Friday, 31 May 2013

From South Korea With Love: Etude House & Tony Moly Cosmetics

kawaii, cosmetics, makeup, etude house
My first three products from the South Korean brands Etude House and Tony Moly
tony moly, bunny, lip, gloss
Tony Moly Petite Bunny Gloss Bar, 9 Neon Red
Etude House, Sweet Recipe, nail polish, ice cream
Etude House Sweet Recipe Ice Cream Nails, 04 Strawberry Stars
Etude House, hand cream, kawaii, panda
Etude House Missing U Hand Cream, #3 This is "Panda Story"
Etude House, Sweet Recipe, glitter, nail polish
Etude House Sweet Recipe Ice Cream Nails, 04 Strawberry Stars

This is the first cosmetic review post ever on this blog. I think the products I discovered fit so well to my blog and I couldn't resist. I am strongly influenced by Japanese fashion, I love South Korean movies and now I found another love made in South Korea: Cute, very kawaii make up from Tony Moly and Etude house. All their products have the most pretty packages you've ever seen and their prices are very reasonable, even if you have to import them. I tested three products for you and let you know about my experience.

Tony Moly Petite Bunny Gloss Bar, 9 Neon Red
Let's face it, I rarely go out with natural looking lips. Usually a bold, bright lipstick makes me feel very good. Therefor this gloss bar is not really the product I would wear every day. It leaves just a hint of colour on the lips, but it makes them smooth and shiny. Despite the colour being called neon red, it's more a pinkish shade. The lip gloss bar has a light fruity candy scent, which reminds me of my teenage years. All the girls at school had lip gloss and a huge variety of sweet scents. I suffered from several allergic reactions, because of them. With this lip gloss, I don't have any issues at all, just nicely hydrated lips. There are about 10 different shades available, all with a different smell and another cute little face printed on the packaging.

Etude House Sweet Recipe Ice Cream Nails, 04 Strawberry Stars
Isn't it a genious idea to design a nail polish packaging that looks like an ice cream cone? I love the light pink colour of it and the pretty glitter. The brush is flat which makes the nail polish easy to apply. It's a little bit vicious and you definitely need to apply at least two layers, till it's well covering. If you want to have a really opaque look, I think you might need 3 shades. It doesn't chip off easily, after three days of wearing it, it looks still perfect on my nails. All in all I think this nail polish can't compete with my Essie polishes, but it's cheaper and the pretty packaging is worth buying it.

Etude House Missing U Hand Cream #3, This is "Panda Story"
This panda that appears like a mini matryoshka doll is indeed a hand cream. It smells pleasantly of peach, maybe a little bit artificial. The cream contains shea butter, natural herbs and olives. The texture of the cream is light and it leaves no greasy film on your hands, but makes them smooth and feeling hydrated. However, if you have very dry hands, you might need another cream. The packaging is probably the best thing about the cream, it's cute beyond all meanings, but it's maybe as well a minus: The size is very small. It contains just 30 ml of hand cream, which is gone very fast if you use it regularly. The good news: There are three other cute animals waiting, all of them containing a different scent of hand cream and you can collect them all and make your girls jealous, when you take one of them out of your hand bag.

Where to buy: I ordered everything over Ebay. There are many sellers. The delivery from South Korea was surprisingly fast and without any problems. I definitely have to come back for other products and would love to try out more from both of this brands.

Sunday, 26 May 2013

Lovely Blog Award & Fabulous Blogs To Discover

My Blog was awarded with the "Best Blog Award" by Naïma from Tenebris Jewelry. I am delighted, because I really appreciate the opinion from this edgy lady. I own a few pieces of her jewellery and wear them a lot. I think one of the cool things about being awarded is, it means not just that somebody likes this blog, but as to have the opportunity to nominate blogs I am in love with. I am delighted, to present you three of the most awesome ladies I am following here.

The rules of the award are to answer 11 questions and to nominate ten bloggers with less than 200 followers. I decided to just nominate four bloggers, because I think nobody will have a look at 11 blogs in one post. The blogs I chose, are very different, all of them unique and wonderful in their very own way. Please pay them a visit and say hello. You will also find my little interview below and learn a little bit more about me and things I usually don't talk about here like food and friendship.

vintage, retro, pink, cute
My Name is Peggy Sue

My Name is Peggy Sue
Elena's blog is all in Spanish and I don't understand a word, but I don't miss a single one of her post. On her blog she shows the cutest dresses and gives us a glimpse into her pink world. She is a modern Alice in Wonderland and a big inspiration.
Speciality: The colour pink and wonderful dresses

blogger, fashion, edgy. look
The Wilder Things

The Wilder Things
I don't know this blog for a long while, but it's unlike most of the other blogs I read. The quality and editing of the pictures is very artistic and the outfits are refreshing.
Speciality: Edgy looks and surprising images

vintage,fifties, retro, twenties
Betty Bow

Betty Bow
This blog is a paradise for vintage lovers. Betty Bow is a lady with a delicate style. She knows how to style her hair and how to create amazing looks from the 30s to the 50s. She writes in German, but her pictures reach you no matter if you understand the text or not.
Speciality: Vintage looks and wonderful hats

11 Questions & 11 Answers from Lovely Sara

What is more important, the personality or the look of a person?
Personality is more important when choosing your friends certainly, but I adore people with a unique look. They are a big source of inspiration for me.

