Tuesday, 26 February 2013

The Crazy but Classy Cat Lady

fake fur collar, collectif, hat, cat bag
Cats don't mind the snow as much as humans do.
collectif, meredith, fifties, fashion
So I tried to do it like them and protect myself with (fake) fur.
cat bag, heart tights, collectif, retro
Protected against the cold like this, it is my pleasure to play with my cat outside.
dotti's, earrings, vintage, flower, red
The cat doesn't understand why I have to wear earrings, but aren't they gorgeous?
cat, bag, fashion, cute, Ahcahcum
I can never say no, if a cat looks at me like that.
tights, primark, hearts, fashion
As a symbol for my cat love, I wear hearts on my tights.
shoes, buffalo, winter, black
With this warm boots, the play outside can go on for hours.

Despite my longing for spring, it's still winter and I want to show you another winter look. I couldn't resist to show you my new cat bag from the Japanese label Ahcahcum with this outfit, I think it is one of my best latest purchases. My love for cats is without boundaries and I can never resist cat themed fashion or accessories. I grew up with a lot of cats. I loved to stroke their soft fur for hours and when I was sad, they comforted me. I wish I could have a cat again in the future. Meanwhile I am happy with visiting my mother and her cats and equipping myself with cat accessories.

Because the cat bag brings a lot of cuteness into the outfit and is a big eye catcher, I decided to go for a rather plain outfit in black and red. The look is a little bit fifties inspired with the petticoat and the hat, but the boots and tights bring in a modern touch. I am a big fan of the fake fur collar, it keeps me wonderful warm and I think it is far more ladylike than a scarf. It was a gift from lovely Tessa from Fashionresister, one of my dear blogger friends. We share a lot, like our love for Lazy Oaf, everything from Egypt and Kate Rohde. When we decided to send each other gifts, I was not surprised she sent me things I loved. She must have some superpowers, because the collar fits perfectly to the hat I bought just before I got her parcel and she couldn't have known about. Hat and collar make a very elegant couple. Another love Tessa and me share, is for beautiful tights. So I was inspired to not go for opaque ones, like I do wear very often during the cold days, but choose more cheeky ones. It was less freezing than I thought it might be. What you can't see: I am hiding warm socks in my boots.

I tried new makeup as well: For the first time, I use different colours for my upper and lower lip. I have seen this kind of makeup on other pages and liked it. The bright red from my lower lips fits to my earrings, the burgundy red resembles hat and collar. I used long-lasting lipsticks, I think with normal lipsticks the two colours might mix. I was wearing it for the whole day and it stayed very well, even after eating a lot of popcorn at the cinema. I think the people wouldn't have noticed anyway: They were busy looking at my cat bag, with big eyes.

What do you think about this look? Are you a cat lover too?

My Outfit: 
Hat: Collectif, Bolero: HM (not recent), Bodysuit: Primark, Skirt: American Apparel, Belt: Asos (not recent), Shoes: Buffalo, Bag: Ahcahcum bought at Ebay, Earrings: Vintage from Dotti's, Gloves: HM (not recent), Fur Collar: A gift from www.fashionresister.com

Thanks a lot to Tessa from Fashionresister for this beautiful fake fur collar.

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Friday, 22 February 2013

21st Century Cleopatra

Earrings: Rosita Bonita at Boticca, Top: Topshop, Shoes: Asos, Skirt: River Island
Necklace: Rosita Bonita at BoticcaBelt: Asos, Clutch: Asos

Cleopatra – one woman, a lot of legends. Who was this extraordinary last female pharaoh? Was she as beautiful as the movies makes us believe and did she seduce the most powerful men of the Roman Empire with just a flutter of her eyelashes? Cleopatra is a never ending inspiration for writers, artists, movie makers and for fashion as well. Today I want to show you a modern Cleopatra look. I tried to find a balance between Egyptian opulence and a wearable look.

