Wednesday, 27 March 2013

The Bunny Girl

Bunny, Irregular Choice, Outfit, Tatty Devine, Heart glasses
Sunglasses: With Love From Ca at Pacific Sunwear, Gloves: Black, Shoes: Irregular Choice
Dress: Romwe, Necklace: Tatty Devine, Socks: Topshop

The Easter weekend is approaching with big, fast steps. Are you looking forward to a few days with your friends, family and chocolate? I can't wait to have a little bit of time to relax and see some of the most lovely people I know. The weather seems to get a little bit better, at least there is a hint of sun already today and I can't spot snow anymore. Maybe it will be possible to hide the Easter gifts outside.

This is the outfit, I would love to wear, for a chocolate bunny hunt in the garden. Aren't the shoes from Irregular Choice  unlike any other shoes in your wardrobe? My heart is melting while seeing so much cuteness. The dress from Romwe matches them perfect, it's sweet and romantic with the beautiful lace and flower print. The trim socks bring even more attention to the shoes and the gloves complement the print of the dress.  If there is something to celebrate, buntings can't be missed of course. In my outfit, they are in the form of a beautiful perspex necklace from Tatty Devine. If Easter turns out as sunny as we all hope, the heart shaped glasses are the perfect choice, to complete the look.

I wish you a happy Easter, a lot of chocolate and I do hope you like my Easter outfit.

Saturday, 23 March 2013

Sweeter Than Any Sweets

Ahcahcum, heart shaped glasses, cat bag, lolita
An outfit so sweet I feel like being a candyfloss girl.
rings, jewellery, heart, cake
All my world is full of hearts and sugar.
lolita, ahcahcum, juju, dotti's
Also grown-up girls can still feel like little Lolitas.
ahcahcum, cat bag, japanese, fashion
The cat looks a little bit grumpy, does it need more cake?
Isn't it a look fit for a fairy tale princess?
Dotti's, vintage, dresss, princess
With a lot of pretty details and pearls.
pastel pink, outfit, vintage, princess
And whithe tender flowers on my head.
shoes, jelly, pink, frills, Juju
My beloved jells shoes are perfect for this look.

This is probably the most girly outfit I ever showed and absolutely Lolita inspired. Yes I am not 16 anymore, but I don't see a reason to stop living in a world full of frills, pastel colours and cuteness. There is enough of sourness in the world, so at least fashion can be sweet as sugar. I love this doll inspired style, looking like it is made in a land full of candyfloss. When I tried on this vintage dress, my darling told me I look like a princess. And this is why I couldn't resist to buy it. It's not a look a modern princess like Victoria from Sweden or Kate Middleton would wear, but fit for a kitschy fairy tale princess. This kind of a princess always has blond hair and wears nothing except the most pretty dresses in light pink.

I also show you my second Ahcahcum cat bag. It came together with the big one you've already seen. At first I was a little bit irritated by the expression of the face of this cat, but now I think she is cute in her own grumpy way. I think Japanese people like cute fashion and in that way the outfit I show you here might be the perfect one to wear a bag from this Japanese label. I wish to have the chance to travel to Japan once in my life. I think I would feel like in fashion paradise there and have the urge to start a street style blog right now. I follow a few of Japanese blogs, usually I don't understand a word, but love the style. All the love, the fantasy and individuality these girls put into their look is so unlike what I see on the streets here. Last week, a man in the train told me, that he clearly sees a lot of Japanese inspiration in my style. I was surprised because I thought this source of inspiration is not so obvious. With this little compliment he made my day and put a big smile on my face.

What do you think about this outfit my lovelies?

My Outfit: 
Dress: Dotti's Vintage, Fascinator: Vintage, Shoes: Juju, Socks: Topshop
Cake Ring: A Gift, Heart Ring: Rachel's Wonders, Necklace: From my mum's wardrobe,
Glasses: Vintage, Bag: Ahcahcum

Monday, 18 March 2013

Bodysuits for Heroines & Other Girls

bodysuit, wearehandsome, bambam, lazy oaf, barbie
Cherry Blossom Bodysuit   –  Cat Bodysuit   –  Comic Print Bodysuit
Metallic Scales Bodysuit   –   Sunset and Palms Bodysuit   –  Sphinx Bodysuit
Flamingo Bodysuit    –  Comic Hands Bodysuits   –  Barbie Bodysuit

What have Wonder Woman, Ms. Marvel, Vampirella and She-Cat in common, except being comic book heroines? Like many other heroines they wear a bodysuit and experience the most dangerous adventures wearing it. All of them look stunning in their bodysuit.

