Monday, 18 February 2013

Running Away & Joining the Circus

Pompom, Pearls and Swine, Circus, Irregular Choice
Ladies and Gentlemen, clear the ring for me!
Pompom, Pearls and Swine, Fashion, Circus
Today, it is time for circus, so leave your sad faces at home!
Pompom, Irregular Choice, Pearls and Swine, Fashion
This is the place to be funny, happy and a little bit crazy.
Pompom, Pearls and Swine, Fashion, Circus
Being unusual is usual here.
Zara, Top, Lace, Green
Every artist wears a beautiful costume.
Pompom, Pearls and Swine, Fashion, Circus
I am showing you my pompom act. Clap your hands and say "Pom, pom"!
Pompom, Irregular Choice, Pearls and Swine, Fashion
The more you clap, the more pompoms will appear. Don't you believe?
Melissa, Vivienne Westwood, Jelly, Shoes
Look there are two more and see how shiny they are!

It is not always easy to spread fun and colour. Nobody is free of sadness and desperation and there are moments of trouble in every story, as well in mine. There are times, when even Lovely Sara feels gray, week and uninspired. I try to keep this blog free of bad feelings, because this is a place for fashion fun, for happiness and positive feelings. My mission is to make you smile and to help you to never loose your inner rainbow. Today I want to tell you a little trick that cheers me up when I don't feel happy: In dark moments I sometimes dream of running away and joining the circus. I am no performer, no fire-eater or tightrope dancer and I can't juggle with balls. This means the chances that I will actually do it are pretty low and to be realistic, I don't think I belong in a circus. Nevertheless it is a beautiful daydream and thinking about this place full of wonders helps me to find new energy.

Dressing myself in a colourful, whimsical fashion has a similar effect: I believe that colours have a positive effect on our wellbeing. Their power helps to feel better and stronger. Therefore this bright outfit is a huge dose of rainbow medicine. The pompom scarf from Irregular Choice keeps me not just bright, but warm as well and the fluffy fascinator from Pearls & Swine is made to spread happiness. This two items seem to smile at me constantly. They are the eye catchers of the outfit and the lace top from Zara and my vintage skirt don't steal them the show, but complete the look in a beautiful way.

Inspired by Helena Bonham Carter's appearance at the Golden Globes 2011, I choose to wear two different shoes (both Vivienne Westwood for Melissa) for this crazy outfit. I still don't understand why all the newspapers made such a fuzz about Helena's mismatched shoes. Do journalists have no sense for fun? People out there, don't take everything too serious! There are enough occasions in life where seriousness is required, but fashion is none of them and is meant to be fun. Just wear whatever you love, don't be too shy to make your crazy fashion dreams come true and most important: Don't be afraid of what other people might say! People who don't like you because you don't wear black shoes all the time are not the friends you want to have anyway. Don't dress like a wallflower, if your soul is a bird-of-paradise flower! If you love the circus, make yourself happy with including a little piece of this colourful world in your wardrobe.

Now please tell me, what do you think about my dream of the circus and my outfit.

My Outfit: 
Fascinator: Pearls & Swine, Scarf: Irregular Choice
Lace Top: ZaraBlack Bodysuit: Primark, Skirt: Vintage, 
Shoes: Vivienne Westwood for Melissa at CogglesBangle: Kate Rohde at Edition X

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  1. You look radiant...I love all the colour and life!! I will come to the circus too. Love your pom poms, they are magical. And I think it's a great way to feel good even when things are a bit grey!! I love Helena Bonham Carter, I think she's magical just like you!! Have a wonderful day darling. Love Xxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. I adore your outfit, from the pop poms in your head to your shoes, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    You are a ray od light and colour every time, my dearest sara.
    keep the post rolling, yeahhhhhhhhhhhh
    Have a grand Monday.
    Giving you a big hug.

  3. I love those shoes! Too pretty. xx

  4. Dear the look is perfect! And the fascinator is amazing! Lovely and vibrant color! And the shoes im falling in love! Congrats! Kisssssssss

  5. Adorable! Pompoms everywhere, I love it! Circus is a fantastic daydream! I always daydream of being a lone wolf, living in a little farm, raising chickens and goats on my own in a beautiful landscape, but that's not very realistic either. But people can always dream ;)

  6. Ich lieeeebe deine bunten Outfits :)
    Vielmehr sind es kleine Kunstwerke.

  7. These photos are so fun! LOVE your little hat. And you seem to have the best sense of humor :)

  8. You're amazing ! It's such a beautiful, funny and poetic outfit !!!

  9. I love your colorfull outfit and pom poms!!!! all your outfits are incredible!!! and what you wrote: "Don't be afraid of what other people might say!" it is rule # 1 for me, always!!!!

  10. I love your colorfull outfit and pom poms!!!! all your outfits are incredible!!! and what you wrote: "Don't be afraid of what other people might say!" it is rule # 1 for me, always!!!!

  11. Dear Sara, my blog is completely dedicated to words only. As a writer and poet, I include the darker side of life in my writing. That is precisely why I love finding a blog like yours - vibrant, colorful and fun. It's a real treat for me to visit here. Keep making us smile in your own very unique and creative way:)

  12. I absolutely love your mismatched shoes! And the emerald top is adorable. Reminds me of a blouse in the SS 2013 collection by Lyla Lyla (you'll find pictures of it on my blog). Keep up your lovely colourful work! <3

  13. clap, clap pom, pom
    Wow, ist das schön!
    Auch dein Make-Up ist Zucker!
    Nein, ist das herrlisch!