Monday, 2 July 2012

East London Girl

Tatty Devine, sunglasses, eyelash, me and zena
This must be world's longest eyelashes, don't you think?
Tatty Devine, eyelash sunglasses, sunglasses
Feeling free to explore the city while being protected from the sun.
heart necklace, Me and Zena, Lock necklace
My heart belongs to London. Surrender if you ever thought to change that!
Cut out dress, Topshop, Kelly Osborne, Tatty Devine
Being the graffiti girl while thinking about the most outstanding street art in London.
Tatty Devine, topshop, Kelly Osborne, eyelash sunglasses
Where is the next graffiti from Banksy?
Me and Zena, heart necklace, I surrender necklace
Red is the colour of passion...
Topshop, cutout dress, outfit
The city is my playground.
lipstick ring, Tenebris, red lipstick
Red lips are made for kissing. Red lipsticks are made for being rings! (At least this one)
Lita, shoe, black, socks
Let's walk through the streets of London!
Back from my trip to London I still feel the energetic spirit of this city. I already have secret plans to go there again soon. In the meanwhile, all the little London-things in our flat and in my wardrobe must be enough to brighten my mind.

My whole outfit is very much inspired by London. I bought most of the things I wear on my last trip there. Maybe you already spotted them on my post "A Suitcase full of London". Just the good austrian socks and my funny lipstick ring are no british treasures.

I think the biggest eye-catcher are the Tatty Devine Eyelash Glasses. Tatty Devine is one of the very few companies I have a close bonding to. I already have a collection of their jewellery and I love to visit their shop at Brick Lane whenever I'm close.

My perfect Sunday in London is to visit the flower market at Columbia Road, have lovely breakfast there and walk towards Brick Lane and the Tatty Devine shop. This time I bought no necklaces, but I was in love at first sight with this glasses. After trying them on I couldn't leave without them without a broken heart. I think they are just made to go with a sharp and defined haircut as mine. This glasses are very fancy and quirky, exactly what I love. A lot of people ask me about them while I'm wearing them and many take out their camera for taking a picture.

Please, please, let me never break them, I already imagine me with 90, as an extravagant old lady, walking along the Thames and still wearing them from time to time. Maybe they would take my picture then for the Advanced Style blog. I would be very proud and tell them that they keep my powerful London spirit alive.

My Outfit: 
Dress: Topshop, Sunglasses: Tatty Devine, Necklace: Lazy Oaf, Ring: Tenebris, Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell lookalikes from Camden, Socks: Wolford


  1. Thank you <3 .. but I'm much more stunning about YOUR haircut, wow,really short but pretty awesome!

  2. A very sexy and awesome look. Wish we could walk around like this here in Switzerland... ;-)

    Mary Jane

    1. Oh it's very easy to walk around like this in Switzerland: Just open the door and go out while looking very self confident ;-) I think people here are a little bit too shy and serious unfortunately, but I'm sure you're not that kind of person and you must be daring too.

      Thank you for your compliments! xx

    2. tatty's sunglasses suit u very well ! strong look ! we also love ur jeffrey campbell shoes! thx for ur comments.

  3. Wo kommst du denn her? Aus der Nähe von St. Gallen?

    Mary Jane

  4. bisch in London gsi? Meeega cool! Vo wo bisch du eigentli? :)

    1. London Yes!
      My favourite place in the world and former home. I am a girl from a tiny little village in the mountains who moved out and lost her heart between english brick stone buildings and the thames. At the moment I'm living in Zurich, but I do return to London as much as often.

  5. OH MEIN GOTT, WUNDERVOLL! <3 Dieser Blog ist eine wahre Schatzkiste. #_#

  6. Great Blog and i like your pictures!

  7. Die Accessoires sind Hammer!
    Und natürlich die Schuhe:)

  8. It looks so nice!!
    Aaah Toller Blog Süße !
    Liebste Grüße , Nelly von BronZingEyes

  9. tolle biler und ein wahnsinnig tolles outfit. pretty cool.

  10. Dein Stil ist total freaky, gleich mal gefolt. :D

  11. Looks like you're a girl after my own heart! I love London, it is my spirit city. I lived there in 2007 and 2008, last summer for three months and move back in ten days! I'll be living in the east too. Can't wait!