Tuesday, 30 April 2013

The Heart of the Jungle is a Sparkling Diamond

natasha lillipore, hertinyteeth, sunglasses, crazy
Yes, I dare to shine and sparkle.
HM conscious, Natasha Lillipore, Missguided, metallic, jungle
Thoughts about the jungle inspires me to be colourful.
sunglasses, diamond, shiny, natasha lillipore
Do you think these diamonds have been found hidden in the heart of the jungle?
Missguided, metallic, jungle, hm, her tiny teeth
At the moment, I am the one and only exotic bird here.
Kate Rhode, jelly, jungle, HM Conscious, print
Is there a parrot with purple and green feathers, just like my outfit?
natasha lillipore, sunglasses, diamond, blingbling
I keep looking for exotic things wherever I am.
HM Conscious, jungle, print, clutch
And see what I found: There is a lovely toucan hiding in the thicket.

Hello world, I feel like sparkling today. Gosh, I am so in love with these glasses, bought from Her Tiny Teeth. They are the most shiny accessory I ever owned. Like a disco ball, they spread their reflections everywhere. The glasses makes me feel like I am a mermaid barbie in my own kitschy disco kingdom. Isn't it great, if fashion causes feelings like this? I bet no mouse gray jumper will ever manage something similar, no matter how expensive it was. I am so much enchanted by the spell of this glasses, I can't even put them in my drawer or handbag. If I don't wear them, they usually lie on my table and cheer me up with their rainbow colours. A few days ago, a lovely parcel with this clutch arrived. I opened it and since then the clutch was lying close to the glasses. The two of them loved each other at first sight and I started to think about the diamonds of the glasses as a rare treasure hidden in the deep, deep jungle and guarded by an army of toucans.

While we did the shooting for this post, a lot of families with children crossed us on their way to enjoy the wonderful weather outside. Most of them were wearing very casual clothes, fit for having a barbecue in the nature or going for a walk. They were staring at me with big eyes and a few of them shouted "Lady Gaga" after me again and again. Do I mind? Yes I do. Do I want to change? No, I don't. Dear people out there, I just follow my mind and I am happy to be who I am. I like it wild, I like it metallic and I like it a little bit barbie. Lovely readers, would you do me a favour? Please go to your wardrobe, grab out a lovely piece you bought but never dared to wear and combine it with something you love. I am sure you will feel bold and look radiant. Go out like this, smile and be confident. I believe that people have a certain shine when they dare to express themselves. I would love to cross your way, if you wear your secret fashion dreams. It would be like a meeting of diamonds, far away from the jungle, but home.

My Outfit: 
Top: H&M (not recent), Belt: H&M (not recent), Skirt: MissguidedBag: H&M Concious (not on sale), Sunglasses: Her Tiny Teeth at Etsy, Bangle: Kate Rohde at Edition X, Shoes: Bought in London, 
Tights: A gift

Friday, 26 April 2013

Baby Let's Have Ice Cream!

Pearls & Swine, Fashion, Ice Cream, Melissa, Karl Lagerfeld
Fascinator: Pearls & Swine*, Dress: Lashes of London, Lipstick: Lime Crime, Clutch: Liusia Japan at Boticca,
Shoes: Karl Lagerfeld for Melissa at Farfetch

It's definitely time for ice cream now! Which is your favourite flavor? I can't decide, because I love all the pretty pastel colours at the ice cream parlour. This outfit brings all of them together: Baby Pink like strawberry, lemon yellow, berry purple and blue like the mysterious ice cream called "smurfs". The outfit starts with a cone on the head and ends with one at the heel. Both of this pieces made me shriek out with pleasure when I saw them first. I think the fascinator from Pearls & Swine and the shoes from Karl Lagerfeld from Melissa are perfection. I need both of them in my life for my perfect summer feeling, don't you agree?

