Monday, 16 July 2012

Once Upon a Time There Was a Flamingo

flamingo top, fashion, flamingo
The flamingo was the most colorful spot in the gray city.
Fernando Viana, flamingo top, pink flamingo, fashion
He was living in his own pink world, and he was very lucky that he was not gray.
flamingo, fashion, Fernando Viana
He was living with a girl who loved him very much.
flamingo, garden flamingo, pink flamingo, Fernando Viana
Sometimes he missed the company of other flamingos. The girl always comforted him.
girl with flamingo, polka dot tights, pink shoes, garden flamingo
They had a lot of fun together, but he wondered if he was the only flamingo.
Fernando Viana, garden flamingo, flamingo fashion
She tried to fill his world with other pink things.
The girl told him that she would discover other flamingos for him.
She had to search the whole gray world.
Don Featherstone, garden flamingo, pink flamingo, 50s decoration
Finally she found other flamingos and invited them to her balcony.
pink shoes, polka dot tights, mary jane, shoes
All of them were very lucky there and promised to stay forever in their pink world.

The rosy feathers and the long neck make the flamingo a very fascinating animal. They always look a little bit fragile on their thin legs and children wonder how this animals get their pink colour. I have to think about summer on a beach with coconut palm trees, when I see the picture of a flamingo.

But they are not just amazing animals: Made out of plastic the flamingo is one of the most widespread lawn ornament in the United states as well. The original plastic pink flamingo was designed by Don Featherstone in the year 1957. In 1966 it won the  Ig Nobel Prize for Art. If it comes to garden decoration, the question is: Garden gnomes or flamingos? – Flamingos of course, would be my answer, without hesitating just a second! With their pink colour, they bring vibrance and brightness to a garden, no garden gnome could ever do.

Recently, two things happened making me a very happy flamingo girl:
First, my dearest friend came back from his internship in New York. Because he is a very sweet friend, he made a wish of this girl come true and took a big box filled with two original Don Featherstone flamingos with him as a gift. I was so happy to have my own flamingos finally.
While shopping in London, the second flamingo-moment happened, when my other beloved friend spotted an amazing flamingo shirt from the Brazilian born designer Fernando Viana. I didn't know this designer before, but discovered that he is a big talent, creating amazing and unconventional fashion.

With all the new flamingo friends in my life, I decided to have a little party on my balcony. I love the contrast between my pink balcony and the big gray buildings surrounding the house. If feels like there is a little pink paradise in the pallid world. It's a happy thing to be surrounded by so many flamingos, spreading summer feelings even during rainy days.

My Outfit:
Shirt: Fernando Viana bought at The Laden Showroom (London), Pink Bangles: Becksöndergaard, Silver Bangles: H&M, Leggins: Bought in Camden, Tights: H&M, Shoes: No Name, bought on a trip to Germany


  1. Omg wo findisch du immer nur all die coole Kitschige Sache?? Haha die Flamingos afach so cool!

  2. Grossartig!!!! Ich liebe deinen Style!!! <3 lg Charlene

  3. Das Shirt ist großartig! Was für ein Hingucker. Verliebt bin ich auch die Punkte-Strumpfhose. Ein hinreißende Kombination :)

  4. Great outfit! I love your colourful excentricity!

  5. Tolle Fotos!!
    Ich liebe die Strumpfhose (:
    Liebe Grüße Teresa -

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  7. flamingo ist mein spitznamwe den mein bf mir gegeben hat als ich die vergangenen monate auf krücken - mehr oder weniger - einbeinig unterwegs war ...

    tolles outfit, toller schirm und tolle neue flamingo freunde auf dem balkon!

  8. Your flamingo shirt is so much fun! I love all the pink in this outfit. Such a cute pair of shoes too.

  9. was für ein outfit !!!! ich liebe flamingos ! und vielen herzlichen dank für das tolle kompliment !!!! herzlichst, frollein

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