Monday, 28 January 2013

Lovely Label: Rachel's Wonders

jewellery, Rachel's Wonders, heart, necklace
Glitter heart pearl necklace and sugar skull hairpiece
Rachel's Wonders, necklace, fruit, bat
Strawberry on black pearls / Bat necklace
jewellery, kitsch, cute, shiny
A selection of items I especially love from Rachel's Wonders.

No outfit is perfect without the matching accessories! When it comes to jewellery, what I really love, are colourful, brigtht pieces. Jewelllery made of resin is exactly what I have in mind. It's possible to have it in all the colours of the rainbow and with sparkling glitter. Today I am introducing a lovely jewellery brand, providing a lot of cool jewellery, most of them made from resin:

Rachel's Wonders is truly a shop full of wonders, a world full of glitter, cuteness and shiny things. When I discovered this shop, I learned that there is more than mountains and sheep to be found in Cumbria (UK). Rachel's jewellery is all handmade in her shed in a town called Workington. I like the thought of wearing unique jewellery made by a lovely, English girl, instead of going for mass production from China. If you order something from Rachel, it is possible to have it customized and get your dream piece in exactly the colour you have in mind. This way, your jewellery will perfectly match the colour of your eyes, your favourite dress or your boyfriend's car, whatever you can imagine.

What I especially love about Rachel's jewellery, it looks happy and makes the word Kawaii pop into my mind. It is exactly the way of kitsch I love. Glitter hearts, cute little bats and sweet cupcakes are just a few of the pretty things Rachel designs. All the Star Wars fans among you will be happy to visit her shop as well, because she has a whole range of jewellery themed on this movie. I have never seen something like this and think it is an ingenious idea.

It seems like Rachel just has the perfect necklace for every opportunity. Of course it is no surprise, she didn't forget about the approaching Valentine's Day as well: Pretty heart-shaped necklaces combined with a string of pearls are ready for this special day. You see: One more reason to have a look at.

Visit Rachel's shop: 
and her page on Facebook: Rachel's Wonders Jewellery

All pictures belong to Rachel's Wonders
Pictures 1 to 3: Photographer: Click Click Bang Photography, Model: Peggy Soo, Juliette October                               

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Colour of the Year 2013: Emerald

fashion, emerald, colour of the year, 2013
Bangle: Ted Baker at House of Fraser, Lipstick: Lime Crime, Leopard Ring: Z Designs at Pink Mascara,
Scarf: Kurt Geiger, Jelly Shoes: Vivienne Westwood for Melissa at Zappos,
Peacock feather purse: Inspired by Claire Jane at Zappos, Dress: Topshop, Earrings: Liz Law at Bottica,
Multi Stone Ring: Asos, Peacock Bracelet: Indian Bazaar at L-Atitude, Flatform Shoes: Asos

Are you curious year after year, which colour is chosen by Pantone as the colour of the year? I always can't wait to know and this year I especially love the chosen colour: 2012 was the year of Tangerine Tango, 2013 is the year of Emerald. Pantone says about Emerald: "Lively. Radiant. Lush... A colour of elegance and beauty that enhances our sense of well-being, balance and harmony." I absolutely agree with this statement!

As you might have noticed, emerald appears again and again in my outfits. I have the feeling that it enhances not just my well-being, but the colour of my complexion as well. I never feel ugly, while wearing emerald. I didn't know about the colour of the year, when I chose my New Year's Eve outfit, now it makes me smile that I even called the post "Emerald Fireworks". What a promising start of the year!

If you don't wear emerald, I strongly recommend it to you. It's an absolutely flattering colour and makes you dream about the Emerald City in the Land of Oz, where everything is built of emeralds, other jewels and green glass. I think this colour makes every girl pretty, no matter what skin or hair colour she has.

Do you think Emerald is a good choice as colour of the year and will you wear it?

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Just Hold Me & Never Let Me Go

Vivetta, Fashion, blouse, Primrose
Tenderly hold by the hands of my Vivetta blouse.
hand, collar, Vivetta, Primrose
Red and white, I love this colours together, even if I'm not used to wear white.
Vivetta, collar, hands, Primrose
This collar is so amazing and reminds me of Schiaparelli.
finger, collar, Vivetta, Primrose
Elegant, but not without humour.
vintage, erarrings,bells, fashion
Sweet vintage earrings, made of tiny bells. They slightly jingle when I move.
shoes, high heels, bordello, cheetah
Cheetah shoes and knee socks for a little bit of girlishness.

Surrealism in fashion had always some kind of a magical attraction to me. I love all the old pictures of Elsa Schiaparelli and her crazy creations, like the shoe hat or the hand belt. When I first discovered the Italian label Vivetta, I had to think immediately of Schiaparelli. Many of their designs look like a more cute and girly way of things, Elsa could have designed.

