Saturday, 23 March 2013

Sweeter Than Any Sweets

Ahcahcum, heart shaped glasses, cat bag, lolita
An outfit so sweet I feel like being a candyfloss girl.
rings, jewellery, heart, cake
All my world is full of hearts and sugar.
lolita, ahcahcum, juju, dotti's
Also grown-up girls can still feel like little Lolitas.
ahcahcum, cat bag, japanese, fashion
The cat looks a little bit grumpy, does it need more cake?
Isn't it a look fit for a fairy tale princess?
Dotti's, vintage, dresss, princess
With a lot of pretty details and pearls.
pastel pink, outfit, vintage, princess
And whithe tender flowers on my head.
shoes, jelly, pink, frills, Juju
My beloved jells shoes are perfect for this look.

This is probably the most girly outfit I ever showed and absolutely Lolita inspired. Yes I am not 16 anymore, but I don't see a reason to stop living in a world full of frills, pastel colours and cuteness. There is enough of sourness in the world, so at least fashion can be sweet as sugar. I love this doll inspired style, looking like it is made in a land full of candyfloss. When I tried on this vintage dress, my darling told me I look like a princess. And this is why I couldn't resist to buy it. It's not a look a modern princess like Victoria from Sweden or Kate Middleton would wear, but fit for a kitschy fairy tale princess. This kind of a princess always has blond hair and wears nothing except the most pretty dresses in light pink.

I also show you my second Ahcahcum cat bag. It came together with the big one you've already seen. At first I was a little bit irritated by the expression of the face of this cat, but now I think she is cute in her own grumpy way. I think Japanese people like cute fashion and in that way the outfit I show you here might be the perfect one to wear a bag from this Japanese label. I wish to have the chance to travel to Japan once in my life. I think I would feel like in fashion paradise there and have the urge to start a street style blog right now. I follow a few of Japanese blogs, usually I don't understand a word, but love the style. All the love, the fantasy and individuality these girls put into their look is so unlike what I see on the streets here. Last week, a man in the train told me, that he clearly sees a lot of Japanese inspiration in my style. I was surprised because I thought this source of inspiration is not so obvious. With this little compliment he made my day and put a big smile on my face.

What do you think about this outfit my lovelies?

My Outfit: 
Dress: Dotti's Vintage, Fascinator: Vintage, Shoes: Juju, Socks: Topshop
Cake Ring: A Gift, Heart Ring: Rachel's Wonders, Necklace: From my mum's wardrobe,
Glasses: Vintage, Bag: Ahcahcum


  1. Oh my god! You are a little princess! I love the look! This dress is a dream dear. Kissssss

  2. Such a cutiepie princess, indeed !

  3. This cat looks just like my husband,grampy hehehehhehe.
    You look so adorable, my dearest Sara.

  4. So pretty! Grumpy cat is so cute.

  5. Ohje, das Outfit ist diesmal nicht so meins wegen dem Kleidchen und den Schuhen^^ Aber die Tasche finde ich total herrlich!

  6. rosa Zuckerwatte!!!
    Schönes Kleid, aber ich glaube, ich würde es mir auf Knielänge kürzen. Dann wärs vielleicht noch schöner?!

  7. Danke für deinen Kommentar! Ich fand die kleinen Karls auch super, allerdings mit 150 Euro echt teuer :(

  8. Such a lovely post ^_^ I totally agree with you too, frills and cute clothing aren't just for little girls. Age is only a number, it's about what inspires you and what makes you happy/feel good.
    You've put together such a wonderful outfit sweetie

  9. Hi Sara, i'm a new follower from Indonesia. Just want to let you know i love love love your blog and absolutely adore your style. 100% agree on the age thing, i'm actually a gyaru mama, being a mother of a 5 year old boy and dressing up like lolita often makes people raise their eyebrows, but i don't really care! Lol

  10. Lovely, I love the dress. It looks so good on you!

  11. Such a sweet look! The dress is adorable and I love that unique cat bag!


  12. You're lovely like a little pink sweet !

  13. OMG i just discovered your blog and i love it!! such a cool universe!!

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