Wednesday, 22 August 2012

The Moonbase Style

"Ufo" is a british science fiction series from the 70s. There is an alien invasion on earth in the near future of a fictional year 1980. A group of humans defends our planet and prevents mankind from being harvested for their organs by evil aliens. All in all it sounds like a typical science fiction story. The costume and stage design strongly reflects the 70s, like seen as well in other science fiction movies from this time, such as Barbarella (1968) or Logan's Run (1978) for example. It has a the charm of an old low budget movie with a lot of creativity, but without the excessive computer effects of modern movies.

A friend of mine brought this series to my attention, because of a special hair style seen in it:
There are several female moonbase commanders, all of them wearing sexy silvery dresses and catsuits. They always have bold makeup and share the same hair style. It's a bob, longer than mine at the back and it's blow-dried with a round brush. The colour is a vibrant purple. The most surprising thing now is the fringe. It's cut in a pointed shape, exactly the style which has become my trademark over the last few months. I didn't see this kind of a fringe on other people very often. In an older post I described my fringe as the "Minnie Mouse Fringe". Now I figured out there is a relation to science fiction as well with this series.

It was never explained why they choose this hair style in purple, but the director of the show Gerry Anderson has commented, that it filmed better under the bright lights (Source: Wikipedia). The actress didn't had to dye the hair. They used very obviously wigs as a part of the concept. The purple wig should be seen as a part of the uniform of the moonbase commander. There have been attempts to give the wigs some sort of a scientific explanation:  It was said that they protect the wearer from electromagnetic fields. (Source:

I think this hair and fringe style fits very well to the futuristic look of the series because it's distinctive and a strong statement. To me it's a very cool hair style and I see it as an important part of my own look. I can't imagine to change it in the closer future: I hope it protects me like the wigs in the series and keep my eyes open for a silvery catsuit and adventures in outer space.

Click here if you wanna see a little bit of the Ufo series.


  1. verruckti Nudlä :-))) Liebi Grüess! Kira *schuhReich*

  2. Der Haarschnitt ist echt toll! Und die Farbe erst! Also für eine Science-Fiction-Serie, im echten Leben wäre sie wohl etwas zu schräg.
    Und danke für's Folgen, Sara!!! <3

    1. Du hast recht Marianne! Im echten Leben bleibe ich wohl im Moment bei blond anstatt violett. Falls eine Reise zum Mond ansteht, könnte ich mir auch vorstellen umzufärben ;-) Liebe Grüsse xx

  3. Hallo Sara
    Schön, dass ich Dir einen Input geben konnte.
    Deine Seite ist wirklich ein Genuss, isch schaue jetzt regelmässig rein.
    Liebe Grüsse

    1. Hallo Oliver. Vielen Dank nochmals für den Tipp! Die Serie gefällt mir sehr mit dem 70er Charme und natürlich ist die Frisur perfekt. Danke für das liebe Kompliment , ich freue mich über jeden weiteren Besuch und versuche weiterhin Genuss zu bieten :-) Hoffe wir sehen uns bald wieder, es war ein toller Abend! Ganz liebe Grüsse, Sara

  4. Liebe Sara,

    ich habe einen Award an dich weitergereicht, weil ich deinen Blog sehr mag :)
    Ich hoffe du freust dich.

  5. Richtig cool :>

    Allerliebste Grüße,

  6. Love this...I'd love purple hair like this :))) Series back then were fab. I'm not sure where that cuff is from, I got it from piniterest and it had no link sadly...maybe have a search. It is quite beautiful though :)) xx

  7. I actually really like the purple hair LOL! as weir as that sounds :)COuld you please consider following each other?? Twitter: @shineonbyandrea Instagram: shineonbyandrea
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  8. Is it weird that I kind of want to dye my hair purple now?
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  9. Looks so cool,
    though I don't think I can sport that kind of hairstyle with my present job.

  10. Gracious but she looks like her daddy with shorter hair! Never really noticed that before! And of COURSE I love the short spunky cut and color! Please click to read more