Monday, 28 January 2013

Lovely Label: Rachel's Wonders

jewellery, Rachel's Wonders, heart, necklace
Glitter heart pearl necklace and sugar skull hairpiece
Rachel's Wonders, necklace, fruit, bat
Strawberry on black pearls / Bat necklace
jewellery, kitsch, cute, shiny
A selection of items I especially love from Rachel's Wonders.

No outfit is perfect without the matching accessories! When it comes to jewellery, what I really love, are colourful, brigtht pieces. Jewelllery made of resin is exactly what I have in mind. It's possible to have it in all the colours of the rainbow and with sparkling glitter. Today I am introducing a lovely jewellery brand, providing a lot of cool jewellery, most of them made from resin:

Rachel's Wonders is truly a shop full of wonders, a world full of glitter, cuteness and shiny things. When I discovered this shop, I learned that there is more than mountains and sheep to be found in Cumbria (UK). Rachel's jewellery is all handmade in her shed in a town called Workington. I like the thought of wearing unique jewellery made by a lovely, English girl, instead of going for mass production from China. If you order something from Rachel, it is possible to have it customized and get your dream piece in exactly the colour you have in mind. This way, your jewellery will perfectly match the colour of your eyes, your favourite dress or your boyfriend's car, whatever you can imagine.

What I especially love about Rachel's jewellery, it looks happy and makes the word Kawaii pop into my mind. It is exactly the way of kitsch I love. Glitter hearts, cute little bats and sweet cupcakes are just a few of the pretty things Rachel designs. All the Star Wars fans among you will be happy to visit her shop as well, because she has a whole range of jewellery themed on this movie. I have never seen something like this and think it is an ingenious idea.

It seems like Rachel just has the perfect necklace for every opportunity. Of course it is no surprise, she didn't forget about the approaching Valentine's Day as well: Pretty heart-shaped necklaces combined with a string of pearls are ready for this special day. You see: One more reason to have a look at.

Visit Rachel's shop: 
and her page on Facebook: Rachel's Wonders Jewellery

All pictures belong to Rachel's Wonders
Pictures 1 to 3: Photographer: Click Click Bang Photography, Model: Peggy Soo, Juliette October                               


  1. Beautiful treasures....I love the sword one and the reindeer, so nice!! I shall be sure to go and look at more, a delightful shop!! I hope you have a marvellous new week my sweet. It's still cold here and raining, but this has given a bit of sunshine. I hope you have fun & keep warm xx

  2. I LOVE that first glitter heart necklace, it's so pretty. I really like how it's all styled too, really creative :)

  3. Love it, dear sara.

  4. Wonderful!

  5. Perfect for you, but definitely nothing for me. I also like colourful jewellery, but in a much more classic way ;-)