The most important thing for an outfit fit for an Egyptian queen is a lot of gold and sparkling jewellery. Aren't the necklace and earrings from Rosita Bonita just divine? They are very Egyptian, but have a modern graphic edge as well. Scarabs were very popular amulets in ancient Egypt and used as a lucky charm. A Cleopatra from today will not leave the house with at least one scarab amulet too of course.

The ancient Egyptians loved gold and their probably most precious gem stone was the blue lapis lazuli stone. That's why my outfit is mostly in gold and royal blue. The pleated skirts reminds me of the winged cape, Elizabeth Taylor had, when she played Cleopatra in the famous movie from 1963. Even if you are no fan of the Egyptian queen, you might like this skirt, because there is a big trend for foiled clothes at the moment. The woven flatform sole of the shoes is a little bit like papyrus. The paper of the ancient Egyptians has nearly the same colour and is made from stripes of fabric too. Clutch and Belt complete the look, both of them bring more gold to the outfit.

Are you fascinated by Cleopatra and the ancient Egypt like I am?
What do you think about this 21st Century Cleopatra look?

Monday, 18 February 2013

Running Away & Joining the Circus

Pompom, Pearls and Swine, Circus, Irregular Choice
Ladies and Gentlemen, clear the ring for me!
Pompom, Pearls and Swine, Fashion, Circus
Today, it is time for circus, so leave your sad faces at home!
Pompom, Irregular Choice, Pearls and Swine, Fashion
This is the place to be funny, happy and a little bit crazy.
Pompom, Pearls and Swine, Fashion, Circus
Being unusual is usual here.
Zara, Top, Lace, Green
Every artist wears a beautiful costume.
Pompom, Pearls and Swine, Fashion, Circus
I am showing you my pompom act. Clap your hands and say "Pom, pom"!
Pompom, Irregular Choice, Pearls and Swine, Fashion
The more you clap, the more pompoms will appear. Don't you believe?
Melissa, Vivienne Westwood, Jelly, Shoes
Look there are two more and see how shiny they are!

It is not always easy to spread fun and colour. Nobody is free of sadness and desperation and there are moments of trouble in every story, as well in mine. There are times, when even Lovely Sara feels gray, week and uninspired. I try to keep this blog free of bad feelings, because this is a place for fashion fun, for happiness and positive feelings. My mission is to make you smile and to help you to never loose your inner rainbow. Today I want to tell you a little trick that cheers me up when I don't feel happy: In dark moments I sometimes dream of running away and joining the circus. I am no performer, no fire-eater or tightrope dancer and I can't juggle with balls. This means the chances that I will actually do it are pretty low and to be realistic, I don't think I belong in a circus. Nevertheless it is a beautiful daydream and thinking about this place full of wonders helps me to find new energy.

Dressing myself in a colourful, whimsical fashion has a similar effect: I believe that colours have a positive effect on our wellbeing. Their power helps to feel better and stronger. Therefore this bright outfit is a huge dose of rainbow medicine. The pompom scarf from Irregular Choice keeps me not just bright, but warm as well and the fluffy fascinator from Pearls & Swine is made to spread happiness. This two items seem to smile at me constantly. They are the eye catchers of the outfit and the lace top from Zara and my vintage skirt don't steal them the show, but complete the look in a beautiful way.

Inspired by Helena Bonham Carter's appearance at the Golden Globes 2011, I choose to wear two different shoes (both Vivienne Westwood for Melissa) for this crazy outfit. I still don't understand why all the newspapers made such a fuzz about Helena's mismatched shoes. Do journalists have no sense for fun? People out there, don't take everything too serious! There are enough occasions in life where seriousness is required, but fashion is none of them and is meant to be fun. Just wear whatever you love, don't be too shy to make your crazy fashion dreams come true and most important: Don't be afraid of what other people might say! People who don't like you because you don't wear black shoes all the time are not the friends you want to have anyway. Don't dress like a wallflower, if your soul is a bird-of-paradise flower! If you love the circus, make yourself happy with including a little piece of this colourful world in your wardrobe.

