures I found. You will see a few of them in my next outfit posts of course. I'm already looking forward a lot of doing shootings with this new beauties. If you read my London Wish List post, you may have spotted a few of the things from it. Fortunately for my poor suffering credit card not all the things from the list were available or looked stunning on me. But a few unexpected things joined my bags instead. I feel like a completely new girl with all this beautiful things in my wardrobe. What do you think, does this look like a very successful trip to you as well?

Monday, 18 June 2012

A Crown of Flowers

flower crown, orange lipstick, pastel top
On the lookout: Watching the sky, searching for funny shaped clouds and answers.
flower crown, orange lipstick, pastel top
Idyll: Lace, dots, roses and the time-honored stone watching over me

flower crown, orange lipstick, pastel top
Epiphany: It's just a ray of sun on my skin
flower crown, orange lipstick, pastel top
Being the not so holy saint: A crowned girl is like no other girl!

h&m, flower crown, fashion
 A bunch of roses: Flowers made of silk will never fade away

blouse, pastel, pink
Frills and Buttons: Dressed in a blouse like a tender flower petal

Asos, belt, Oui/Non
Yes or No: Definitely a yes for this belt!

I don a crown of flowers
To mask the sorrow inside
Eyes which fall upon its beauty
Do not see the tears I cry
While the flowers bud to blossom
I wilt to almost nothing
In a garden colour filled with life
There is also a shadow found
In the sun the flower buds open
In the dark a heart is closed
The flowers shall be woven together
To hide something left unseen
The rose, the tulip and the bluebell rise
I am envious of their beautiful life
So I don a crown of flowers
To mask my sorrow inside 

(A Crown of Flowers by Matthew Holloway, 1978)

Lately, pastels and flowers are finding their way into my wardrobe more often. Matching my outfit to the blooming flowers in the gardens makes me forget that I used to think pale colours are not my cup of tea. They just feel like the right thing this season.

Wearing flowers in the hair as a crown, wreath or band is an instant transformation: A girl starts to feel like from another world, like an affectionate fairy or an illustrious saint. Headwear made of flowers can look very bohemian, chick, hippie-like or whimsical, depending on the style.

Flower wreaths always remind me of the Virgin Mary as well as the painter Frida Kahlo or Illona Staller (italian porn star and ex-wife to Jeff Koons). Just this three woman reveal, what divers characters love to crown themselves with flowers. I couldn't say which of them I cherish most. A wild mixture of them is my source of inspiration, all united by the beauty of a crowned head. 

If you did never wear a flower crown, now it's the time to try! In case you don't dare to wear one for your everyday life, why not at least pick one to visit a cool indie festival during summertime?

My Outfit: 
Flower Wreath: H&M, Skirt: Cos, Blouse: Vintage, Black Body: from Istanbul, Oui/Non Belt: Asos, Shoes: from a trip to Germany, Bag: Mango, Sunglasses: Asos

Thursday, 14 June 2012

London Wish List

Atsuko Kudo, Tatty Devine, Lazy Oaf, Topthop
1) Heart Dress: Lazy Oaf  2) Perspex Bow Headband: Tatty Devine
3) Eyelash Sunglasses: Tatty Devine 4) Rubber Kitty Collar: Atsuko Kudo
5) Red Flower Swimsuit: River Island 6) Wedge Creeper Shoes: Underground 7) Cut-Out Dress: Topshop
Tatty Devine, Lazy Oaf, Topshop, Dolly Dagger, Cath Kidston
1) Parakeet Necklace: Tatty Devine 2) Jubilee Mug: Cath Kidston 3) Heart Dress: Topshop
 4) Love Hearts Shirt: Topshop 5) Minnie Mouse Backpack: Lazy Oaf 6) Stripe Taffeta Dress: Dolly Dagger

I'm very excited about my next trip to lovely London next week. Of course a lot of shopping will be included. London is the shopping heaven on earth for sure! Because I'm still rather homesick since I don't live there anymore, I always give in to the temptation to buy as much as possible while on my trips. It feels like taking a part of home with me for having something to cheer me up while I'm longing for London from far, far away. I can't take my favourite pub with me or the Buckingham palace, so tons of clothes and bits and bobs have to suffice. ;-)

I could easily spend weeks with just shopping in this city. There are so many things around exactly fitting to my taste, whereas in Switzerland I miss a certain kind of excitement. As you all know, I'm a big fan of vintage clothing and it's always unpredictable what you'll find in this kind of stores. Nonetheless, there are also non-vintage shops which I do like. Here I'll present you a little wish list of London's shopping treasures I've already discovered on the web. I'm very eager to see them in real and I wonder which of this lovelies will follow me to Switzerland...

What do you think about this things? Do you know any especially cool shops in London?

Sunday, 3 June 2012

The Romance of Spring

Hatastic, Hat, Spring, Flowers
Enjoying a beautiful spring day outside with my hat from Hatastic
Hatastic, Hat, Spring, Flowers
A ladylike lace umbrella is an elegant way to protect yourself from the sun
Hatastic, Hat, Spring, Flowers
Is there a tea party somewhere?
Hatastic, Hat, Spring, Flowers
Spring is colored in pastel-coloured
Hatastic, Hat, Spring, Flowers
Detail of the beautiful leather vintage roses
Hatastic, Hat, Spring, Flowers
This is truly a spring romance, isn't it?

Spring, the time when nature becomes vivid and colourful again. The grass is growing and flowers appear one after one. It's the season of pastel-colours, new life and awakening. When the weather gets warmer and the sun is shining, people are craving to spend time outside. That's exactly what I did yesterday. Of course with a spring themed outfit, including a very precious accessory:

I am very proud to show you my amazing hat from Hatastic. I think it looks like it has been made for a fairy tale tea party and I feel very ladylike while wearing it.

Hatastic is based in London and specialized in headpieces and hair accessories. Chloë Haywood, the designer of Hatstic, gets inspired by bits and bobs from junk shops. She loves to reuse and recycle fabrics and turn them into something new and wonderful. All her hats are handmade and very unique. Chloë says that she started making hats when she was looking for a fascinator for herself for a special wedding and couldn't find one at the shops. It was a great success and she made more and more. She founded Hatastic 2009 and her company has been nominated for the "Accessory Designer Of The Year 2011". For more information about Hatastic visit their website or their shop on Folksy.

With an accessory like this, I'm looking forward to many beautiful weekends! Who knows, maybe I'll be invited to a tea party once.

My outfit:
Hat: Hatastic, Dress H&M, Umbrella: bought in China, Shoes: Vivienne Westwood for Melissa