Sunday, 20 January 2013

Just Hold Me & Never Let Me Go

Vivetta, Fashion, blouse, Primrose
Tenderly hold by the hands of my Vivetta blouse.
hand, collar, Vivetta, Primrose
Red and white, I love this colours together, even if I'm not used to wear white.
Vivetta, collar, hands, Primrose
This collar is so amazing and reminds me of Schiaparelli.
finger, collar, Vivetta, Primrose
Elegant, but not without humour.
vintage, erarrings,bells, fashion
Sweet vintage earrings, made of tiny bells. They slightly jingle when I move.
shoes, high heels, bordello, cheetah
Cheetah shoes and knee socks for a little bit of girlishness.

Surrealism in fashion had always some kind of a magical attraction to me. I love all the old pictures of Elsa Schiaparelli and her crazy creations, like the shoe hat or the hand belt. When I first discovered the Italian label Vivetta, I had to think immediately of Schiaparelli. Many of their designs look like a more cute and girly way of things, Elsa could have designed.

I won this amazing blouse from the current Vivetta collection in a competition at Dotti's, one of my favourite stores in Zurich. Dotti's started as a vintage store and still sells the most amazing dresses from past times. A few lovely labels such as Bernie Dexter, Vivetta and Frollein von Sofa, joined the shelfs recently. I am very delighted about my luck in the competition, because I secretly admired the blouse for a long time in Dotti's online store.

The blouse is very smooth and elegant. It is probably the first white blouse I ever owned. I am always a little bit careful about wearing white. With my pale complexion and fair hair, I am afraid it might make me appear too pale. I would never wear white without makeup, but with a bright lipstick the look convinces me. The short skirt and knee socks makes the outfit cheeky, while the blouse is high-necked in a good girl manner. I think the finished look says "I am an elegant lady, but a cute school girl as well". With this, I already found my perfect outfit for Valentine's Day.

What do you think about this look and especially the blouse?

My Outfit: 
Blouse: Vivetta at Dotti's, Skirt: Vintage, 
Earrings: Eclectic Deb's Vintage at EtsyTights: HM, 
Knee socks: From my mother's wardrobe, Shoes: Bordello at Attitude Clothing

Thanks a lot to Dotti's for letting me win this beautiful Vivetta blouse.


  1. I love it! Classy and cute at the same time, plus the collar is pretty quirky too. X

  2. Ganz zauberhaft siehst du aus. Ich hatte mich ja erst ein wenig geärgert, dass ich nicht am Wettbewerb teilgenommen habe, aber als ich gesehen habe, dass du gewonnen hast, habe ich mich gefreut. Die Bluse ist wie für dich gemacht. :)

  3. Wie immer ein wunderbares Outfit. Bei Rot und Weiß muss ich irgendwie immer unweigerlich an Ärzte denken :D
    Die Bluse ist sehr, sehr schön und die Ohrringe sind ja der absolute hammer!

  4. Die Ohrringe find ich total süss, bimmeln sie auch?
    Die Bluse ist natürlich wieder eine absolute Wucht und für mich total Sara, cooool!
    Eins muss ich schon mal sagen, Ihr habt ein extrem sauberes Treppenhaus :-) Da kann man neidisch werden.
    Ich wünsche Dir einen schönen Rest-Sonntag! Liebste Grüsse, Kira


  5. I love Elsa Schiaparelli very much.Michelle Harper is on that line, too.but you are the glorious one, my dear princess.
    I adore the red and white, the collar and wonderful earring, ahhhhhhhhhhhh.
    Perfect pop of animal print.
    Much love and inspiration always,my dear Sara.

  6. eeeeps! That skirts is amazing and the collar on the cute!

  7. woooow that collar is really freaking amazing, i agree it reminds me of schiaparelli too! how gorgeous, also that colourcombo of white and orange is so unexpected fabulous. love it!

  8. Dear the look its so lovely!!! I love the skirt, the shoes, the fantastic collar! Congratulations sweet lady! Kisssssssss

  9. Ein wundervolles Outfit! Du siehst einfach nur bezaubernd aus <3

  10. You look stunning the hands and the colour against the white it is so beautiful!! You always look wonderful xx

  11. Hi Sara! I love the outfit and ADORE that collar!

  12. wooow, der kragen ist der knaller ! Ich liebe es !
    Die Tage kommt auch wieder ein Outfitpost von mir (:
    LG Michelle

  13. This collar is the cutest thing I've ever seen!

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