Friday, 31 August 2012

On Pink Wings to Flamingo Heaven

Pearls and Swine, flamingo fascinator, flamingo hat
Spread your wings, my dear flamingo!
flamingo hat, flamingo fascinator, Pearls and Swine
Let's fly together to a pink wonderland, just you and I.
flamingo hat, flamingo fascinator, Pearls and Swine
Let's go to a mystical garden with just pink creatures.
pink agate, necklace, stone
We are pink from head to toe.
flamingo hat, flamingo fascinator, Pearls and Swine
You are made of glitter, I am dressed in silk.

Do you ever dream of being a beautiful bird with colourful feathers? Among all the birds, there are not many with pink feathers and that's why the flamingo has a special fascination. I can't transform myself into a bird, but a dream came true when this amazing flamingo headpiece from Pearls & Swine arrived in my life. When I put it on my head for the first time, I had to jump into the air, overfilled with joy. I can't understand why a lot of people never even consider to wear a headpiece or fascinator, while I want to put everything what I like on my head. Why bothering with small brooches or necklaces if there is so much space on your head for something big and bright? A headpiece can be very playful and fun: Be the flower girl with a crown of roses, say goodbye to dark days with colourful pompoms or decorate yourself with a beautiful flamingo, just as I!

Wearing my flamingo headpiece makes me feel different, it changes the ordinary girl into something extraordinary. The wings move slightly when I walk and the pink glitter sparkles in the sun. The colour is very flashy and powerful. Fit for a flamingo fairy.

Of course you can't buy something as beautiful as this in a department store, but that makes it even more precious. I am very happy, that I found my personal favourite hatter: Pearls & Swine. Run by lovely Bink. This shop is a true wonderland and wearing the things makes you feel like a queen. Not just the creations from the homepage are great, the best is to talk to Bink and make your personal hat dreams come true with a bespoke piece. My favourite animal (besides the cat) is the flamingo, so that was my wish and of course Bink made it come true. The shiny bird was made better than I could dream of. I am in flamingo heaven now, where everything is pink and pretty!

What do you think about this headpiece and what is your own hat dream?

My Outfit:
Flamingo Headpiece: Pearls & Swine, Dress: Vintage, Necklace: Tenebris, Ring: H&M, Bangles: Becksöndergaard/H&M

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

The Moonbase Style

"Ufo" is a british science fiction series from the 70s. There is an alien invasion on earth in the near future of a fictional year 1980. A group of humans defends our planet and prevents mankind from being harvested for their organs by evil aliens. All in all it sounds like a typical science fiction story. The costume and stage design strongly reflects the 70s, like seen as well in other science fiction movies from this time, such as Barbarella (1968) or Logan's Run (1978) for example. It has a the charm of an old low budget movie with a lot of creativity, but without the excessive computer effects of modern movies.

A friend of mine brought this series to my attention, because of a special hair style seen in it:
There are several female moonbase commanders, all of them wearing sexy silvery dresses and catsuits. They always have bold makeup and share the same hair style. It's a bob, longer than mine at the back and it's blow-dried with a round brush. The colour is a vibrant purple. The most surprising thing now is the fringe. It's cut in a pointed shape, exactly the style which has become my trademark over the last few months. I didn't see this kind of a fringe on other people very often. In an older post I described my fringe as the "Minnie Mouse Fringe". Now I figured out there is a relation to science fiction as well with this series.

It was never explained why they choose this hair style in purple, but the director of the show Gerry Anderson has commented, that it filmed better under the bright lights (Source: Wikipedia). The actress didn't had to dye the hair. They used very obviously wigs as a part of the concept. The purple wig should be seen as a part of the uniform of the moonbase commander. There have been attempts to give the wigs some sort of a scientific explanation:  It was said that they protect the wearer from electromagnetic fields. (Source:

I think this hair and fringe style fits very well to the futuristic look of the series because it's distinctive and a strong statement. To me it's a very cool hair style and I see it as an important part of my own look. I can't imagine to change it in the closer future: I hope it protects me like the wigs in the series and keep my eyes open for a silvery catsuit and adventures in outer space.

Click here if you wanna see a little bit of the Ufo series.

Monday, 13 August 2012

The Girl in the Tutti Frutti T-Shirt

Lazy Oaf, fruits in fashion, summer look, tutti frutti fashion
Melons, bananas, grapes or strawberries? Let's start with a juicy piece of melon.
Lazy Oaf, fruits in fashion, summer look, tutti frutti fashion
Can't decide if I should use the melon as a fascinator or eat it. But it smells so delicious...
Carmen Miranda, Lazy Oaf, fashion, Summer look
Perfect summer feelings and the right weather to show a little bit more skin than usual.
flowers in the hair, statement earrings, Carmen Miranda, Frida Kahlo
Feeling a little bit like a blond version of Frida Kahlo with all the flowers in my hair and huge earrings.
Melissa shoes, Lazy Oaf, Multi Fruits, fruits in fashion
Two ways to wear the fruit t-shirt.
Lazy Oaf, fruits in fashion, multi fruits, fashion
A ring like a ripe, purple grape and loads of bangles for much bling-bling in your life.
melon handbag, Lazy Oaf, melon clutch
A melon not meant to eat, but to carry your belongings. There is even a melon-shaped purse hidden inside.

