Sunday, 11 November 2012

Princess Leia of the Purple Planet

outfit, galaxy print, purple, lime crime
May I introduce: For today I'm Princess Leia of the Purple Planet.
airborne unicorn, lime crime, ear muffs, galaxy print
Ear Muffs are part of the outer space uniform.
galaxy print, fashion, ear muffs, purple
Purple is the most favourite colour on my planet.
asos, peplum top, purple, galaxy print
Peplum tops are very hip for space girls at the moment.
galaxy print, necklace, stone, agate
This is a necklace made from a rare stone found on my planet.
eel leather, fashion, handbag, Becksöndergaard
My bag is just big enough to contain my intergalactic passport and a lipstick.
melissa, vivienne westwood, jelly, high heels
On my jelly shoes, I travel around the galaxy and watch out for aliens.

When we did this shooting, the sun was finally back after many cold and rainy days. With the sun came a little part of summer-me back and I felt very hungry for colours. It was just the perfect day to wear my new galaxy peplum and go for a crazy look! I have to say a huge big thank you to Fashion Hayley: She showed this top on her blog and looked so marvellous in it, I just had to buy it too. When she had it on, she was called Kim Stardashian and I perfectly know why: The top makes a girl feel extremely curvy. The waist looks absolutely slim in it and hips and butt wide. At the beginning I was a bit sceptical about this shape, but my darling convinced me that there is no need for that. I would have kept it anyway, because I love the pattern and colours. It's kind of a cosmic print, but unlike all the galaxy prints seen at the moment, more abstract and colour wise different. I combine it with a plain pencil skirt, to give all the attraction to the top.

I am wearing my grandma's earmuffs as well. They make people not think of Kim, but of Princess Leia from Star Wars. Together with the galaxy print of the top an intergalactic combination, don't you think? This earmuffs are actually one of the very few things I have from my grandma and I'm very proud on them. Unfortunately they are real fur, which I would never buy. Since they are most certainly more than 50 years old I make an exception. They make me feel like my beloved grandma is close to me.

I added glitter to my nails and to my eye makeup to complete the galaxy look. Together with my lilac Lime Crime lipstick (Airborne Unicorn) and teal coloured accessories (Necklace: Tenebris, Bag and Bangles: Becksöndergaard, Shoes: Melissa) I think this Princess Leia is ready to show up on the purple planet!

How do you like this outfit? Aren't the colours a true energy booster?

My Outfit: 
Peplum Top: Asos, Skirt: A Gift, Ear muffs: Vintage (belonged to my grandma), Shoes: Melissa (sold out but see a little bit similar ones below), Bangles: Becksöndergaard, Handbag: Becksöndergaard, Necklace: Tenebris

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  1. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, my dearest Sara you are a galactic princess indeed, and always an inspiration to me.
    I am sooooooooooo lucky to have found your, my sweet, sweet friends.
    Have a gorgeous Sunday.

  2. Man, die Ohrpuschen (wenn man das so nennt) sehen total ausgefallen aus!
    Mal wieder toll! :)

  3. Wow what a cute purple princess ! Great inspo for all the aliens outthere !

  4. Soooo süß!
    ♡ Luna

  5. I'm not really into the galaxy print, but I love Star Wars. You're really looking like some exotic beauty from a planet far away <3

  6. Wow! Deine Outfits machen mir immer gute Laune.
    Ich muss mich auch mal wieder lustiger und farbenfroher anziehen, aber im November macht mich das schlechte Wetter immer erst einmal unkreativ. Dann trage ich ganz viel Dunkelblau und Schwarz.

  7. You look marvellous darling!! I love the intergalactic theme and I would definitely visit your planet anytime!! Love the colours and those shoes are stunning. I hope you had a wonderful weekend and your week will be bliss!! Xxxxx

  8. sooo eine schöne Tasche!!!!!!

  9. haha.. das ist wirklich ein totaler energy booster!
    Siehst super aus :D

  10. Woooow, immer diese tollen Schuhe :O Die sehen immer aus als wären sie aus purem Gummi, ich will da reinbeißen O:

  11. OMG !! The necklace and shoes are to die for!!! I highly approve the fashion from your purple planet! ;) Love it!

  12. yes, sehr cool. so macht der winter spass. :)

  13. I used to dress up as a space cadet when I was younger and put on blue lipstick and blue ski bibs haha. I dont know why I ever stopped. Im inspired now.