Sunday, 29 July 2012

Take Me to Oz, Dear Dorothy!

cherry fascinator, giant cherry, Dotti's, hat
A big field of corn, full in bloom.
cherry headpiece, giant cherry, Dotti's, hat
Me as a cherry girl in the middle of a jungle of plants.
Dotti's, vintage dress with cherries, dress with bow
Wearing a big cheeky bow. It can't be big enough!
cherry fascinator, Pearls and Swine, Melissa shoes, Dotti's
Guessing what Dorothy would say about this outfit.
cherry fascinator, giant cherry, Dotti's, fascinator
Ripe Cherries crowing my head, ready to be picked.
cherry fascinator, giant cherry, Dotti's, Melissa shoes
A swirling vintage skirt, made for dancing.
Melissa, shoes, jelly, cherry dress
Who will lead me to the dance floor in my magical red shoes?
Melissa, shoes, jelly, high heels
I am ready to clap my shoes and explore the wonderland of Oz.

Is fashion something shallow? Do you loose sight of the truly important questions in life if you occupy your mind too much with how to dress? A lot of people would agree, but I am convinced by the opposite: My wardrobe is a place full of tales about love, joy, tears and unexpected happenings, just as my bookshelf. The difference is, that clothes don't tell stories about Mr. Darcey, Romeo and Juliet or Gulliver. They remind me of what I experienced while wearing them.

There is the dress I wore when I met my one true love, very close to my grandmother's ear muffs and the shirt from last christmas party with my all my beloved. My clothes are as well souvenirs from all the places I visited. They keep a little bit of the spirit of countries form all over the world in my closet.

My outfit today just arrived in my life and it still needs to find it's story. But it's not blank as a white sheet, even now it knows a lot about overcoming temptation as well as about taking the bait:
I was in love with this vintage dress, when I spotted it in the webshop of Dotti's, but tried to resist until someone else snatched it away. Later I figured out, the one who ordered it was not another girl, eager to wear it for a glittering summer, party but my darling. He couldn't resist to buy it for me and made my eyes sparkle when I opened the box.

With the shoes it's a similar story: It's no secret that I am absolutely crazy about Melissa shoes. I am addicted to their distinctive bubblegum scent and the shiny jelly material. I am always waiting for their new collections like a little child is waiting for Santa Claus. This ones have been among my favorites of the recent summer collection but I've just seen them once in a shop in London and already had a bunch of shopping bags on my arm. I was browsing through a lot of online shops for them afterwards without success. A few weeks ago, I got a lovely voucher from Mirapodo and had a look at their good choice of products. That was when I found the magical red shoes again, on sale and available in my size. No need to guess that I took the bait.

This shoes and the beautiful dress must be destined to carry me into a story like Dorothy's adventures in Oz, don't you think so? I wish all my readers the experience of beautiful stories as well!

My Outfit:
Dress: Dotti's, Shoes: Melissa via Mirapodo, Cherry Headpiece: Pearls & Swine

Saturday, 28 July 2012

Lovely Sara on TV

london street style, broadway market, ZDF reportage

Yesterday there was a documentary about London called "Hallo London" on the German TV channel called ZDF. I was seen for a very, very short glimpse. They asked me on my last trip to London if they might film me as an example of a fashionable girl in East London.

The documentary showed a few of my favourite places like Broadway Market, Brick Lane and the flower market at Columbia Road. I loved, that they focused on the East and skipped Buckingham Palace and the Wes Eend for once. The East is really the place to be and not just for the Olympics!

In case you speak German and are interested to see a little bit of East London, you can watch this documentary online here.

My Outfit:
Jacket with Studs: Topshop, T-Shirt: Lazy Oaf, Sunglasses: Accessorize, Handbag: Mango, Flowers: H&M

Friday, 20 July 2012

Lovely Sara is "Chic in Zurich" again

street style, apple bag, cutout dress, Topshop

apple bag, street style, Zurich, Chic in Zurich

The pictures from Andrea on her blog "Chic in Zurich" are always a pleasure to look at. Andrea selects and treats the people she's photographing very sensitive.

I am very lucky to be on her blog for the second time already. She caught me when I was heading with my darling to the city in a rush. Like last time, I didn't see her and she was running after me. I was very happy to meet her, she is such a wonderful girl and has the ability to make me wanna talk with her for hours. Andrea, next time I'll hijack you for having cake and tea!

Click here to see her new Post about me with more pictures.
And here if you wanna see her first post about me again. 

My Outfit:
I was wearing the same dress as in my East London Girl post, but you didn't see my gorgeous apple-shaped handbag in an outfit post before. Isn't it lovely?

Dress: Topshop, Bag: Ollie & Nic, Sunglasses: Accessorize, Necklace: Lazy Oaf, Shoes: H&M

Monday, 16 July 2012

Once Upon a Time There Was a Flamingo

flamingo top, fashion, flamingo
The flamingo was the most colorful spot in the gray city.
Fernando Viana, flamingo top, pink flamingo, fashion
He was living in his own pink world, and he was very lucky that he was not gray.
flamingo, fashion, Fernando Viana
He was living with a girl who loved him very much.
flamingo, garden flamingo, pink flamingo, Fernando Viana
Sometimes he missed the company of other flamingos. The girl always comforted him.
girl with flamingo, polka dot tights, pink shoes, garden flamingo
They had a lot of fun together, but he wondered if he was the only flamingo.
Fernando Viana, garden flamingo, flamingo fashion
She tried to fill his world with other pink things.
The girl told him that she would discover other flamingos for him.
She had to search the whole gray world.
Don Featherstone, garden flamingo, pink flamingo, 50s decoration
Finally she found other flamingos and invited them to her balcony.
pink shoes, polka dot tights, mary jane, shoes
All of them were very lucky there and promised to stay forever in their pink world.