What is the acme of happiness? Maybe it's something simple: Sometimes I imagine it's a bowl of colourful and funny fruits sharing each others company. What could be merrier and filled with more lust for life? Fruits always seem to me like happy little things, healthy all over and always smiling at me. No matter if bananas, melons, strawberries, pineapples or grapefruits, they all have interesting shapes and very joyful colours.

That's exactly why I love this mixed fruit t-shirt from Lazy Oaf so much: It's covered in fruits all over and brings fun into every wardrobe. The design reminds me of my teenage years with it's clearly 90s inspired style. While wearing it, I instantly feel better all the time. The fruits seem to enlighten and brighten up my mind and skin. Being dressed in brown and beige is really not my cup of tea, I prefer going crazy for melons and bananas!

Besides the 90s I have to think of cheeky Carmen Miranda a lot, while wearing this outfit. The gorgeous and unforgettable lady with the Tutti Frutti hat. In case you haven't seen her in her fabulous hat, now is the moment! This video is so amazing, everyone should watch it at least once in a lifetime. I regret that I didn't think about her, when I wrote my post about "Fabulous Hats in Movies" (sadly it's in German for all the English readers). This breathtaking hat should have been in the Top Three! My mixed fruit t-shirt is clearly not as extravagant as her hats, but perfect for a day at work or in the city, just for every day! Go for one too if you could use a little bit of happiness in your wardrobe!

My Outfit:
Mixed Fruit Crop T-Shirt: Lazy Oaf, Pants: H&M, Melon Bag and Purse: H&MShoes: Melissa via Mirapodo, Ring: Vintage, Bangles: H&M, Tights: H&M

Sunday, 5 August 2012

We Can Be Heroes (Just For One Day)

Batman, Lazy Oaf, outfit, bow
Batgirl is happy that she found her perfect bodysuit.

Lazy Oaf, Batman, Bow
Dressed as a heroine the adventures in the city may begin.
Lazy Oaf, Batman, Melissa, Gradient Tights
Someone needs to watch over the city.
Lazy Oaf, Batman, Tenebris, Melissa
Maybe Batman will come around and join me.
Lazy Oaf, Batman, outfit, Melissa
Are there any bad guys out there?
Tenebris, jewellery, lace ring
I catch any villain for sure with my claws.
batman, outfit
When everything is calm and silent I disappear between the buildings, into the darkness.
Melissa, shoes, jelly
The city is safe during Batgirl's watch and everyone can live without fear.

A mighty hero has special abilities and uses them to save the city and humanity. Who doesn't adore the comic heroes and heroines such as Batman, Spiderman or Wonder Woman? They experience amazing stories, full of tension and valour. From all the comic book heroes, Batman has always been my favourite. He has style, elegance and he can melt into the shadows with his cool black suit. Batman drives the coolest Cars and he lives in a huge manor. He's a true Mister Perfect, don't you think? My excitement for this character was awaken again when Christopher Nolan's third Batman movie was close to come to the cinema.

A few weeks ago, Lazy Oaf announced their release of a Batman Collection. Of course I had to go for something from this collection straight away. There are many beautiful clothes and accessories for men and women, which made the decision difficult. In the end, my choice fell to this marvellous bodysuit. Every real heroine needs a bodysuit, don't you think? Heroines don't wear shirts, but always skintight suits.

Last weekend, my darling and me went to see the new Batman movie. Me in this outfit, he went for a batman t-shirt as well. People must have thought us being the biggest fans in the cinema. I am very glad that the movie didn't disappoint us and I can proudly continue to wear my suit.

The Batman logo from the 90s is shown on the suit and I must say, I still prefer this to the new version of the logo. This one puts me back into the bubbly fantasy world of Tim Burton's Batman. It's far more colourful and quirky than Christopher Nolan's more realistic version. If I would be in Burton's Batman universe, I would be a bad, bad Batgirl and take the Penguin's swan boat out for a ride, invite Michelle Pfeiffer dressed as Catwoman to join me and listen to David Bowie's song "Heroes" together.

Which is your favourite comic book hero and are you in love with the Lazy Oaf's Batman Collection too?

My Outfit:
Batman Bodysuit: Lazy Oaf, Skirt: Cos, Gradient Tights: Ebay, Bow Headband: Topshop, Shoes: Melissa, Rings: Tenebris