So why shouldn't we girls without super powers do it like them? I own a whole pile of bodysuits and at the moment I am especially in love with printed versions. While other girls sometimes tell me they think bodysuits are not sexy, I am convinced by the opposite and think they flatter my body. They highlight your body shape and fit like a second skin. I style them with short skirts most of the time, for a more sporty look you can combine your bodysuit with trousers. I love all the bodysuits I show you about and truly can't choose a favourite and wish I had them all.

For all my German speaking readers: There is a lovely post about bodysuits on the blog of my friend Elyhana. She loves bodysuits too and looks stunning in them.

Do you like bodysuits too and which one of these is your favourite?

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Pink Rain in Florida

pink, plastic, donna wilson, quay
This is Lovely Sara's Florida dream.
Donna Wilson, flamingo, pink, Topshop, Plastic
The beach is wonderful and there are pink flamingos everywhere.
Quay, Sunglasses, PInk, Flamingo
One girl can't wear too much pink, don't you think?
plastic jacket, donna wilson, flamingo
Embraced by a flamingo: A wonderful feeling, I can tell you!
quay, sunglasses, pink, celebrity
Do you think pink already?
socks, frills, Topshop, silver, metallic, shoes
Let's dance with the flamingos!

I have never been to Florida, but I often dream of the beach and pink flamingos. Maybe the real Florida is way different from what I have in mind, but for me it means a lot of pink, pastels, good weather and sweetness. A little bit something like a Barbie world come true. The perfect place to eat soft ice and fall in love for the very first time. This is the mood I had in mind when I choose my outfit and I hope you hear the sound of the waves while looking at it.

I don't know if there is rain in Florida, but I would be prepared with my plastic jacket. I am absolutely in love with it. Because there is such a hype for plastic this season, it was sold out very soon after hitting the shop. What you can't see on the pictures is, that my jacket is too big for me. I had to go a size up, because mine was gone already. Especially at the back it's visible how much space between my back and the jacket is left. I love the material, the colour and the style of the jacket so much, I can't give it back. Maybe I have to start a new trend for oversized jackets?

I feel so pink, I imagine I could sneak into a crowd of flamingos without sticking out. I just love this animals. It's a little bit similar to my cat addiction: I can't avoid fashion including them. So no surprise I love this flamingo scarf. It's made by Scottish designer Donna Wilson. She is one of my most favourite designers when it comes to pillows and blankets and I am in love with all the strange creatures she creates as well.  Her work is always very cute and made with love. This scarf causes a lot of envy and glances, when I wear it. I love to be embraced by Mister Flamingo. He makes my Florida dream come true, wherever I am.

How do you like this outfit my lovely readers?

My Outfit: 
Plastic Jacket: Topshop (sold out already), Bodysuit: Topshop,
Skirt: Asos (not recent), Sunglasses: Quay EyewareScarf: Donna Wilson for Asos
Shoes: No Name bought in London, Socks: Topshop

Sunday, 10 March 2013

10 Fashion Finds & 10 Things About Lovely Sara

Lilac Dress: Tobi, Lilac Bag: Mod Cloth, Lilac Jelly Shoes: Topshop, Cat Dress: Romwe,
Holographic Platform Shoes: Ego and Greed at Solestruck, Kaboom Top: Topshop, Fluoro Neon Skirt: Topshop,
Bunny Ring: Irregular Choice, Pink High Heel: United Nude, Bear Bra Top: Lazy Oaf

10 Things About Lovely Sara

1. A day without chocolate is not complete for me.

2. As a teenager, I was so fascinated by the ancient Egypt, I called myself Nefertiti and knew the names of all the 188 pharaohs by heart.

