Tuesday, 30 October 2012

On Dark Wings

bat jumper, gothic, look, halloween
Buh! This is Halloween!
bat jumper, cross belt, veiled hat, halloween
Beware of the bat, it's coming for you on dark wings.
veiled hat, red lips, dramatic look, leather gloves
A dramatic hat and black gloves are Halloween musts!
cross belt, Urban Outfitters, gold, fashion
Do you believe crosses keep away the nasty vampires?
Voegele, shoes, red, dots
Shiny shoes as red as blood.

Tomorrow the moment we've been waiting for is finally here: It's Halloween and time to dress as a hungry zombie, an evil ghost or Chucky the killer doll. Did you already dress up and go to a Halloween party? I was on a very cool one last Saturday. Together with my love (dressed as a Star Trek spaceship commander) and one of my very best friends (both of us dressed as evil Catwoman twins) I had a lot of fun. We already have a big list of costume ideas for next year and I can't wait to dress up as a spooky creature again.

The outfit I'm showing you here is not a look for a creepy party, but my attempt to bring a little bit of Halloween feeling into everyday life. Why should it stop just after the party? It's just so much fun to continue!

When I saw this bat jumper at HM I knew it would be perfect. I love bats and I think this one is very cute. The jumper reminds me a little bit of the cool designs from Markus Lupfer and it's very soft and cosy. I combine it with a cross belt (to keep away the vampires, you know…) and a fringe skirt from Asos. The fringes remind me a little bit of the ones sometimes hanging from the walls in ghost rides. Of course lips and accessories need to be red as blood to complete the look and there is now way around a black veil on a dramatic hat. 

Ready like this, the daily dose of Halloween can start, don't you think? Let's get spooky!

By the way: If you want to see my Halloween outfit, I might show it on the Facebook page if you ask nicely ;-)

My Outfit: 
Jumper: HM, Skirt: Asos, Belt: Urban Outfitters, Shoes: A gift from Vögele Shoes, Gloves: from Brick Lane/London, Hat: from Camden/London

Get the Look:

Friday, 26 October 2012

Lovely Fashion Rule No.1

fruits in fashion, fun, fashion, funny fashion rule

Lovely Sara says: There is no reason to NOT dress as a fruit. 
No matter if melon, pineapple or cherry, just do it and have fun!

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

The Lilac Galaxy Behind the Veil

veiled beanie, jil sander, diy, lilac lipstick
Lilac lipstick and my veiled beanie, two of my new favourites.
leather skirt, veiled beanie, jacket with bow, melissa
A little bit of leather (the material of the moment if you ask me) and my old but still loved Topshop jacket.
veiled beanie, Jil Sander, Stephan Jones, Lime Crime
The veil gives the outfit a dramatic touch.
leather skirt, agate necklace, owl body, veiled beanie
Purple and pink breaks the gothic mood.
fashion, owl print body, owl print, purple
This galaxy owl completes the look.

A few days ago, my boyfriend and I went to a little village in the mountains called Vals. There is an amazing spa, it's often called "The Modernist Spa" and that's exactly how it looks. I can strongly recommend it to everyone who needs a little break from everyday's life! The rest of the village is no modernist place at all, but more a very romantic alpine place with a breathtaking landscape and amazing restaurants. It seemed to be the perfect place to show you my first beanie-post. For a long time I didn't wear beanies, because the hair is always so messy after taking them off, but it was just a matter of time, until I gave in and started to like them. My obsession for headwear is just unstoppable and a beanie keeps the head warm in a wonderful way!

Usually beanies have a sporty look and let's face it: That's just not me. There is no sportive activity I really enjoy and I can't even remember when I was at the gym for the last time. So it wouldn't fit to dress sporty for a coach potato like me. But Stephen Jones had the answer for that problem: He proved that beanies can be elegant, when he designed a veiled beanie for Jil Sander's Spring Collection 2012.

My beanie is a self made version, inspired by Stephen Jones' design. I bought a plain simple beanie and decorated it with a veil. Some might say it looks like I'm ready to go to a funeral, but my style always had very slightly gothic roots and I love to keep that hint of darkness. While I'm always very colourful and girly dressed in summer, winter is year after year the season to return to a more dramatic and dark look.

But as sure as light and shadows belong together, every dark outfit needs a colourful highlight such as my lilac lips: First I just bought the lipstick because of it's name (It's called "Airborne Unicorn" and there is no escape for me of buying something with the word "unicorn" in it.). Now I seriously think lilac is an underestimated lipstick colour, if not the new red!

Do you love beanies to keep you warm and what do you think about my veiled one?

