Monday, 3 December 2012

Sweet Like Candy Cane

Yiddish chutzpah, outfit, dress, candy
Sweet love: Let's cover the world with sugar today!
star, fascinator, outfit, cute
Little fairy's wish: Everything shall be sweet and merry.
dress, frills, candy, Yiddish Chutzpah
A girl's dreams: Just thinking of prince charming.
candy jewellery, fashion, cute, kawaii
Candy jewellery: If the time is not right, just eat up the watch (or otherwise go for a lollipop)!
frills, candy print, pastels, dress
World's best cotton candy: The sweetest pink frills ever.
print, candy, illustration, cute
Candy mania: I wish I could eat them all…
pink, shoes, jelly, sandals
Jelly sundae: Even the shoes look like dessert.

Look what arrived in my mailbox: It's the "Caramelos" dress from Yiddish Chutzpah! With all the snow outside I don't dare to wear my new dress outside, but I love to turn the house floor into my catwalk. I just couldn't wait to share it with you. I feel like a little candy fairy. The dress fits perfectly and the pattern made by Gema of Yiddish Chutzpah is adorable. My darling was bedazzled when he saw me and we started to dream of a picnic next spring. The magic of cute and pink things has a lot of power over me and this dress makes me happy a lot. Actually it was just the right thing to get rid of my winter mood.

Girls are not just craving for candy, but for glitter too! I have this as well: The pink fascinator from Peals & Swine is a bright glitter star. Tinker Bell would be jealous and I almost expected it to turn my lollipop into a ward and spread sparkles all around. It's as well a cool fascinator for a christmas outfit, if you don't play the summer girl at the moment.

My Lolita look gave me the opportunity to wear girly jelly shoes. Of course not elegant high heels, but cute ones made for running over meadows and catching butterflies. I could wear this comfortable shoes from Juju all the time. Especially with cute socks, they look very girly. To complete the look I went into a place I loved since I was a little girl: The candy store. I always had a sweet tooth and it was fun to wear candy jewellery again. I couldn't resist to eat a lot of it right after the shooting. If the candy on the dress would be edible, I'm afraid it would be gone too.

I hope this outfit put you into a sweet mood and made you forget about the nasty weather outside. Are you enchanted by dress and fascinator, my lovelies?

My Outfit: 
Dress: Yiddish Chutzpah, Star Fascinator: Pearls & Swine, Shoes: Juju at MrShoes, Socks: HM, Juwellery: Candy Store

Get in touch with Yiddish Chutzpah on Facebook, at or send a mail to yiddishchutzpah(at) if you are interested in my beautiful dress or any other item from her lookbook.


  1. Very sweet! I love your look! Kissssssssss

  2. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, my beautiful, beautiful Sara. The dress is a dream, and you are CANDY yourself outside and out.
    Love ALWAYS!!!

  3. So very cool! I love this dress! Absolutel delicious!

  4. You look wonderful...I adore this dress <3 I love sweet dresses with candies on them and I used to always have a pair of jelly shoes growing up, I loved them, I had to have them in all colours too, haha. To match the colours of my, My little Ponies ;) I have my dress with bunnies on it, I really must take a picture inside, so you can see, it's far too cold for it outside now...but come Spring I too will be ready :)) You look marvellous doll, adore it!! XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  5. You look sweet enough to eat ! Lovely.

  6. Kawaii!!! Love this full outfit.
    Those jelly shoes are so adorable..
    That headpiece is nice. I feel like making one too.


  7. Oooooh so CUTE!
    Beauty beauty beauty! I love your candy, haha! And you took some really nice photos, in love...! xx
    Love, Leonie

  8. Hallo Liebes, habe Deinen Blog eben erst entdeckt und bin schon verliebt! Mag Deine Outfits und Looks sehr!!!! Du bist wirklich ZUCKER! LG, Pishi

  9. Ohhh Sara! Ich will echt nicht wie ne kaputte Platte klingen aber Du bist einfach meine Nummer 1 :-) Du überrascht mich immer wieder! Heute ist es der Stern der mich total fasiniert! Ich liebe Sterne die sind sooooo magnetisch :-) Will auch Star-Fascinator haben(auch wenn ich nicht weiss wie ich es tragen kann)
    Und das Ganze mit Candys einfach perfekt :-) Deine Schuhe haben mich sogleich in meine Kindheit versetzt - Danke Sara für diesen post der ist grandios***

    Hab eine gute Woche!
    Liebe Grüsse Kira

  10. Jellyshoes <3
    Das ist auch echt voll die gute Umgehungs-Strategie, einfach Fotos drinnen machen, dann braucht man auch kein mega hässliches, dickes Winteroutfit :D

    Machst du die blogvorstellung noch oder hast du dich dagegen entschieden?

  11. Your blog is so sweet!! You're lovely :)**

  12. LOVE IT! :))) The dress was gorgeous! The frills and lollipops were cute! And you look so pretty as always :)))

  13. What a lovely look ! Sweets are so inspiring and cute !

  14. Ein zuckersüsses Kleid - und dann noch mit Pompons... :)

  15. So sweet! Like a candy ad. ;)


    So glad I've found your blog - you have such a cute vibrant playful style :) Love it!


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