Friday, 13 July 2012

Fancy Heels

United Nude, Oyee Design, Kobi Levi, Alberto Guardiani

Why wearing ordinary shoes, if you could make a statement with them? Today I'm showing you a selection of shoes with fancy heels, every one of them a true eye-catcher.

The Vampire
Do you love vampire stories? Did you watch all the vampire movies from classics such as Nosferatu to modern versions like True Blood? This fang shoe from United Nude shows your love for bloodsuckers and will rock not just halloween, but every outfit.

Ice, Ice Baby!
It's summer and it's hot out there! Are you dreaming of being at the beach, enjoying a delicious ice cream? No, you can't eat this ice cream heels, but aren't they cute? How the heel builds the cone is just a genius idea from Oyee Design. I just can't figure out which flavor of ice cream the blue might be.

The Swan
The swan is a symbol for beauty, pride and romance. When Kobi Levi designed this shoe, he included all this abilities as well. It's a fabulous shoe not just for ballerinas and fans of the swan shaped love boats. This shoes should be on your feet for a first date and carry you to the beginning of a big love story.

Femme Fatale
Are you one of that ladies, everyone is holding their breath for when you're entering a room? The lipstick heels from Alberto Guardiani will be perfect for you. With this shoes, every true gentleman will offer you a drink in your favourite bar!

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