Thursday, 14 March 2013

Pink Rain in Florida

pink, plastic, donna wilson, quay
This is Lovely Sara's Florida dream.
Donna Wilson, flamingo, pink, Topshop, Plastic
The beach is wonderful and there are pink flamingos everywhere.
Quay, Sunglasses, PInk, Flamingo
One girl can't wear too much pink, don't you think?
plastic jacket, donna wilson, flamingo
Embraced by a flamingo: A wonderful feeling, I can tell you!
quay, sunglasses, pink, celebrity
Do you think pink already?
socks, frills, Topshop, silver, metallic, shoes
Let's dance with the flamingos!

I have never been to Florida, but I often dream of the beach and pink flamingos. Maybe the real Florida is way different from what I have in mind, but for me it means a lot of pink, pastels, good weather and sweetness. A little bit something like a Barbie world come true. The perfect place to eat soft ice and fall in love for the very first time. This is the mood I had in mind when I choose my outfit and I hope you hear the sound of the waves while looking at it.

I don't know if there is rain in Florida, but I would be prepared with my plastic jacket. I am absolutely in love with it. Because there is such a hype for plastic this season, it was sold out very soon after hitting the shop. What you can't see on the pictures is, that my jacket is too big for me. I had to go a size up, because mine was gone already. Especially at the back it's visible how much space between my back and the jacket is left. I love the material, the colour and the style of the jacket so much, I can't give it back. Maybe I have to start a new trend for oversized jackets?

I feel so pink, I imagine I could sneak into a crowd of flamingos without sticking out. I just love this animals. It's a little bit similar to my cat addiction: I can't avoid fashion including them. So no surprise I love this flamingo scarf. It's made by Scottish designer Donna Wilson. She is one of my most favourite designers when it comes to pillows and blankets and I am in love with all the strange creatures she creates as well.  Her work is always very cute and made with love. This scarf causes a lot of envy and glances, when I wear it. I love to be embraced by Mister Flamingo. He makes my Florida dream come true, wherever I am.

How do you like this outfit my lovely readers?

My Outfit: 
Plastic Jacket: Topshop (sold out already), Bodysuit: Topshop,
Skirt: Asos (not recent), Sunglasses: Quay EyewareScarf: Donna Wilson for Asos
Shoes: No Name bought in London, Socks: Topshop


  1. Pretty damn great look! Pink <3 That skirt is the cutest thing!

  2. You look wonderful & happy! I've been to Florida & yes, they get rain...mostly in winter, but there is rain. I love the beach and the flamingoes too :))) You would like it!! I love all the colours, so pretty!! And these shoes are a must :)) I hope you have a gorgeous day doll <3 <3 xxx

  3. I love love love it! Pink perfection.

    The rain in Florida is brilliant, it just starts out of nowhere and all of a sudden BAM! Thunder and lightning!

  4. ahhhhh that jacket looks so cute on you! I love the sunnies also ^_^

  5. I love it all, my dear Sara, but the silver boots I want, ahhhhhhhhhhhh
    You are so UNIQUE, my dear friend.

  6. wooooooooooooooohoooooooooooooo!
    Der Flamingoschal ist ja genial.
    Sieht wirklich sehr sweet aus!

  7. Oh my gosh, what an amazing rain coat. And your shoes are adorable as well.

  8. This pink plastic perfecto is the perfection ! I love it !!!

  9. love your outfit, it's really unique!!

    xoxo Maya

  10. This whole outfit is amazing! I love the flamingo so much! xx

  11. Lovely pink stuff. (And yes, it does rain in Florida... a LOT!) xx

  12. YES!!! pink Flamingo!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!

  13. Ohh! a pink bob wig would be over the top! wouldnt it?

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