Tuesday, 30 April 2013

The Heart of the Jungle is a Sparkling Diamond

natasha lillipore, hertinyteeth, sunglasses, crazy
Yes, I dare to shine and sparkle.
HM conscious, Natasha Lillipore, Missguided, metallic, jungle
Thoughts about the jungle inspires me to be colourful.
sunglasses, diamond, shiny, natasha lillipore
Do you think these diamonds have been found hidden in the heart of the jungle?
Missguided, metallic, jungle, hm, her tiny teeth
At the moment, I am the one and only exotic bird here.
Kate Rhode, jelly, jungle, HM Conscious, print
Is there a parrot with purple and green feathers, just like my outfit?
natasha lillipore, sunglasses, diamond, blingbling
I keep looking for exotic things wherever I am.
HM Conscious, jungle, print, clutch
And see what I found: There is a lovely toucan hiding in the thicket.

Hello world, I feel like sparkling today. Gosh, I am so in love with these glasses, bought from Her Tiny Teeth. They are the most shiny accessory I ever owned. Like a disco ball, they spread their reflections everywhere. The glasses makes me feel like I am a mermaid barbie in my own kitschy disco kingdom. Isn't it great, if fashion causes feelings like this? I bet no mouse gray jumper will ever manage something similar, no matter how expensive it was. I am so much enchanted by the spell of this glasses, I can't even put them in my drawer or handbag. If I don't wear them, they usually lie on my table and cheer me up with their rainbow colours. A few days ago, a lovely parcel with this clutch arrived. I opened it and since then the clutch was lying close to the glasses. The two of them loved each other at first sight and I started to think about the diamonds of the glasses as a rare treasure hidden in the deep, deep jungle and guarded by an army of toucans.

While we did the shooting for this post, a lot of families with children crossed us on their way to enjoy the wonderful weather outside. Most of them were wearing very casual clothes, fit for having a barbecue in the nature or going for a walk. They were staring at me with big eyes and a few of them shouted "Lady Gaga" after me again and again. Do I mind? Yes I do. Do I want to change? No, I don't. Dear people out there, I just follow my mind and I am happy to be who I am. I like it wild, I like it metallic and I like it a little bit barbie. Lovely readers, would you do me a favour? Please go to your wardrobe, grab out a lovely piece you bought but never dared to wear and combine it with something you love. I am sure you will feel bold and look radiant. Go out like this, smile and be confident. I believe that people have a certain shine when they dare to express themselves. I would love to cross your way, if you wear your secret fashion dreams. It would be like a meeting of diamonds, far away from the jungle, but home.

My Outfit: 
Top: H&M (not recent), Belt: H&M (not recent), Skirt: MissguidedBag: H&M Concious (not on sale), Sunglasses: Her Tiny Teeth at Etsy, Bangle: Kate Rohde at Edition X, Shoes: Bought in London, 
Tights: A gift


  1. You have THE cutest style. I particularly love your clutch and blouse. So glad I discovered your blog <3



  2. another cute and fun outfit!!
    I love the sunnies and the shirt :)

  3. Oh what a sweet post <3 Lovely words, I adore you as you are, Sara, your style is amazing :) Those shoes!! <3

  4. I am so glad to see you outdoors, in such a WONDERFUL tire, and inspiring accessories, ahhhhhh
    You are so delightful, my dear Sara.

  5. Die Brille ist klasse ♥ Im wahrsten Sinne des Wortes ein Eye Catcher!

  6. Die Brille ist ja mal der absolute Wahnsinn^^

  7. Wow, die Brille ist der Knaller. XD
    Da muss ich direkt mal den Link anklicken und nachsehen, ob da noch mehr davon lauert. :D

    Deine Outfits sind nicht immer mein Geschmack, aber ein Hingucker auf jeden Fall!

    Liebe Grüße,
    die Caddü von ►►tramps like me und andersfarbig.com - SPRING ★ EDITION

  8. What an amazing outfit you made for those beautiful glasses ! I love it !!!

  9. Tolle Farben!!! Und du hast so schöne Augen <3

  10. You look stunning doll, love the outfit!! Hope you are well. Love xxxxxxx

  11. wow this outfit is amazing, you look so beautiful. lovin it.

    Ivy & Jess

  12. Wabaoooooouuumm! Sara schlägt wieder ein :D
    Mir gefällt violett und grün ausgesprochen gut und Deine Brille ist ein absolutes
    will-ich-haben-teil... hoffe sehr dich morgen evt. zu sehen... powder***
    Liebste Grüsse, Kira