I would love to play a little game and pretend that I work at an ice cream parlour, providing all of you with the most delicious ice cream you ever tasted. I would wear my cone fascinator every day and sell pistachio, vanilla and coconut. An ice cream girl dressed like this would be the attraction of the city for sure!

Don't you think this outfit is sweeter than any flavour of ice cream?

Pearls and Swine Fascinator: Model: Patricia Lopes, MUA: Jane Armstrong Mua, 
Photographer: Ellie Victoria Gale Photographer

Monday, 22 April 2013

Lovely Label: Miss Lovett

Miss Lovett, Rockabilly, PInup, 50s, Miss Ivi
Sweet Miss Ivi and her even sweeter Miss Lovett polka dot top with peter pan collar.
Miss Lovett, Tattoo Model, Fashion, Rockabilly
Dressed in sexy red and wild leopard print.
Miss Lovett, Rockabilly, 50s, Vintage
Top and dress in a turquoise fabric, perfect for summer holidays.
Miss Lovettt, Miss Ivi, Tattoo Model, Rockabilly
Two other cool top and skirt combos, either with a cute bow or sweet buttons.

Finally it's time to introduce a lovely label again: Let me tell you about Miss Lovett, an amazing German label, specialized in rocking and sweet fashion. The label was founded 2011 in Mannheim and is successfully growing since then.The two designers Deborah Brehm and Nina Kiil are the creative minds behind Miss Lovett. Supported by a little team of tailors, they create and sew their very feminine and cheeky clothes. Everything they sell is handmade in Germany and will definitely make the heart of modern Rockabilly and Pin-Up girls beat faster. Fashion from Miss Lovett is produced in small series and if you order something, it will be handmade with love especially for you. Therefore, every piece of Miss Lovett, is something special and unique.

Miss Lovett's newest masterstroke is an exciting collection, called "A Kiss From Miss Ivi". It was made in collaboration with the German tattoo and pinup model Miss Ivi. My germanophone readers might know her from the TV show "Goodbye Deutschland – Die Auswanderer" on VOX, where she shows her life in Switzerland after emigrating from her home country Germany. The blond Miss Ivi with her endless legs, her colourful tattoos and her winning smile is a wonderful choice as face and inspiration. The clothes of her collection are as sweet as herself and just perfect for summer. There is a lot of turquoise, which awakes dreams of relaxing in a swimming pool and eating ice cream on holiday. Wild leopard prints and sexy red are important parts of the collection as well. I wish I had the whole collection, because I can't decide for a favourite. I bet wearing this fashion makes any girl feel a little bit like beautiful Miss Ivi.

Please take a visit to Miss Lovett's online store, have a look at their wonderful fashion and tell me about your favourite pieces. In case you fell in love with something head over heel: They ship worldwide and turn you instantly into a 50s beauty. I can't wait to try it out on myself neither.

Copyright all pictures by Miss Lovett, Model: Miss Ivi

Miss Lovett, Logo, Rockabilly, Vintage

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

How to be Lovely Sara

Hello, nice to meet you, I am Lovely Sara.
My world is full of hearts, bows and polka dots.
I love red lipstick and feel the happiest with a big bow on my head.
Bilder hochladen
My heart beats for fashion.
I love all the colours, but a vibrant red always makes me dance.
I am obsessed with jelly shoes and want to look lovely from head to toe all the time.

When I started my blog, the first thing I did was to design a logo. The little comic icon I created includes the most characteristic things of my look: My bob haircut with fringe, a big bow headband and red lips. I added a big heart as a symbol for my never ending love for creative fashion.

The icon is me and I am the icon. I think I didn't just create it, but it also shaped me. I began to turn more and more into Lovely Sara. Therefore it's strange, I never showed an outfit post dressed like the Logo-Sara. I am very delighted, I can finally do this and say: Hello, nice to meet you, I am Lovely Sara. I love all the colours of the rainbow and my style is full of many influences from the 50s to Japanese Street Styles to Pop Culture, but this look (you might call it the "Lovely Sara Look") is always a favourite. I feel very well dressed with a big bow and a polka dot dress and I think it's visible on the pictures. The look is a little bit Minnie Mouse inspired with a retro touch. I can't explain, but wearing bows makes me happy. This one in shiny PVC from The Velvet Village especially.