My Outfit:
Jacket: Topshop, Brooch: Topshop, Bodysuit: Primark, Cardigan: Zara, Skirt: Review, Tights: Primark, Shoes: Melissa, Necklace: Tenebris, Bangles: HM, Lipstick: Airborne Unicorn by Lime Crime, Veiled Beanie: Selfmade, inspired by Stephen Jones for Jil Sander

Friday, 19 October 2012

Lovely Blog Award & My Favourite Bloggers

My blog was awarded twice in the last two weeks. The awards were given by Marianne from A Hint of Redness and Alejandra from Musings in Red. It makes me happy to hear that lovely people like what I do and encourages me to get better and do more lovely posts. Thank you a lot for this award dear girls!

I'm having my blog for nearly nine months now and it feels like a huge benefit to my life. I am diving deeper and deeper into the world of fashion, discovering more new treasures and one of the most important things: I found a few gems of blogs I never want to miss again. Because of this I am very happy to pass on my award to four of my favourit bloggers. Many of you keep asking me where I get my inspiration from: This four girls and ladies are wonderful sources of inspiration to me, every one in her own way and with her unique style.

Please visit their pages as well and get amazed!

Fashion Hayley, blogger, flower crown, kawaii
Fashion Hayley
My Yahaira, blogger, Jeffrey Campbell, funky
My Yahaira
Mis Papelicos, Sacramento Amate, blogger, Spain
Mis Papelicos
Vio, blogger, Microphone Heart, retro
Microphone Heart.

Fashion Hayley
I admire this girl from the bottom of my heart! Her style is just like all my fashion dreams have come true. There is a lot of japanese influence in her style, her look is cute, bold and colorful. I pray she will never change to a more classical look, because she is the goddess of plastic, sparkle and shine to me!
Speciality: The Most Incredible Nail Art and Jelly Shoes

My Yahaira
She describes herself as a bilingual polka dot sheep, I think she looks like a rockstar and has an edgy and unconventional look. She must have all rainbow colours in her lipstick collection and I have to warn you that visiting her blog causes shoe envy. Enter her wonderland of fashion and music, it rocks!
Speciality: Crazy Sunglasses

Mis Papelicos
A true lady with an advanced style. Her outfits are full of spanish joy of life and eccentricity. She wears the most opulent jewellery and a lot of beautiful flower and fruit patterns. She doesn't have just an excellent eye for combining outfits, but is as well very talented in designing clothes by herself.
Speciality: Amazing self-made stitchings

Microphone Heart.
A vintage girl from Berlin with a divine face and an incredible sense for fashion finds (often from flea markets and 2nd hand stores). Her tattoos accomplish her look in a very distinctive way. This blog is in German but if you don't understand a word, it's still worth a visit to look at her pictures in awe!
Speciality: Vintage Fashion Finds

Blog Lovin Award, Award, Blogger

Award Rules:
1. Post the award on your blog. / 2. Link to the blog who has awarded you.
3. Pass the award to 3-5 other blogs. / 4. Inform the winners and tell them the rules.

Monday, 15 October 2012

This is Pom Pom Power!

pom pom, fashion, pearls and swine, trend
Fascinator: Pearls & Swine*, Shoes: Asos, Mittens; Asos, Sweatshirt: Topshop, Backpack; Asos,
Scarf: Irregular Choice, Skirt: Manoush seen at Asos

I must tell you something: I am addicted to pompoms. I want to make a hundred (or even better a thousand) of them by myself and put them everywhere. My grandmother even had clothes hangers with little pompoms sewn onto them, so maybe this love is something I inherited. Pom poms are fluffy, funny and they will be my best friends this winter! Sad as it is, I didn't make a single pompom since I was a little girl and can't remember how to. But this is no reason to despair, because there are so many cute pieces waiting out there, ready for shopping. I think I can't resist to treat myself with at least some of this goodies.

Pompoms remind me as well of Star Trek: Did you watch the old episodes of Star Trek and do you remember the tribbles? I love the scene when the whole floor of the space ship was full of tribbles. They remind me of pom poms a lot and I would love to have the whole floor covered with them. Imagine what a fluffy and beautiful world it would be, with a few pompom-tribbles hang around everywhere!

So don't wait any longer: Help the pom poms to invade the gray streets!
Which is your favourite pompom piece?

