Sunday, 9 December 2012

Are You Ready to Celebrate?

cat handbag, christmas, outfit, bordello
Cross necklace: Joolwe at Linens 'N' Things, Cat bag: Oasap, Red leather gloves: John Lewis, Dress: Topshop, Cat Beret: Oasap, Bangles: Sal Y Limon, Shoes: Bordello at Shoebuy

I slowly get into a Christmas mood, while seeing all the festive lights in the city. It's definitely time to prepare all the gifts, bake cookies and decorate home! A perfect outfit is required as well and a successful christmas looks needs glamour, glitter and red. I created a look for you, bringing all these things together:

This power stud dress is very elegant, but you don't have to freeze like all the ladies with sleeveless dresses. To match this dress, I choose the colours night blue and gold for jewellery and red for the rest of the accessories. The shoes are the most glamourous and eccentric heels, but with their plateau they are comfortable enough to stand around the tree and sing songs as long as you like.

The cross necklace goes very well with the pattern of the dress, adding a little bit of baroque opulence. Even if you are not religious, why not wearing a cross for christmas if the colour of the gem stones matches exactely the eyes of your cat handbag? The highlights of the outfit is the cat bag, do you agree? Even if there is no connection from cats to Christmas it's incredibly cute and everyone will envy you. On your arms you definitely need bangels. If you take a few, the sound of them will remind you of a sleigh with reindeers and enhance your festive mood. I recommend this charming handpainted ones. As you see, there is even one with a star pattern on it. The cat ears beret is the second part of feline touch in this outfit. Together with the red leather gloves it will keep you warm while watching out for the Star of Bethlehem.

Now you are ready to shine brighter than any Christmas tree, don't you think?


  1. We are about to start decorating the house. And we will get in the mood when my daughters get home for Christma next week.
    I love, love the dress, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh

  2. Mann Sara!!! Das KatzenCap und die Tasche... Du weisst ganz genau das ich jetzt wieder im roten Bereich drehe bis ich im Besitze solch eines Hütchens bin :-)))

    Hab einen super schönen Rest-Sonntag! <3
    Liebste Grüsse, Kira ******

  3. Wie geil ist bitte die Katzentasche? Gäbs die mit Hasen wäre sie mein. Sehr cooler Look! Ich hab gestern auch ein paar Weihnachtsoutfits zusammengestellt, Vorfreude ahoi :)
    ♡ Vanessa

  4. Mein Weihnachtsoutfit ist in meinem Kopf auch schon zusammen gestellt. Aber ich weiss noch nicht mal, ob ich es tragen werde, weil ich evtl. alleine feiere. Du musst unbedingt ein Foto und dem Outfit machen, dass du dann an Weihnachten wirklich trägst. Ich habe ja schon mal Herbstoutfits gesammelt und möchte das Gleiche mit Weihnachts-/Silvester-Outfits machen.

  5. Love that...those shoes are a doll's dream ;) Very beautiful and such a lovely shade of colour too!! I am getting into the Christmas mood, I will be happy when I school is over for my oldest and we can stay in and bake treats and watch movies :)) I love that beret as well, such gorgeous picks doll! I hope you have a wonderful week xx

  6. Das Kleid ist einfach superschön!

  7. I love that beret! I need one and the bag, I love that two but I wish it had a tail x

  8. omg die rote schuhe hani sho in rosa nd mit glitzersteili aglueget!!:D
    abr han angst, dassi MEGA unbequem sind :/ thhihi du choentsch ja mal bstelle nd teste :D thihi