Thursday, 4 October 2012

Art Inspires Fashion: H.R. Giger

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Jacket: Gareth Pugh seen at The Corner, Clutch: Boohoo, Crow Skull Necklace: Tenebris,
Fishnet Tights: Jonathan Aston seen at Tightsplease,  Spike Headband: Etsy, Bodysuit: American Apparel,
Skirt: Asos, Diamond Claw Rings: Ebay,  Bone Heel Shoes: Ebay

I am very pleased to introduce a new category of posts to my blog: Art inspires fashion. I had this idea while visiting a Jeff Koons exhibition a few weeks ago. Without thinking about a connection to the artist and his work I chose a very colourful outfit. At the exhibition it happened, that a group of visitors mistook me for a piece of art, while I was admiring a sculpture. Because of this little encounter I realized that I always try to choose a fitting outfit when I visit an exhibition and came up with this new post category. I hope you are as exited as I am.

To start with, I would like to present you a H.R. Giger inspired outfit. Giger is a Swiss artist and designer. His most popular work is the set and creature design for Ridley Scott's movie "Alien". His paintings are surrealistic, but he has a different approach to surrealism than Magritte or Dali as example. Giger's work is very dark, the fusion of technology and human flesh is omnipresent and a lot of sex and erotic happens in his often huge airbrush-paintings. Without repeating himself or getting boring he created one after one art pieces (and I think he is still doing it) showing new visuals from a world full of terror and darkness.

So, how could an outfit look, inspired by this artist? I've visited his museum in Switzerland recently and got inspired. For sure is that the whole outfit has to be very dark or completely black. Many of Giger's creatures (no matter if human or alien or something between) do wear fishnet stockings (Tightsplease) on their breathtaking long legs and always very high heels. So this two things are musts as well. When I found this bone heel shoes I knew they would be perfect. While the bone boots (Ebay) are the most extreme piece in the outfit, every piece has a little bit of edginess: The sexy body (American Apparel) shows scandalously much skin and is paired with a shiny wet look skirt (Asos). The jacket (Gareth Pugh, seen at The Corner) has an extremely broad collar which makes something like a tiny body shape transformation if you wear it.

Last but not least the accessories, all of them kind of creepy or spiky: An adorable spike clutch (Boohoo), a bird skull necklace (Tenebris), claw fingerings (Ebay) and of course a headband with spikes (Etsy). Now your Giger outfit is complete!

I do hope Giger would like this outfit and say that it fits in the world he paints.
What do you think?


  1. I absolutely love the idea of this new topic! To me, art and fashion go together so well and I think you did a good job here - would love to see someone actually wear this outfit :) The jacket is breathtaking: Want to have it!

  2. I always knew you were brilliant.
    You are still third, voting regullly every morning.

  3. Die Jacke jajajajaja will haben Teil :-)
    Wünsch Dir ein schönes Wochenende! Liebe Grüsse Kira *schuhReich*

  4. Die Jacke gefällt mir sehr, sieht richtig chick aus (:
    Liebe Grüße Teresa -

  5. Die Clutch ist echt der Hammer. Die Jacke gibt es auf newlook. Hier der Link.

    Lg Mia

  6. Amazing, I think it works so well. Love the jacket and his first piece of work, so intriguing and eye catching!! Love this. Hope you have a marvellous week doll. Lots of love to you xx

  7. Voting daily, my dear Sarah, ahhhhhhhhhhh
    People have no taste, arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    1. I absolutely agree!!! How can some torn of jeans shorts win over something as elaborate as Sara's outfit?!!

  8. The Giger is definitely an eye-catching, feminist, creature figure, the sexy body and the extra feminist edges are judge beautiful, defo an inspiration

  9. Huhu Sara! Ich habe meinen ersten Blogaward erhalten (Juhuuu!) und will den jetzt unter anderen auch an dich weiter geben. Die Details findest du hier:

  10. oh, hans rüdi ... habe vor ein paar wochen mein giger buch mit persönlichem autigramm wieder gefunden! ein freund hat mal für ihn gearbeitet.