Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Dancing with the Sphinx

Missguided, Jandy, Bambam, Bodysuit, Egypt
Look King Tut, I got a new outfit!
Jandy, Missguided, Bambam, Bodysuit, Metallic
Are you related to the sphinx shown on my bodysuit?
Topshop, Spikes, Jacket, Denim
Sorry but I needed a jacket, it's not summer yet.
Necklace, Egypt, Pearls, collar
This necklace has an Egyptian touch too, even if there is not as much gold on it as King Tut had on his collar.
Jandy, Metallic, Bodysuit, Bambam, Sphinx
My metallic skirt shines brighter than any Pharaoh's treasure.
Egypt, print, bodysuit, Bambam, Asos
Did you know he is called "Abu al-Hol" (father of terror) as well? I can't see why, he doesn't look creepy at all.
Jewellery, Isis, Swatch, Ring, silver
The Ancient Egyptians loved jewellery, so do I.
Jandy, Missguided, metallic, skirt, Bambam, bodysuit
You can have  have a look at this outfit from every side: I love it.  :-D
Jandy, Missguided, lasercut, metallic, shiny, lilac
King Tut would be impressed by this laser cut details of my skirt.
socks, trim, lace, frills, lita, shoes
And of course frilled socks and high heels to make the legs pretty.

It's said that the sphinx speaks in riddles. I don't know. During all my visits to Egypt, she didn't say a word, but always impressed me with her majestic appearance. I love to be in Gizeh, to walk around the pyramids and spend hours there. All the tourists who travel in groups have a tight time table and hurry from pyramid to museum to bus and so on, I love to linger in the presence of the sphinx. When I think of Egypt, I always feel the longing to go there again, it's not just a travel destination for me, but I truly fell in love with this country it's history and people. While I am far away, I am happy to have at least a  little bit of Egyptian inspiration in my outfit with my bodysuit from Bambam. Isn't it gorgeous? I instantly felt happy, after putting it on for the first time, I listened to the song at the bottom of this post and just wanted to dance like an Egyptian.

If you say one thing about the Pharaohs, say that they love jewellery and shiny things. Because of this, I thought it appropriate to combine my bodysuit with a metallic skirt from Missguided. It's so shiny, King Tut might be jealous if he could see it. It's available in a few other colours as well and I have the mad plan to get them all.

What do you think about this look, does it make you dance like an Egyptian?

My Outfit: 
Bodysuit: Bambam at Asos, Skirt: Missguided, Jacket: Topshop (not recent), 
Socks: TopshopNecklace: Primark (not recent), Shoes: Bought in Camden, 
Isis Ring: Souvenir from Egypt, Blue Ring: Swatch, Bracelet: Souvenir from Egypt
Spiked Headband: GutsGlamGlory at Etsy


  1. I hope I'll have a chance to visit Egypt and see all its wonders someday! Great inspiration, that necklace is remarkably beautiful :)

    Yours sincerely,
    Sara from Ladylike Delicacy

  2. Das ist so crazy! :D Ich liebe es!^^

  3. You look marvellous darling!! I love Egypt too...such a gorgeous place. I love learning about the mummies and Pharaohs and all, such mystery and delight. Even when I go to museums..that is the first stop I go to see :) Your top goes oh so well with the necklace, very wonderful!! I think it's perfect!! I read your comment....I think we feel the same darling! I find that sometimes it's not always others wanting me to fit in their box, it's me not really having a box and I don't want one!! What is life if we have a box to be in all the time...why can't we love many eras of style and colours and things and wear them all whenever our moods suit us!?! I think it makes life better. We have no boundaries, just more and more creation and expression! Accept that you love many things and that all these things make you happy....it is rare for someone to have this feeling. I have the same & I know it can bring confusion sometimes & make it harder to accept ourselves, but once you do...you make the possibilities endless ;) You are marvellous & I always love the ever changing & expressing outfits and colour you express....it makes my world much more content in knowing there are others who feel the same!! Your a gem <3 Have a gorgeous week doll...Lots of loves xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. Fabulous, dear sara, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  5. Those socks are super cute! I love how you style outfits together, they're always super fun and colourful!

  6. komplett durchgeknalltes Outfit :) find ich super!!!

  7. wieder mal eine verrückt-geniale Kombo!

  8. was für ein schönes outfit, ich finde es toll dass du nicht aussiehst wie alle anderen :)

  9. You are fantastic Sara!! what a lovely look :D

    Aminta Online

  10. OMG!! great mind think a like. I have the same in blue!! :)

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