Sunday, 4 November 2012

Art Inspires Fashion: Jeff Koons

Jeff Koons, fashion, inspired, Maison Margiela
Earrings: Kate Rohde seen at Edition X, Jacket:Karl seen at Net-A-Porter,
Bow: The Velvet Village seen at Etsy, Top: Steffen Schrout seen at Stylebop, Skirt: Asos, Belt: Asos,
Shoes: Nasty Gal, Clutch: Maison Margiela for HM (available 15.11.12), Bangles: Kate Rohde seen at Edition X

Because you loved the first Art Inspires Fashion post about H.R. Giger so much, I am delighted to present you the next and very different one: Let's enter the world of Jeff Koons!

Jeff Koons is an American artist, probably most famous for his sculptures in stainless steel with mirror finish surface. Especially the huge balloon dogs he made can't be overseen. They have become monumental icons of modern art. Koons' work is colourful, fun and always on the border between kitsch and cult. Beauty and innocence are issues of many of his pieces as well as sexuality. I think he is one of the artists, reaching people not at all involved into art as well as art geeks. Most of his art pieces look joyful and happy-go-lucky, all of them are a visual blast. You will always have a heart full of colours and a smile on your face after visiting a Jeff Koons exhibition.

Of course the outfit fitting to art like this needs to be colourful and metallic: The multi-coloured sequin skirt (Asos) reminds me colourwise of the Tulips Koons made (see picture below). Combined with a shiny turquoise top (Stylebop), a golden jacket (Net-A-Porter) and a star belt (Asos), the outfit is as joyful as Koons' art.

Have you ever seen Koons' shiny egg shell sculptures? There is a resemblance between them and this shoes (Nasty Gal). The pink shiny handbag (Maison Margiela for HM) could have been made by Koons himself and it's a good idea to combine it with a bow in the same colour (Etsy). Last but not least the jewellery: The bangles and earrings are made of jelly and designed by amazing Australian artist Kate Rohde (can be bought at Edition X). With its bubbly shapes this jewellery reflects very well the artificiality and playfulness seen in Koons work.

Now your Koons outfit is complete! Ready for going to the museum?
Is there a special artist you would love to see an inspired by outfit here in the future?

Jeff Koons, Tulips, 2004, Hannover (Source: Wikipedia)


  1. I wont to see you wearing inspiration. You are the best artist, my gorgeous friend.
    Have a lovely Sunday afternoon, my dear Sara.

  2. I'm rather fond of Jeff Koons. And your inspiration is a really good match! I'd love you to work on Tamara Lempicka - she painted a lot of fascinating blonde women... ;-)

  3. I love the outfit you created here ! That's funny, because the skirt and the belt are on my Asos wish list !!!

  4. Glad to see another Kate Rohde fan in the world, my one necklace of hers is not enough! And OMG I've wanted the MMM x H&M pink candy bag since the collab lookbook was released. Unfortunately Australia doesn't have H&M yet (its meant to be opening within 2 years, obviously not soon enough for this collab though) so have no idea how to get it as they don't have an online store and it will surely sell out. I also want the MMM x H&M nude bra bodysuit too. Topshop just opened here in Aus but man I wish it was H&M instead ha.

  5. So cool, very inspirational post!

  6. I used the left over paint spray from the bugs, and it doesn´t crack.
    Have a lovely Monday, my dearest sara.

  7. die collage ist super! die teile passen wirklich perfekt zu jeff koons. er ist ein toller künstler, ich war erst vor ein paar monaten an seiner ausstellung in riehen. (:

    xx leandra melanie


  8. It's wonderful...I do love the colour of that top, it's a favourite :)) And with this skirt, it's so chic and fun!! I love it :))) Gorgeous. I hope you had a wonderful weekend and your week will be even better!! xox

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