Monday, 18 June 2012

A Crown of Flowers

flower crown, orange lipstick, pastel top
On the lookout: Watching the sky, searching for funny shaped clouds and answers.
flower crown, orange lipstick, pastel top
Idyll: Lace, dots, roses and the time-honored stone watching over me

flower crown, orange lipstick, pastel top
Epiphany: It's just a ray of sun on my skin
flower crown, orange lipstick, pastel top
Being the not so holy saint: A crowned girl is like no other girl!

h&m, flower crown, fashion
 A bunch of roses: Flowers made of silk will never fade away

blouse, pastel, pink
Frills and Buttons: Dressed in a blouse like a tender flower petal

Asos, belt, Oui/Non
Yes or No: Definitely a yes for this belt!

I don a crown of flowers
To mask the sorrow inside
Eyes which fall upon its beauty
Do not see the tears I cry
While the flowers bud to blossom
I wilt to almost nothing
In a garden colour filled with life
There is also a shadow found
In the sun the flower buds open
In the dark a heart is closed
The flowers shall be woven together
To hide something left unseen
The rose, the tulip and the bluebell rise
I am envious of their beautiful life
So I don a crown of flowers
To mask my sorrow inside 

(A Crown of Flowers by Matthew Holloway, 1978)

Lately, pastels and flowers are finding their way into my wardrobe more often. Matching my outfit to the blooming flowers in the gardens makes me forget that I used to think pale colours are not my cup of tea. They just feel like the right thing this season.

Wearing flowers in the hair as a crown, wreath or band is an instant transformation: A girl starts to feel like from another world, like an affectionate fairy or an illustrious saint. Headwear made of flowers can look very bohemian, chick, hippie-like or whimsical, depending on the style.

Flower wreaths always remind me of the Virgin Mary as well as the painter Frida Kahlo or Illona Staller (italian porn star and ex-wife to Jeff Koons). Just this three woman reveal, what divers characters love to crown themselves with flowers. I couldn't say which of them I cherish most. A wild mixture of them is my source of inspiration, all united by the beauty of a crowned head. 

If you did never wear a flower crown, now it's the time to try! In case you don't dare to wear one for your everyday life, why not at least pick one to visit a cool indie festival during summertime?

My Outfit: 
Flower Wreath: H&M, Skirt: Cos, Blouse: Vintage, Black Body: from Istanbul, Oui/Non Belt: Asos, Shoes: from a trip to Germany, Bag: Mango, Sunglasses: Asos


  1. Wow those photos are absolutely beautiful. Love it! :)

  2. Das Haarband ist wunderschön. Ich habe schon einige Male im Laden gestanden und es fast gekauft. :)

  3. Incredible photographs, just gorgeous!!!

  4. Wow, wieder ein wunderschöner Post! Ich habe auch schon öfters mit dem Gedanken gespielt, mir eine Blumenkrone zuzulegen, aber ich habe einach das Gefühl, dass es bei mir einfach too much ist mit den langen Haaren. Bei dir sieht's unglaublich künstlerisch aus... Ich bin wirklich, wirklich begeistert! lg Charlene

  5. amazing !
    tolle fotos

    lg nico

  6. wie eine puppe, aber sehr schön♥ ! ich mag deinen blog total♥

    interesse an blogvorstellung ? hier:

  7. Wow, großartig! Das Outfit sowie dein Blog!

  8. Wow wunderschöne Fotos! mir gefällt dein Blig übrigens sehr gut, folge dir nun und werde dich in Zukunft öfters besuchen, würd mich freuen wenn du auch bei mir vorbeischauen würdest :)

  9. This outfit is just perfection. I absolutely love the floral crown with the blush pink sheer shirt! I have such a love for floral crowns, and I find myself wearing them a lot during the Spring and Summer. Just lovely.

    And thank you so much for the lovely comment regarding our photography on our blog. That really means the world to me! I love snapping photographs, and I am glad that you enjoy them :-)

  10. Lovely pictures, they look so great :) I love this outfit, it just looks amazing

  11. Warum schaust du da so komisch?!

  12. This blushed pink colour looks amazing on you! Also, I really enjoyed scrolling through your words about London - about how you feel inspired and energized when there. I totally get that, and reading someone else feels the same way reinforces me moving back there a little bit. :).

    Charmaine x