Being Lovely Sara feels like what I always wanted to be. It's the result of an uncompleted, but already very long journey. When I was a teenager I didn't know as much is I do now about who I really am.  I think most people are not born with their style, but their taste and understanding of style is growing and getting more particularly over the years. Style needs experience. Another thing I learned since I am a teenager is to expect that there is no stereotypic me, but I am made of thousands of facets and can't be put into a box. When I was younger, I always tried to fit myself into a box, because I thought this would tell me where I do belong. Am I a goth, a punk, a vintage vixen? It was a long journey to see, that I am neither. I am a Minnie Mouse today, the next day a colourful circus performer, a pink flamingo girl or an elegant retro lady. Being so many different things doesn't mean to loose myself, like I was afraid at first, but it is who I really am. I think people are not made to fit into a box, but to be a mixture of millions of things, made by their individual story. Like a complex menu with many ingredients and spices to create a unique taste. I don't wear the Lovely Sara Look every day, but I am always Lovely Sara, changing and turning more into my real me.

How do you like the "Lovely Sara Look"?

My Outfit: 
Dress: Hell Bunny at Amazon, Petticoat: Ebay, Tights: Primark,
Bow Headband: The Velvet Village at EtsyShoes: Vivienne Westwood for Melissa (not recent)

Don't forget to enter my Tatty Devine Give Away.

Friday, 12 April 2013

Lovely Give Away: Tatty Devine Earrings

Give Away, win, Tatty Devine, earrings, 50s
Win this beautiful swallow earrings from Tatty Devine.
win, Tatty Devine, Swallow, Sailor, vintage
You just need a little bit of luck and pierced ears and you can call them yours.
Tatty Devine, Give Away, Earrings, Jewellery
I also love the black box with the silver letters they come in.

Give Away time again! It's not just anything you can win, but a piece of Tatty Devine, my favourite jewellery label from London. I love everything from Tatty Devine, they surprise me again and again with their colourful pieces of jewellery. Therefore my collection of black boxes with silver letters is steadily growing. I thought I can't keep everything for myself and choose a little goodie for you:  With a little bit of luck, these beautiful swallow earrings made from shiny enamel will soon be yours. Not just sailor girls will be jealous, I assure you!

This give away was provided by My Style Hit. MSH is a German fashion platform where you can share your looks and outfits, a little bit similar to the Asos Fashion Finder. It's especially interesting for bloggers, because of their VIP program. You earn points for posting things as well as for every visitor on your blog. The more points you get, the more you can benefit from MSH. You earn vouchers for shopping at Asos, Mango, Zalando or Nelly every month, get gifts or will find sponsors for your blog. I am a member at MHS for nearly two months and I love it, because the people are very friendly and I already got a wonderful and very personal parcel from them.

How to win the beautiful swallow earrings from Tatty Devine:

1. Follow "Sara is in Love with…" on GFC or Bloglovin

2. Follow "Sara is in Love with…" on Facebook

3. Leave a comment with your email address or your twitter name, so I can get in touch with you in case you win.

The competition closes at Saturday 4th May 2013, midnight CET and is open worldwide.
The winner will be contacted via twitter or email.

I wish you good luck and hope this beautiful swallows will make a lovely girl happy.

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Welcome to the Jungle!