* Pearls and Swine Fascinator: Model: Georgia Valentine, Venella One Model Agency, MUA: Rachael Gunn, Photographed by Kate Elizabeth

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Autumn Animals

black rose fascinator, green dress, autumn look, elegant
The leaves are getting yellow and orange.
Pearls and Swine, fascinator, black rose, gothic
But I do prefer green and that's how I dress.
pearls and swine, outfit, green bodycon dress
There is already fake fur required to keep away the chill. Wish I could show my lace-covered back all the time.
fascinator, hat, black rose, feathers
Diamonds and feathers do make a girl look glamourous, don't you think?
cat, shoes, high heels, cat face
The two cats on my feet love the rustle of the leaves.
Tenebris, cat face shoes, high heels, cat shoes
A lot of silver and shiny leopard tights complete the look.

Finally I can't pretend any longer that summer will never leave. So this is my first autumn outfit. It took a long time until I finally could make my mind up for this season and say goodbye to my beloved summer. Summer is the season of fun and bold colours. I don't want to turn into a wall flower during colder days as well! I believe most of the typical autumn colours, such as brown and orange, don't suit me very well. They don't fit to my pale skin and cold blue eyes. Burgundy and dark green are better, so I stay with them, today with the green, combined with a few fancy details:

Feathers on my head and cat shoes on my feet, that's how I decided to go out today. I am in love with this fascinator from Pearls & Swine a lot. It makes me instantly feel glamourous. It has a little bit of a gothic look which makes it even more mysterious and to my liking. The feathers shimmer in different shades of green. I could imagine very well sitting in a dusty jazz bar in New York, listening to sad love songs while wearing this fascinator.

Another recent fashion find are this cat wedges: You do know that I love everything cute and funny so I needed them in my life from the moment they caught my eye. They are very high and I do feel like a long-leged girl with my cats. The height takes away a little bit the cuteness and allows them to be combined with elegant outfits as well.

So this are my autumn animals accompany me this autumn. The cats on the ground, the bird feathers higher up in the air on my head. What do you think about my first autumn look? Do you love autumn fashion wise?

My Outfit:
Fascinator: Pearls & Swine, Dress: H&M, Lace Bodysuit: From my mum's wardrobe, Belt: Topshop, Tights: Primark, Shoes: Daisy Street, Jacket: Primark, Lace ring and claw ring: Tenebris, Other fingerrings and bangle: Souvenirs from Egypt and Tunisie

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Art Inspires Fashion: H.R. Giger

fashion, H.R. Giger, gothic, dark
Jacket: Gareth Pugh seen at The Corner, Clutch: Boohoo, Crow Skull Necklace: Tenebris,
Fishnet Tights: Jonathan Aston seen at Tightsplease,  Spike Headband: Etsy, Bodysuit: American Apparel,
Skirt: Asos, Diamond Claw Rings: Ebay,  Bone Heel Shoes: Ebay

I am very pleased to introduce a new category of posts to my blog: Art inspires fashion. I had this idea while visiting a Jeff Koons exhibition a few weeks ago. Without thinking about a connection to the artist and his work I chose a very colourful outfit. At the exhibition it happened, that a group of visitors mistook me for a piece of art, while I was admiring a sculpture. Because of this little encounter I realized that I always try to choose a fitting outfit when I visit an exhibition and came up with this new post category. I hope you are as exited as I am.

To start with, I would like to present you a H.R. Giger inspired outfit. Giger is a Swiss artist and designer. His most popular work is the set and creature design for Ridley Scott's movie "Alien". His paintings are surrealistic, but he has a different approach to surrealism than Magritte or Dali as example. Giger's work is very dark, the fusion of technology and human flesh is omnipresent and a lot of sex and erotic happens in his often huge airbrush-paintings. Without repeating himself or getting boring he created one after one art pieces (and I think he is still doing it) showing new visuals from a world full of terror and darkness.

So, how could an outfit look, inspired by this artist? I've visited his museum in Switzerland recently and got inspired. For sure is that the whole outfit has to be very dark or completely black. Many of Giger's creatures (no matter if human or alien or something between) do wear fishnet stockings (Tightsplease) on their breathtaking long legs and always very high heels. So this two things are musts as well. When I found this bone heel shoes I knew they would be perfect. While the bone boots (Ebay) are the most extreme piece in the outfit, every piece has a little bit of edginess: The sexy body (American Apparel) shows scandalously much skin and is paired with a shiny wet look skirt (Asos). The jacket (Gareth Pugh, seen at The Corner) has an extremely broad collar which makes something like a tiny body shape transformation if you wear it.

Last but not least the accessories, all of them kind of creepy or spiky: An adorable spike clutch (Boohoo), a bird skull necklace (Tenebris), claw fingerings (Ebay) and of course a headband with spikes (Etsy). Now your Giger outfit is complete!

I do hope Giger would like this outfit and say that it fits in the world he paints.
What do you think?