Now please tell me, what do you think about my dream of the circus and my outfit.

My Outfit: 
Fascinator: Pearls & Swine, Scarf: Irregular Choice
Lace Top: ZaraBlack Bodysuit: Primark, Skirt: Vintage, 
Shoes: Vivienne Westwood for Melissa at CogglesBangle: Kate Rohde at Edition X

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Thursday, 14 February 2013

Pink Plastic, That's Fantastic!

Pink, Plastic, Fashion, Topshop,
Ladybug Brooch: Tatty Devine, Sunglasses: Quay Eyeware at Amazon,
Handbag: Friis Company, Jelly Shoes: Mel Shoes by Melissa, Jacket: Topshop, Bow Clips: Topshop,
Heart Ring: Tatty Devine, Skirt: Topshop

Has plastic a strong attraction to you and have you been waiting for more hot pink plastic to appear in women's fashion? The paradise for all Barbie girls, living in a plastic world is finally here and a lot of plastic clothes and accessories are ready for you in the shops. These bright coloured pieces will bring a little bit of Barbie into your life. You can combine them with plain pieces in dark colours if you don't want to be too colourful, but I think they will look best with patterned fabrics and even a little bit of neon. There are a lot of black and white graphical patterns in the spring/summer collections of many designers. At first sight it seemed to be disappointing for colour lovers, but combined with pink plastic they will make a fabulous look no doubt.

In my opinion, the best piece from this collection is the jacket. I was waiting for exactly this kind of jacket forever, until Topshop made my dream come true. To make my excitement even bigger, they designed an equally wonderful skirt as well. The handbag is something for girls who don't have to hide something. My Barbie had a bag like this in yellow neon. If you have just beautiful things in it like the pink sunglasses or the bow hair clips, it will be wonderful.

So what are you waiting for: Get some hot pink plastic, go out with Ken and live your Barbie life!
Which piece is your favourite?

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Sunday, 10 February 2013

Give Away: Rachel's Wonders

Give Away, Win, Rachel's Wonders, Jewellery
I'm giving you my heart.
Give Away, Pearls, Rachel's Wonders, Jewellery
It's pink and sparkling, do you like it?
Give Away, Heart, Rachel's Wonders, Jewellery
If you promise to take good care, it might be yours.

I have good news for you: Because it's Valentine's Day very soon, I want to share the love with you and give away a pearly heart necklace from Rachel's Wonders. The necklace is handmade by Rachel and comes in a beautiful bright pink. You are the most lovely readers I can imagine and I want to bring a little bit of glitter into your life with this give away.

How to win the pearly heart necklace from Rachel's Wonders:

1. Follow "Sara is in Love with…" on Facebook (and with GFC if you do have)

2. Leave a comment here or on Facebook and tell me, why my heart is in the perfect hands with you. Please leave your email, twitter or blog address, so I can get in touch with you if you win.

The competition closes at Sunday 24th February 2013, midnight CET. The winner will be contacted via twitter or email.

I wish you good luck and hope this heart will make one girl happy!

Thanks a lot to Rachel's Wonders for providing the necklace for this give away.

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

The Pearls & Swine Valentine's Range 2013

Pearls and Swine, Valentine's Day 2013, Hat, Fascinator

Do you have special plans for Valentine's Day? If you do, I'm sure you already started thinking about the perfect outfit. I would recommend a lovely dress in a flattering colour, which shows a little bit of skin but not too much. A beautiful fascinator will complecte your look. I don't recommend you any dresses today, but give you advise on the best headwear:

My favourite milliner Pearls & Swine made a fabulous Valentine's Range, which is just beyond perfect, like everything this woman touches. It's full of delicate flowers and shiny beads, most of it in red or pink, all perfect for a day full of romance in the name of love.