I won this amazing blouse from the current Vivetta collection in a competition at Dotti's, one of my favourite stores in Zurich. Dotti's started as a vintage store and still sells the most amazing dresses from past times. A few lovely labels such as Bernie Dexter, Vivetta and Frollein von Sofa, joined the shelfs recently. I am very delighted about my luck in the competition, because I secretly admired the blouse for a long time in Dotti's online store.

The blouse is very smooth and elegant. It is probably the first white blouse I ever owned. I am always a little bit careful about wearing white. With my pale complexion and fair hair, I am afraid it might make me appear too pale. I would never wear white without makeup, but with a bright lipstick the look convinces me. The short skirt and knee socks makes the outfit cheeky, while the blouse is high-necked in a good girl manner. I think the finished look says "I am an elegant lady, but a cute school girl as well". With this, I already found my perfect outfit for Valentine's Day.

What do you think about this look and especially the blouse?

My Outfit: 
Blouse: Vivetta at Dotti's, Skirt: Vintage, 
Earrings: Eclectic Deb's Vintage at EtsyTights: HM, 
Knee socks: From my mother's wardrobe, Shoes: Bordello at Attitude Clothing

Thanks a lot to Dotti's for letting me win this beautiful Vivetta blouse.

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

One Year in Love With

outfits, fashion, looks, 2012

This is the first birthday of "Sara is in Love with…." One year full of quirky, colourful fashion. When I started this blog, I didn't know a lot about blogging and during the year I made a lot of new experiences. First, I started to write in German, but changed to English after a few posts, because I feel more comfortable this way and to connect the blog with international readers is very important to me. At the moment, this blog has nearly 200 followers on Facebook and 170 on Google Friend Connect. I want to say a big, big thank you to every single one of you. A few of you write lots of charming comments and have become something like good friends even if we never met. Others are silently following and I just know their name from the blog list. Whoever you are, all of you are very welcome and I hope to bring a little bit of joy into your life with my posts. I received mails from lovely readers telling me, that my blog cheers them up when they are sad and inspires them to wear more colours. To hear things like this makes me very, very happy, because it's exactly what I wish to. If just one of you gets a little bit happier by reading or seeing one of my posts, it was worth the time writing it.

One of my biggest goal is to stay true to the style of fashion I really love from the bottom of my heart. Everything I show here is truly what "Sara is in Love with…" and nothing else will ever make it to this blog. This is my promise to you and I think what makes this blog unique.

An increase of the number of readers means as well that I am confronted more often with offers from labels who want me to show something from their range. This is exciting, but it also means for me to make decisions. I already had to refuse a few offers which didn't fit in, but I also got amazing opportunities. I wanna say thank you again to the fantastic labels and shops I collaborated with in the first year of "Sara is in Love with…": Pearls & Swine, Collectif, Yiddish Chutzpah and Mirapodo, I loved to show your amazing fashion and hope we will have the chance do work together again.

I am very excited, what year two will bring for Sara is in Love with…" and hope this blog will grow and evolve. I can't say where the journey will lead, but I assure you, it will be a journey on a rainbow, full of fancy fashion in all the colours of the world. Thank you all so very much for supporting this blog and I am happy to have such wonderful readers as you!

Sara is in Love with all of you!

Pictures: This is an overview of all the outfits I showed you during the first year of "Sara is in Love with…". Do you have any favorites?

outfits, fashion, looks, 2012
 outfits, fashion, looks, 2012

Monday, 14 January 2013

Candy Coloured Shoes with Transparent Heels

trend, 2013, shoes, transparency
Top left corner: Miss Sixty at Zalando, Bottom left corner: Hotel at Asos, Middle: B Store at Farfetch,
Top right corner: Stelle McCartney at The Outnet, Bottom left corner: Irregular Choice at Schuh

Since seeing the perspex heeled shoes from the Maison Martin Margiela Collection for H&M, I couldn't stop thinking about them. I admired the pretty, transparent heel very much, but wished they were more playful and in a bright colour. After a little bit of research, I am happy to present you a choice of shoes with this desirable kind of heel from other labels and exactly to my taste. Lovely candy colours and vibrant pink and red make them true eye catchers for warmer days. The heels are either in one colour, with a colour gradient or even with a little pattern. Imagine how beautiful the heels will look, when the sun shines on them…

I can't decide which shoes are my favourite yet, but I tend to like the ones from Irregular Choice with the purple heels and the attached flowers (bottom right corner) a lot. They are the most fancy ones.