H&M Conscious, Tatty Devine, Pearls&Swine, Paul Smith
Cardigan: Paul Smith at Farfetch, Leaf Fascinator: Pearls & Swine, Leaves Necklace: Tatty Devine,
Crop Shirt: Topshop, Dress with Tucan and Birds: H&M Conscious, Long Shirt: Fairground at Asos

Last week I visited the beautiful zoo in our city. Besides enclosures for elephants, penguins and tigers, there is an extraordinary Madagascan rainforest hall. You can walk through this little exotic world on small foot paths and see flying foxes as well as cute little monkeys. There are benches to sit under big palm trees, while you hear the sound of a waterfall and exotic birds. The probably best thing about this hall are the always tropical temperatures. Especially when the long anticipated spring still hasn't arrived yet, it's the perfect place to go.

The zoo visit inspired me for this post about tropical fashion. Clothes with exotic prints and accessories shaped like jungle plants are coming back nearly every spring or summer and I never get tired of them. There seems to be a desire for the mysterious jungle life with its bright colours and amazing plants in all of us. Dressing like a jungle girl is a wonderful way to cheer up. I especially like the jungle shirt from Fairgound, you can wear it as a dress as well. I think it would look cool either with the necklace from Tatty Devine or the fascinator from Pearls & Swine. Dressed like this, I would forget about the cold weather and wait for my Tarzan to arrive and take me with him to an exotic world.

Do you like jungle inspired fashion too and which of these pieces is your favourite?

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Dancing with the Sphinx

Missguided, Jandy, Bambam, Bodysuit, Egypt
Look King Tut, I got a new outfit!
Jandy, Missguided, Bambam, Bodysuit, Metallic
Are you related to the sphinx shown on my bodysuit?
Topshop, Spikes, Jacket, Denim
Sorry but I needed a jacket, it's not summer yet.
Necklace, Egypt, Pearls, collar
This necklace has an Egyptian touch too, even if there is not as much gold on it as King Tut had on his collar.
Jandy, Metallic, Bodysuit, Bambam, Sphinx
My metallic skirt shines brighter than any Pharaoh's treasure.
Egypt, print, bodysuit, Bambam, Asos
Did you know he is called "Abu al-Hol" (father of terror) as well? I can't see why, he doesn't look creepy at all.
Jewellery, Isis, Swatch, Ring, silver
The Ancient Egyptians loved jewellery, so do I.
Jandy, Missguided, metallic, skirt, Bambam, bodysuit
You can have  have a look at this outfit from every side: I love it.  :-D
Jandy, Missguided, lasercut, metallic, shiny, lilac
King Tut would be impressed by this laser cut details of my skirt.
socks, trim, lace, frills, lita, shoes
And of course frilled socks and high heels to make the legs pretty.

It's said that the sphinx speaks in riddles. I don't know. During all my visits to Egypt, she didn't say a word, but always impressed me with her majestic appearance. I love to be in Gizeh, to walk around the pyramids and spend hours there. All the tourists who travel in groups have a tight time table and hurry from pyramid to museum to bus and so on, I love to linger in the presence of the sphinx. When I think of Egypt, I always feel the longing to go there again, it's not just a travel destination for me, but I truly fell in love with this country it's history and people. While I am far away, I am happy to have at least a  little bit of Egyptian inspiration in my outfit with my bodysuit from Bambam. Isn't it gorgeous? I instantly felt happy, after putting it on for the first time, I listened to the song at the bottom of this post and just wanted to dance like an Egyptian.

If you say one thing about the Pharaohs, say that they love jewellery and shiny things. Because of this, I thought it appropriate to combine my bodysuit with a metallic skirt from Missguided. It's so shiny, King Tut might be jealous if he could see it. It's available in a few other colours as well and I have the mad plan to get them all.

What do you think about this look, does it make you dance like an Egyptian?

My Outfit: 
Bodysuit: Bambam at Asos, Skirt: Missguided, Jacket: Topshop (not recent), 
Socks: TopshopNecklace: Primark (not recent), Shoes: Bought in Camden, 
Isis Ring: Souvenir from Egypt, Blue Ring: Swatch, Bracelet: Souvenir from Egypt
Spiked Headband: GutsGlamGlory at Etsy