Sunday, 25 November 2012

Call Me Kitty, I Am In London

cat jumper, london, phone box, fashion
Me and my cat jumper in London.
cat jumper, london, phone box, blond girl
Red jumper meets equally red phone box.
cat jumper, phone box, London, fashion
Hello Kitty, have you seen my choker necklace?
cat jumper, phone box, London, fashion
Sometimes you accidentally dial the wrong number, but with this jumper you can't go wrong.
cat jumper, outfit, back, look
Also from the back a lovely view. Have a look at the cute toes!
frilled socks, creepers, gold, glitter
This shoes carried me around the whole city without itching feet and with lots of compliments.

I'm back with you after a wonderful week in London. We did a lot of fabulous things like visiting the Harry Potter Studios, seeing amazing exhibitions (Tim Walker at Somerset House and Hollywood Costume at the V&A) and going to a concert of El Perro Del Mar. I met all my London friends and this warmed my heart. When we came back my head was full of lovely memories and my suitcase stuffed with my shopping finds.

You can have a little sneak view into my shopping bags later, for now I show you a casual outfit, perfect for a city trip. I wear comfortable shoes for walking around and clothes easy to get off in the changing rooms. In my opinion, casual doesn't mean plain and without fun and this cat jumper fulfills my wishes. Combining the jumper with gold dot tights, golden shoes and a bright red lipstick add a hint of elegance.

If there is something like a London shoe it must be a creeper! This sparkling version goes very well with my current obsession for frill socks. A lot of people couldn't keep their eyes of this shoes and I was asked many times where to get them.

I'm happy to be back here and excited about planed future posts, but a little bit sad at the same time. Leaving London always gives me a feeling of loss and it takes a few days to settle in again. What I like most about London are the open minded people. I always feel welcome and free to be whatever I can think of. I got loads of compliments for my outfits in London, while back in Switzerland I often face people laughing about me behind my back (or even worse: into my face). This doesn't change me, because I am a stubborn girl and stick to my taste, but it's not encouraging neither. But don't be afraid: Regular visits to London and your wonderful comments will prevent me from giving in and hide myself behind gray mouse outfits. Let's keep it colourful and sparkling!

My Outfit: 
Cat Jumper: Shuala Zurich, Tights: Primark, Necklace: Me & Zena (sold out), Shoes: Urban Outfitters, Frill Socks: Topshop

Most of the items in this outfits are not available for online shoppers, but in the box beneath you find my suggestion how to recreate my style with similar items. Unfortunately there is no other red cat jumper around, but I think the black or white one will look great too.

Get the Look: 


  1. Love love your creepers ! The sweater is so cute and fun !!

  2. Hab dich grade im blog-zug erwischt, fahr so mit dem cursor über dieses krass rote blog-bildanzeigen ding und tada ! Wen finde ich? :D
    das outfit gefällt mir richtig richtig gut, besonders die schuhe in kombo mit den söckchen sind mal wieder der absolute knaller !
    LG Michelle

    ps. ich hab auch jetzt endlich mal wieder einen outfit post bloggen können, ist aber leider nichts so spektakulär cooles geworden, was will man machen - winter halt :D

  3. Loving everything you are wearing, my gorgeous Sara, and so glad to have you back.

  4. Wie unverschämt, dass Leute dich wegen deines Stils auslachen! Ich freue mich immer wieder über deine kreativen Outfits und kann es kaum erwarten zu sehen, was du aus London mitgebracht hast. :)

  5. Huhuuu Sara, schön bist Du gesund und munter zurück! Als ich die Fotos ansah dachte ich; in London bist Du sicher nicht aufgefallen... Dass dich aber Leute bei uns auslachen wegen deine STIL's find ich unverschämt und zeigt nur das kleine Niveau dieser Leute!

    Du bist und bleibst Styling Queen No. 1!!!

    Ganz liebe Grüsse Kira

  6. I love the kitty sweater! And those leggings are adorable. You look great.

  7. You look darling!! Love the bright red of the jumper, it's so pretty on you!! Am glad you had a wonderful time & I look forward to reading all about it too :) Have a wonderful week ahead darling girl!! xxxx

    Kizzy :)

    La Femme Nouvelle

  8. Can't wait to see your new purple crown lovely, sounds wonderful :)) And the new single one you will do too, no doubt it will be marvellous!! Lots of love, Kizzy xx

  9. P.S. I have this dress with lil' bunnies all over it & every time I wear it, I think of you, as maybe you would like the dress, haha :) But, I do love bunnies and things like that on dresses :)) xx

  10. Dear the red jumper is amazing!!!! you look is so good!!! i folow you now! kissssss

  11. wow, ich lieb London! Mega cools Outfit und super Location! Passt so schön zeme :)

  12. Wow, sparkles and red!! I like it! :)))

    Also, I love that you were in London and taking shots with a telephone booth!! I've had a thing with telephone booths ever since my childish infatuation with superman and Doctor Who! hehe :))

    p.s. Btw, this is Alejandra, from Musings in Red. I've split my old blog into two: an inspirational blog, "Parasol Dreams", and a book review blog.

    And the reason I'm boring you with all this information is that I'm just letting all the blogs I follow know about my new blog name so that they don't think I've abandoned them. Or that I died. Or some other tragical thing like that. :)

  13. Wie immer eine wundervolle Kombi :)
    Hab dir mal einen kleinen Blogaward verliehen.
    Liebe Grüße Magdalena :)

  14. Since I've started shooting outfit pictures I've been dreaming of having one in such a red phone box... Are thinking of moving to London one day?

  15. Great post! Wanna follow each other on bloglovin or GFC? Please leave me a comment or just follow me and I will follow you =)

  16. Amazing! This looks adorable form head to toe!! And it looks as if that scenenary was just waiting for you and your jumper! ;)
    Hope you get to go back to London very soooon! :)

    Btw: I TAGGED you. ;) Hope you enjoy talking about movies and television. :)

  17. Kitty love!! So adorable!! have fun In London!!

  18. u have so amazing style and look pretty!

  19. Wonderful photos, that jumper is so fun!

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