Thursday, 10 January 2013

Girl with Curves Loves Cake and Collectif

Collectif, fifties, retro, fashion
Today I'm a 50s girl ready for mischief.
Collectif, petticoat, fifties, retro, fashion
Dressed in a skirt like a beautiful flower.
Collectif, retro, fifties, fashion
Wearing braces makes me feel a little bit reckless.
top, pearly buttons, braces, Collectif
Pearly buttons on the antique green shirt - like a dream from deep under the sea.
braces, retro, vintage, hat
Matching earrings make the top even shine brighter and of course a hat can't be missed.
shoes, mel, jelly, bow
The sweetest jelly booties ever with a golden bow.
shoes, boots, jelly, frill socks
Frilled Socks are a big love of mine. They make you feel instantly girly, you all should try!

Let's talk about something we never did before: Body shapes. When I was a teenager, I was very thin and lived with the sweet illusion to have a body not unlike the ladies in the glossy magazines. Then I grew into a woman with bold curves, a very tiny waist and wide hips. I always accepted myself the way I am and believe that every body shape has it's own beauty. But let's face it: Your shape is responsible for what you wear to a good part. A girl like me for example just doesn't look good in skinny jeans, while not all my clothes might look well on someone with a completely different shape.

I started talking about this now for a special reason: My outfit from Collectif. I am not a 50s girl from head to toe as you all know, but there has always been a strong influence of the 50s in my style. A lot of the clothes from this time are very flattering for curvy girls and that's one reason why I love them. To my delight, nowadays there are a lot of beautiful shops selling 50s inspired clothes. Collectif is one of my very favourite ones and has an amazing selection of feminine, flattering clothes. I love the skirt called Liesel, I'm wearing on the picture. It's a circle skirt with detachable braces. You can believe me, there is nothing as beautiful as a circle skirt for a curvy body! It shows a tiny waist in the best light and doesn't interfere with wide hips. You can wear it with a petticoat or without. If you leave out the petticoat, it will look less dramatic. I think I'll wear it that way for work.

My top is from Collectif too and called Freddie. It's a classic 50s style knitted top and a perfect match for the skirt. It has an adorable floral knit pattern and the pearl buttons add elegance to the look. The colour is so pretty. It's a little bit like mint, but darker. It makes me dream of mermaids, deep under the sea. Collectif gave this colour the beautiful name "antique green".

Maybe because my thoughts about King Neptun and his beautiful daughters, I didn't wear high heels but waterproof, cheeky jelly booties from Mel. I feel very well dressed like this. I catch a lot of people staring at my skirt with shining eyes. I think this look is elegant, but not over the top. It's just perfect for having a cup of tea with my girlfriends and a big piece of cake to please my curves.

What are your thoughts about this look and did you know Collectif already?
How do you feel about your body shape and what suits it best?

My Outfit: 
Top: Collectif, Skirt with braces: Collectif, Lace Top: Vintage, 
Petticoat: Vivien of Holloway, Hat: Vintage, Shoes: Mel, Socks: Topshop
Tights: HM, Earrings: ClairesLipstick: Cosmopop by Lime Crime

Thank you a lot Collectif for providing Top and Skirt. Thank you Mel for letting me win the shoes in your Facebook competition.


  1. wunderschönes outfit! die schuhe sind umwerfend! egal ob frühling, sommer, herbst oder winter: ich liiiebe jelly-shoes! :D

    <3 Leandra

  2. I didn´t know Collectif and I love it, perphaps because you are such an angel.
    I have grown to love my curves.
    Goregous and delicious, my dear Sara.

  3. You look magical darling...simply adore this outfit!! I was thinking of braces the other day actually, I found a pair of pink ones on ebay that I have become crazy for, I think I will get them soon :) But, I was creating an outfit of wearing braces with one of my pencil skirts and hat with a veil on it & here you are with a hat and braces on, haha :) *great minds* I think it's a wonderful skirt for girls with curves & it's always more fun for me to mix styles of the eras as I think many of them gel so well together & look different to those who just copy the exact look of an era. I love those jelly boots, that are sweet as sugar, like you my dear ;) I never heard of this company before either, but I will for sure have a good look now, thanks to you ;) Have a wonderful day darling girl! :) Xxxx

  4. Aline is in love with the skirt!

  5. A magical and adoreble outfit ! You look really great in it, my shape ... Haven´t got a waistline so i cant really see my self in that kind of skirt but have accepted my body - it is what it is . Will be checking out Collectif !

  6. Dear you are a beautiful lady! The outfit is amazing! I love the skirt, the boots, the tights... All is magical! Congratulation sweety! Pink kisssssssssssss

  7. You are so cute Sara that there should be a doll made for you with perfect little doll clothes. Little girls would love The I love Sara Doll. xo Sharrie

  8. You look stunning! I really love this outfit <3 And the lipstick you've chosen really flatters your hair and skin colour. About body shapes and curves: You may have wide hips, but you have a really, really slim figure! I have way more butt and thighs than you do :) Because of my past with eating disorders I'm still fighting with my body shape, sometimes, but I'm learning to love my curves more and more.

  9. Ein wunderbares Outfit und der Rock erst... ich wünschte mir ich würde mich da etwas mehr trauen. :) Siehst mal wieder zauberhaft aus.

  10. It looks so good! A few days ago I was discussing with my boyfriend that I love the 50s style with the gloves and all, but people would look strange at me. He said; just do it, don't care. Well, you inspire me to just do it too.. thank you for that!

  11. Hello Sara your look is crazy, I have found through the blog

    I realized the pink skirt of beautiful Elena

    please, you go see me soon

  12. Thanks,for your comment.^^
    Your outfit is it...