It is very hard for me to decide on a favourite among all this wonderful creations, but I think the hot lip fascinator with the cheeky veil wins my heart. My second favourite is the ice cream fascinator, I can never resist ice cream. The purple butterfly or the light pink rose fascinator are stunning too. No matter which one is your first choice, these beauties will not be an investment only for Valentine's Day, but make your spring and summer wardrobe complete.

How do you like this collection and which fascinator makes your heart beat faster?

Model: Patricia Lopes / Emily Spaul-Lim / Gemma Lou MUA: Jane Armstrong Mua Photographer: Ellie Victoria Gale Photographer                                     

Friday, 1 February 2013

Dear Mister Koons...

Jeff Koons, Fashion, Maison Margiela, Pearls and Swine
Dear Mister Koons, may I apply as an artwork of yours?
Pearls and Swine, Jeff Koons, Disco Ball, Fascinator
I have the best qualifications: I am colourful, bright and happy.
Maison Margiela, Clutch, Candy, Pink
Of course I have a wide experience with metallic shine as well.
Jeff Koons, Pearls and Swine, Fascinator, Disco Ball
A strong pop culture inspiration belongs to my key competences.
Jeff Koons, Fashion, Metallic, Shiny
So, what do you think: OUI /NON? (Please choose OUI)
Bangle, Resin, Kate Rhode, Jewellery
If you can't decide yet: Here is more shine to convince you.
Asos, sequin, skirt, fashion
Twinkle, twinkle, I know you can't say no!
Maison Margiela, Jeff Koons, Fashion, Look
I have already packed my bag. See you in rainbow land!

When it comes to art, Jeff Koons is one of the first artists I mention when asked about my favorites. His work is a dance on the border between cult and kitsch to me, there is humour in it and every artwork of his seems to twinkle with one eye. Koons' art makes me happy, like a bright outfit does. Most of my other favourite artists, create dark, disturbing or surreal work and I think this has nothing to do with my taste in fashion (expect if I am in the gothic mood, which happens every now and then). Koons' work on the other hand, walks hand in hand with all the other things I love in life, especially my taste of fashion: It's like a dream from a world full of rainbows.

Do you remember my Art Inspires Fashion post about Jeff Koons? I wanted to wear the outfit since I posted it and couldn't get it out of my mind. Now the moment is here and I can finally present you me wearing the Jeff Koon's inspired outfit. It is not exactly the proposal from that post, but a little bit a changed version.  The multi sequin skirt from Asos, the Kate Rohde bangle and the Maison Martin Margiela for HM handbag, follow exactly the inspiration post. I combine them with similar pieces as proposed from my existing wardrobe. There is even a big improvement to the inspiration post: After posting it,  Pearls & Swine created this wonderful fascinator, which reminded me of Koons' shiny tulip sculptures at first sight.

The fascinator is the key piece of the outfit, together with the handbag. The Maison Martin Margiela for HM bag fits very well, because Koons often reproduces everyday's objects in oversized versions. This giant candy wrap follows a similar idea. The difference between it and a Koons artwork is, that I can use it to carry around my stuff, while Koons' colossal sculptures are released from a practical use and wait for admiration only.

I just have to say something too about the Kate Rohde bangle: It's a magical thing and I wear it like a talisman. I can watch again and again how it looks when the sun shines on it. It's the most amazing bangle I ever had, it looks like it was made in a crystal wonderland, where Koons' balloon dogs chase each other playing hide and seek. All in all, this outfit is the most colourful one, I showed you for a while and I think all the strong colours have a lot of positive energy. I hope you feel it too and it makes you smile.

So now I want to hear from you: How do you like this look?

My Outfit: 
Fascinator: Pearls & Swine, Skirt: Asos, Top: Primark, 
Belt: Asos (sold out), Shoes: Bordello at Attitude Clothing
Handbag; Maison Martin Margiela for HM, Bangle: Kate Rohde at Edition X