The rosy feathers and the long neck make the flamingo a very fascinating animal. They always look a little bit fragile on their thin legs and children wonder how this animals get their pink colour. I have to think about summer on a beach with coconut palm trees, when I see the picture of a flamingo.

But they are not just amazing animals: Made out of plastic the flamingo is one of the most widespread lawn ornament in the United states as well. The original plastic pink flamingo was designed by Don Featherstone in the year 1957. In 1966 it won the  Ig Nobel Prize for Art. If it comes to garden decoration, the question is: Garden gnomes or flamingos? – Flamingos of course, would be my answer, without hesitating just a second! With their pink colour, they bring vibrance and brightness to a garden, no garden gnome could ever do.

Recently, two things happened making me a very happy flamingo girl:
First, my dearest friend came back from his internship in New York. Because he is a very sweet friend, he made a wish of this girl come true and took a big box filled with two original Don Featherstone flamingos with him as a gift. I was so happy to have my own flamingos finally.
While shopping in London, the second flamingo-moment happened, when my other beloved friend spotted an amazing flamingo shirt from the Brazilian born designer Fernando Viana. I didn't know this designer before, but discovered that he is a big talent, creating amazing and unconventional fashion.

With all the new flamingo friends in my life, I decided to have a little party on my balcony. I love the contrast between my pink balcony and the big gray buildings surrounding the house. If feels like there is a little pink paradise in the pallid world. It's a happy thing to be surrounded by so many flamingos, spreading summer feelings even during rainy days.

My Outfit:
Shirt: Fernando Viana bought at The Laden Showroom (London), Pink Bangles: Becksöndergaard, Silver Bangles: H&M, Leggins: Bought in Camden, Tights: H&M, Shoes: No Name, bought on a trip to Germany

Friday, 13 July 2012

Fancy Heels

United Nude, Oyee Design, Kobi Levi, Alberto Guardiani

Why wearing ordinary shoes, if you could make a statement with them? Today I'm showing you a selection of shoes with fancy heels, every one of them a true eye-catcher.

The Vampire
Do you love vampire stories? Did you watch all the vampire movies from classics such as Nosferatu to modern versions like True Blood? This fang shoe from United Nude shows your love for bloodsuckers and will rock not just halloween, but every outfit.

Ice, Ice Baby!
It's summer and it's hot out there! Are you dreaming of being at the beach, enjoying a delicious ice cream? No, you can't eat this ice cream heels, but aren't they cute? How the heel builds the cone is just a genius idea from Oyee Design. I just can't figure out which flavor of ice cream the blue might be.

The Swan
The swan is a symbol for beauty, pride and romance. When Kobi Levi designed this shoe, he included all this abilities as well. It's a fabulous shoe not just for ballerinas and fans of the swan shaped love boats. This shoes should be on your feet for a first date and carry you to the beginning of a big love story.

Femme Fatale
Are you one of that ladies, everyone is holding their breath for when you're entering a room? The lipstick heels from Alberto Guardiani will be perfect for you. With this shoes, every true gentleman will offer you a drink in your favourite bar!

Monday, 2 July 2012

East London Girl

Tatty Devine, sunglasses, eyelash, me and zena
This must be world's longest eyelashes, don't you think?
Tatty Devine, eyelash sunglasses, sunglasses
Feeling free to explore the city while being protected from the sun.
heart necklace, Me and Zena, Lock necklace
My heart belongs to London. Surrender if you ever thought to change that!
Cut out dress, Topshop, Kelly Osborne, Tatty Devine
Being the graffiti girl while thinking about the most outstanding street art in London.
Tatty Devine, topshop, Kelly Osborne, eyelash sunglasses
Where is the next graffiti from Banksy?
Me and Zena, heart necklace, I surrender necklace
Red is the colour of passion...
Topshop, cutout dress, outfit
The city is my playground.
lipstick ring, Tenebris, red lipstick
Red lips are made for kissing. Red lipsticks are made for being rings! (At least this one)
Lita, shoe, black, socks
Let's walk through the streets of London!
Back from my trip to London I still feel the energetic spirit of this city. I already have secret plans to go there again soon. In the meanwhile, all the little London-things in our flat and in my wardrobe must be enough to brighten my mind.

My whole outfit is very much inspired by London. I bought most of the things I wear on my last trip there. Maybe you already spotted them on my post "A Suitcase full of London". Just the good austrian socks and my funny lipstick ring are no british treasures.

I think the biggest eye-catcher are the Tatty Devine Eyelash Glasses. Tatty Devine is one of the very few companies I have a close bonding to. I already have a collection of their jewellery and I love to visit their shop at Brick Lane whenever I'm close.

My perfect Sunday in London is to visit the flower market at Columbia Road, have lovely breakfast there and walk towards Brick Lane and the Tatty Devine shop. This time I bought no necklaces, but I was in love at first sight with this glasses. After trying them on I couldn't leave without them without a broken heart. I think they are just made to go with a sharp and defined haircut as mine. This glasses are very fancy and quirky, exactly what I love. A lot of people ask me about them while I'm wearing them and many take out their camera for taking a picture.

Please, please, let me never break them, I already imagine me with 90, as an extravagant old lady, walking along the Thames and still wearing them from time to time. Maybe they would take my picture then for the Advanced Style blog. I would be very proud and tell them that they keep my powerful London spirit alive.

My Outfit: 
Dress: Topshop, Sunglasses: Tatty Devine, Necklace: Lazy Oaf, Ring: Tenebris, Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell lookalikes from Camden, Socks: Wolford