Thursday, 14 February 2013

Pink Plastic, That's Fantastic!

Pink, Plastic, Fashion, Topshop,
Ladybug Brooch: Tatty Devine, Sunglasses: Quay Eyeware at Amazon,
Handbag: Friis Company, Jelly Shoes: Mel Shoes by Melissa, Jacket: Topshop, Bow Clips: Topshop,
Heart Ring: Tatty Devine, Skirt: Topshop

Has plastic a strong attraction to you and have you been waiting for more hot pink plastic to appear in women's fashion? The paradise for all Barbie girls, living in a plastic world is finally here and a lot of plastic clothes and accessories are ready for you in the shops. These bright coloured pieces will bring a little bit of Barbie into your life. You can combine them with plain pieces in dark colours if you don't want to be too colourful, but I think they will look best with patterned fabrics and even a little bit of neon. There are a lot of black and white graphical patterns in the spring/summer collections of many designers. At first sight it seemed to be disappointing for colour lovers, but combined with pink plastic they will make a fabulous look no doubt.

In my opinion, the best piece from this collection is the jacket. I was waiting for exactly this kind of jacket forever, until Topshop made my dream come true. To make my excitement even bigger, they designed an equally wonderful skirt as well. The handbag is something for girls who don't have to hide something. My Barbie had a bag like this in yellow neon. If you have just beautiful things in it like the pink sunglasses or the bow hair clips, it will be wonderful.

So what are you waiting for: Get some hot pink plastic, go out with Ken and live your Barbie life!
Which piece is your favourite?

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  1. Common Barbie, let´s go party! Ah, ah, ah yeah!!! ;)

  2. Happy Valentine's Day my sweetheart!!! This is know, this reminds me of my childhood, because in the 80's, plastic was everywhere, haha. I had a plastic rain coat like this one and I thought it was the most wonderful thing ever...I could get wet and see the rain through the jacket, which I thought was quite fun. And I had a bag that was plastic, so fun :)) I love the jacket - of course and I also love the bag, it's so pretty and sweet :)) I hope you have a marvellous day of love, not just today, but all days :)) Love Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. Happy Valentines DAy dear! I love this day! And your pink post is fantastic. I want all!! The plastic jacket is amazing and the sunglasses too. Pink kiss and love!

  4. Fantastic indeed. Love, love pink.
    No it is not my home. I just wanted to show that inspiration is everywhere.
    Much love always, my sweet friend.

  5. Those sunnies are super cute and i LOVE the bag too

  6. uff zum Glück pink :-) Ich getrau mich schon fast nicht mehr deine post anzugucken, dauernd verführen sie mich zu bestellen ;-)))))
    All die Dinge kann ich mir super gut an Dir vorstellen!

    Happy Valentines Day <333
    Ganz en liebe Gruess, Kira

  7. Amazing! Love all the pink things, so cute!

  8. I love the sunnies and bows! My favourite vintage shop is the one in Flawil, it's amazing! Hope you have time to go there one time :) Where do your parents live? Near Appenzell? ;)

  9. What a beautiful post ! I'm in love with the jacket and the skirt !!!

  10. Where can i get the pink plastic jacket and pink plastic skirt?