So what are you waiting for? Prepare yourself for spring and brighten up your shoe closet with a pair of these transparent heeled shoes! They will be the trendy thing to walk around when the weather gets warmer, I assure you.

Which shoes from my choice do you love best?

Shop my favourites and other cool shoes with transparent heels:

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Girl with Curves Loves Cake and Collectif

Collectif, fifties, retro, fashion
Today I'm a 50s girl ready for mischief.
Collectif, petticoat, fifties, retro, fashion
Dressed in a skirt like a beautiful flower.
Collectif, retro, fifties, fashion
Wearing braces makes me feel a little bit reckless.
top, pearly buttons, braces, Collectif
Pearly buttons on the antique green shirt - like a dream from deep under the sea.
braces, retro, vintage, hat
Matching earrings make the top even shine brighter and of course a hat can't be missed.
shoes, mel, jelly, bow
The sweetest jelly booties ever with a golden bow.
shoes, boots, jelly, frill socks
Frilled Socks are a big love of mine. They make you feel instantly girly, you all should try!

Let's talk about something we never did before: Body shapes. When I was a teenager, I was very thin and lived with the sweet illusion to have a body not unlike the ladies in the glossy magazines. Then I grew into a woman with bold curves, a very tiny waist and wide hips. I always accepted myself the way I am and believe that every body shape has it's own beauty. But let's face it: Your shape is responsible for what you wear to a good part. A girl like me for example just doesn't look good in skinny jeans, while not all my clothes might look well on someone with a completely different shape.

I started talking about this now for a special reason: My outfit from Collectif. I am not a 50s girl from head to toe as you all know, but there has always been a strong influence of the 50s in my style. A lot of the clothes from this time are very flattering for curvy girls and that's one reason why I love them. To my delight, nowadays there are a lot of beautiful shops selling 50s inspired clothes. Collectif is one of my very favourite ones and has an amazing selection of feminine, flattering clothes. I love the skirt called Liesel, I'm wearing on the picture. It's a circle skirt with detachable braces. You can believe me, there is nothing as beautiful as a circle skirt for a curvy body! It shows a tiny waist in the best light and doesn't interfere with wide hips. You can wear it with a petticoat or without. If you leave out the petticoat, it will look less dramatic. I think I'll wear it that way for work.

My top is from Collectif too and called Freddie. It's a classic 50s style knitted top and a perfect match for the skirt. It has an adorable floral knit pattern and the pearl buttons add elegance to the look. The colour is so pretty. It's a little bit like mint, but darker. It makes me dream of mermaids, deep under the sea. Collectif gave this colour the beautiful name "antique green".

Maybe because my thoughts about King Neptun and his beautiful daughters, I didn't wear high heels but waterproof, cheeky jelly booties from Mel. I feel very well dressed like this. I catch a lot of people staring at my skirt with shining eyes. I think this look is elegant, but not over the top. It's just perfect for having a cup of tea with my girlfriends and a big piece of cake to please my curves.

What are your thoughts about this look and did you know Collectif already?
How do you feel about your body shape and what suits it best?

My Outfit: 
Top: Collectif, Skirt with braces: Collectif, Lace Top: Vintage, 
Petticoat: Vivien of Holloway, Hat: Vintage, Shoes: Mel, Socks: Topshop
Tights: HM, Earrings: ClairesLipstick: Cosmopop by Lime Crime

Thank you a lot Collectif for providing Top and Skirt. Thank you Mel for letting me win the shoes in your Facebook competition.

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Longing for Hyacinths, Lilacs and Hydrangeas

trend, fashion, lilac, 2013, spring
Cardigan: Zalando, Bangles: Forever 21, Shoes: Asos, Dress: Mod Cloth, Sunglasses: Oasap, Coat: Oasap, Flower Crown: Lavish Alice, Necklace: Alter Ego

The new year is just a few days old and I feel so bored of the grey sky. My desire for colours as sweet as candy is very strong and one particular is on my mind the whole time: Lilac. This colour is full of romance, tenderness and grace. Lilac is a little bit similar to light pink, just cooler and less girly. It's said that lilac is very unique and special, but without the deeper mystery of purple.

Imagine yourself wearing the outfit from above, all dressed in this truly feminine colour with glitter and roses: You would look like you just stepped out of a wonderful dream. I choose a coat and cardigan, because the weather is not warm yet, but nevertheless the outfit is promising springtime tea time parties to come soon.

Lilac is my personal springtime favourite this year and I hope there will be a lot of beautiful things in this colour to be found to brighten up the wardrobe. I already told you that metallic colours will be very trendy in spring and lilac is a perfect match for them. It goes well with silver, gold, metallic pink or green. What do you think about lilac and the pieces above, do they make you dream of a garden full of hydrangeas?