3. I grew up in a beautiful Swiss farm house, but I am afraid of cows.

4. I love to sing, but don't know if I should.

5. My scout name was Timida. It's Italian and means "shy".

6. I still love the Spice Girls and dream of having original 90s Buffalo shoes like Baby Spice.

7. Beige and brown are the only colours I never wear. I believe they have a bad effect on me.

8. I used to take Belly Dance lessons for many years.

9. As a child, I used to make my clothes wet at the well in front of our house, if my mother dressed me in something I didn't like.

10. The ring tone of my phone is the title melody of the Japanese movie Papurika aka Paprika. It's the most cheerful sound you ever heard.

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Rubberband Girl

Collectif, retro, vintage, dress, Atsuko Kudo
I wanna be a rubberband girl.
Atsuko Kudo, latex, fashion, Collectif
I wanna learn to twang like a rubbberband.
collectif, atsuko kudo, vintage, flora
Rubber gloves might increase the effect as well.
bow, choker, atsuko kudo, rubber, latex
Does dressing in rubber help? I try with my bow chocker.
gloves, rubber, latex, atsuko kudo
And I might be able to bounce back like a rubberband.
wedge, creepers, london, socks, frills
Otherwise I come running to you.

Everything I wear today (except the earrings) is bought from or in the UK. I just miss London so much at the moment and would love to go there right now if i could. I named this post after a song from Kate Bush, my favourite singer and one of the biggest British icons. This eccentric lady is just unlike any other pop star and that makes her perfect in my eyes. I couldn't get her song "Rubberband Girl" out of my head, while having on my latex accessories. I am so delighted and need to tell you more about what I am wearing:

For ages I was dreaming of owning a little piece of Atsuko Kudo. I love the work of the UK based fashion designer from Japan. She calls her work "Couture Latex Design" and creates the most amazing rubber clothes and accessories. People who still believe, latex is something to be found only in erotic shops, are proven wrong. Among the clients of Atsuko Kudo are stars like Lady Gaga, Dita von Teese or Katy Perry. Finally it is my turn to present a little Atsuko Kudo treasure. I can't call myself the proud owner of a custom made dress, but look at my gloves and this adorable bow choker! I love how shiny and smooth the material is. I must say the gloves are no piece for everyday wear, because it is not so easy to get in and out of them and impossible without the help of a lube. The bow chocker on the other hand is definitely a piece which will be seen on many of my future looks. I am already lusting after going back to Atsuko Kudo's store and treat myself with more goodies. They have the most beautiful collars you have ever seen and their headwear is causing envy.

I went for a beautiful dress from Collectif to combine my accessories with. I saw this dress in their shop and knew without trying that I need it. The colour is wonderful and I love the elegant look of it. If you have a few dresses like this in your wardrobe, it is very easy to dress. A dress like this doesn't need a lot to go with it, it looks just so elegant on its own. I continue to listen to more Kate Bush now and hope you like this outfit.

Did you ever wear latex and do you love Atsuko Kudo too?

My Outfit: 
Dress: Collectif, Rubber Bow Choker: Atsuko Kudo, Rubber Gloves: Atsuko Kudo, Shoes: Bought in Camden, Socks: Topshop, Earrings: Deb's Eclectic Vintage at Etsy

Saturday, 2 March 2013

Fruit Shoes

Shoes, Fruit, Ego and Greed, Jeffrey Campbell, Irregular Choice
Apple Shoes: Ego and Greed at Solestruck, Tutti Frutti Shoes with Yellow Heel: Jeffrey Campbell at Office,
Melon Shoes: Office, Pink Shoes with Strawberry: Cece Lamour at,
 Pineapple Shoes: Irregular Choice 

Already eaten your five a day? This fruits here don't count, but they look just as juicy as real fruits. Which girl wouldn't skip dessert for a few weeks, to get her hands on one of those beauties instead? These are the latest fruit shoes and you have the choice between strawberry, apple, melon or pineapple. All of them cause an immediate summer feeling, no matter what the weather forecast says.

My dream shoes are the melon high heels from Office. I eat berries and bananas most of the time, but in fashion the melon is my absolute favourite fruit. The design of this shoes reminds me a little bit of Charlotte Olympia. I wish I had them in my shoe collection and imagine how beautiful they would look with all my summer dresses. Who needs Cinderella shoes, if you can be Melon-ella instead? Please my dear prince, you don't have to bring diamonds, bring fruit shoes instead!

Which one of these shoes is your favourite and do you already have fruit shoes?