Sunday, 6 January 2013

Longing for Hyacinths, Lilacs and Hydrangeas

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Cardigan: Zalando, Bangles: Forever 21, Shoes: Asos, Dress: Mod Cloth, Sunglasses: Oasap, Coat: Oasap, Flower Crown: Lavish Alice, Necklace: Alter Ego

The new year is just a few days old and I feel so bored of the grey sky. My desire for colours as sweet as candy is very strong and one particular is on my mind the whole time: Lilac. This colour is full of romance, tenderness and grace. Lilac is a little bit similar to light pink, just cooler and less girly. It's said that lilac is very unique and special, but without the deeper mystery of purple.

Imagine yourself wearing the outfit from above, all dressed in this truly feminine colour with glitter and roses: You would look like you just stepped out of a wonderful dream. I choose a coat and cardigan, because the weather is not warm yet, but nevertheless the outfit is promising springtime tea time parties to come soon.

Lilac is my personal springtime favourite this year and I hope there will be a lot of beautiful things in this colour to be found to brighten up the wardrobe. I already told you that metallic colours will be very trendy in spring and lilac is a perfect match for them. It goes well with silver, gold, metallic pink or green. What do you think about lilac and the pieces above, do they make you dream of a garden full of hydrangeas?


  1. Wonderful colour, inspiration, and YOU!!!
    Have a lovely sunday.
    Sending you plenty sunshine.

  2. Gorgeous colour...I too, can't wait until it's spring again and all the colours come back. It's been so grey and life-less, I've grown so tired of it. But, I know spring will come soon & then we will forget all about this grey. I love all of this here and would wear it happily :)) Have a wonder Sunday doll & keep getting better xxx

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    xxx from Spain
    ♥ ♥

  4. Superschöne Sachen hast du ausgesucht! Der Mantel ist ein Traum! Und der Haarreif - genial!

  5. You were the first person I thought of when I saw the pom poms as I know you love them ;) So, I knew I had to share them, am glad you liked it and it made you smile :))) We need more pom poms in the world :))))Have a sweet day darling. Love, Kizzy xxx

  6. Lila ist nicht wirklich meine Farbe - immer noch zu mädchenhaft für mich:) Und die Farbe steht mir auch nicht so gut. Aber ich sehne mich genau wie du nach sanften, fröhlichen Farben - habe mich schon entschlossen mich im Frühling in eine Pastell-Tussi zu verwandeln ;-)

  7. I've never been much for lilac, but the coat with white muffs is adorable!! :)))

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    Super blog. Yours. ^ ^
    Have a nice day. ;)
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