Tuesday, 26 February 2013

The Crazy but Classy Cat Lady

fake fur collar, collectif, hat, cat bag
Cats don't mind the snow as much as humans do.
collectif, meredith, fifties, fashion
So I tried to do it like them and protect myself with (fake) fur.
cat bag, heart tights, collectif, retro
Protected against the cold like this, it is my pleasure to play with my cat outside.
dotti's, earrings, vintage, flower, red
The cat doesn't understand why I have to wear earrings, but aren't they gorgeous?
cat, bag, fashion, cute, Ahcahcum
I can never say no, if a cat looks at me like that.
tights, primark, hearts, fashion
As a symbol for my cat love, I wear hearts on my tights.
shoes, buffalo, winter, black
With this warm boots, the play outside can go on for hours.

Despite my longing for spring, it's still winter and I want to show you another winter look. I couldn't resist to show you my new cat bag from the Japanese label Ahcahcum with this outfit, I think it is one of my best latest purchases. My love for cats is without boundaries and I can never resist cat themed fashion or accessories. I grew up with a lot of cats. I loved to stroke their soft fur for hours and when I was sad, they comforted me. I wish I could have a cat again in the future. Meanwhile I am happy with visiting my mother and her cats and equipping myself with cat accessories.

Because the cat bag brings a lot of cuteness into the outfit and is a big eye catcher, I decided to go for a rather plain outfit in black and red. The look is a little bit fifties inspired with the petticoat and the hat, but the boots and tights bring in a modern touch. I am a big fan of the fake fur collar, it keeps me wonderful warm and I think it is far more ladylike than a scarf. It was a gift from lovely Tessa from Fashionresister, one of my dear blogger friends. We share a lot, like our love for Lazy Oaf, everything from Egypt and Kate Rohde. When we decided to send each other gifts, I was not surprised she sent me things I loved. She must have some superpowers, because the collar fits perfectly to the hat I bought just before I got her parcel and she couldn't have known about. Hat and collar make a very elegant couple. Another love Tessa and me share, is for beautiful tights. So I was inspired to not go for opaque ones, like I do wear very often during the cold days, but choose more cheeky ones. It was less freezing than I thought it might be. What you can't see: I am hiding warm socks in my boots.

I tried new makeup as well: For the first time, I use different colours for my upper and lower lip. I have seen this kind of makeup on other pages and liked it. The bright red from my lower lips fits to my earrings, the burgundy red resembles hat and collar. I used long-lasting lipsticks, I think with normal lipsticks the two colours might mix. I was wearing it for the whole day and it stayed very well, even after eating a lot of popcorn at the cinema. I think the people wouldn't have noticed anyway: They were busy looking at my cat bag, with big eyes.

What do you think about this look? Are you a cat lover too?

My Outfit: 
Hat: Collectif, Bolero: HM (not recent), Bodysuit: Primark, Skirt: American Apparel, Belt: Asos (not recent), Shoes: Buffalo, Bag: Ahcahcum bought at Ebay, Earrings: Vintage from Dotti's, Gloves: HM (not recent), Fur Collar: A gift from www.fashionresister.com

Thanks a lot to Tessa from Fashionresister for this beautiful fake fur collar.

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  1. Geiles Outfit!!! Der Hut ist der Hammer!

  2. Wonderful cat lover, my dear Sara. I have just arrived from sunny Málaga to see you glorious i your snow attire, and gorgeous bag.
    Much love, my beaytiful friend.

  3. You look gorgeous...makes the snow much more bearable, seeing a beauty such as you in it :)) I love your skirt, it is marvellous and would twirl well :)) Lovely to see you as always...I hope your week is going wonderfully!! Let's hope this snow and coldness will leave us soon :) Love <3 Xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. Oh oh ich flipp aus Sara, nein nein nicht wegen der Tasche sondern wegen deinem Hut! Ist der geil (ich beginn zu sabbern... ) Dein ganzes Outfit ist natürlich wieder Hammer, meine Favoriten sind ab Schal aufwärts und deine Boots find ich auch ganz kuschelig (haben will)!
    Ganz liebe Grüsse, Kira

  5. Ohhhhhhh this bag is love! And your look too dear! So beautiful!!! Kisssssss

  6. ooookay, ich bin totaler fan, dieser tasche :O

  7. Can I please, please steal that hat? It's simply divine on you! :)

  8. You look lovely! I LOVE the cat bag so much, I might have to get one for myself hehe Also, your lipstick looks really cool, I love the two different shades! It's such a unique, cute and fun outfit!

  9. i just bough a hell bunny petticoat!!! i follow your steps ;-)
    And as always i love your otfit and Sara you are a DOLL!!!!!!!

  10. Thank you so much for your comment on my blog, I found the cat face bag on eBay, but thanks so much for letting me know. Love your blog. xx

  11. vielen dank für dein liebes Kommentar:)! Wir freuen uns, wenn unser blog gefällt:) viele yummige grüße von muffinmafia & yummydesign (übrings, tolle tasche;))

  12. ich liebe dein ausgefallenen stil.*..*

  13. MIAU!

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