Why did you start your blog?
A lot of people told me they would love to see a website with my outfits. For a long time I didn't even consider this idea, because I don't like to see myself on pictures. I always loved to style myself but I am not very vain and don't think I am especially beautiful. Just looking at other blogs encouraged me to start my own little blog.

When did you start your blog?
In January 2012.

Who inspired you to start something new?
Many people, especially my friends. I tend to underestimate myself and they always encourage me to have more trust in my skills. My friends also encouraged me to start a blog and their support and enthusiasm is always giving me a lot of energy to get better.

Do you follow a lot of blogs?
I visit a lot of blogs, but read just a few of my favourites all the time. What I like about blogs is their authenticity. Unlike glossy magazines, they offer a platform for a bigger variety of fashion and girls that don't look like models but have the most amazing style are so much interesting to me than over-styled and retouched fashion shootings.

Let's talk about food: What do you prefer, dessert or hearty meals?
Both! I love to eat and never skip a meal and there is no day without chocolate in my life.

Do you prefer to cook by yourself or have others cook for you?
I love both. During the week, I often eat in restaurants, because I don't have so much time and look always forward to the weekend and plan meals then.

What book are you reading at the moment?
"The Cloud Atlas" by David Mitchell

Which piece of fashion survived the longest in your wardrobe?
Because I didn't put on weight since I am a teenager, there are many things I keep. Sometimes I don't wear things for a long time and suddenly rediscover them.

What's your favourite meal?
I love Indian food, especially a very, very spicy menu with paneer and papadums.

What characteristics are important for you in a friendship?
Honesty, loyalty and intelligence.

What's your favourite movie?
I am a movie addict and watch a lot of movies. I do like Asian movies, horror, science fiction and English movies. A few of my favourites are "I'm a Cyborg but That's Ok", "Existenz", "Howl's Moving Castle", "Lord of the Rings", "The Fifth Element" and "Disney's the Beauty and the Beast".

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

The Return of the Melon Girl

melon, fruits in fashion, pearls and swine, fascinator
Forget bananas, apples and oranges, go for melon!
ice cream, melon, lolita, red lips
Mmmmmmhhhh... There is nothing sweeter.
pearls and swine, jungle, fascinator, melon
Matching your outfit to your ice cream might be eccentric.
pearls and swine, anna dello russo, melon, fashion
But there is no such a thing like too much melon.
melissa, melon, fruit, leave, hat
This ice cream will be gone very quickly for sure.
pearls and swine, leaf, hat, jungle, fascinator
At least the leaf fascinator is made to last.
shoes, melissa, jelly, red, boots
And the bubblegum scent of the Melissa shoes will still be here, when the melon is gone.
melissa, boots, red, jelly
Let's go and get more ice cream!
Once upon a time, there was a melon girl. She loved to eat melon for breakfast, lunch, dinner and between the meals as well. But what she loved even more, was to dress like one. The rule of her life was, that if you feel to dress like a melon, you should just do it. The same rule applies for bananas, apples, and other funny things as well of course.

Dressed colourful she feels strong and like being reborn. It's like a metamorphosis, when she gets dressed. The mousy caterpillar turns into a butterfly. She might be a little bit eccentric sometimes, but she embraces it instead of denying. When it comes to crazy fashion looks, she rather asks "Why not?", instead of "Why?". She loves to have a concept for her looks, best from head to toe. So why not even matching the ice cream to the look? She doesn't care if you shake your head and enjoys her sweet dessert. Some people might call her look a disguise and fit for carnival, but she objects. There is no such a thing as a costume in her world, every dress is a new way to express some part of her personality and she has so many parts to discover yet. She was not born a bold girl, but she refuses to be something she is not. This is melon girl, this is colourful happiness and yes: This is me, Lovely Sara.

I hope you love this post and feel encouraged to dress up now too. Wish I could see all my pretty readers, I imagine we would make the most amazing rainbow together.

My Outfit: 
Top: Franco Callegari bought at Van Graaf, Skirt: Vintage, Belt: Vintage, Fascinator: Pearls & Swine, Socks: Topshop, Shoes: Melissa (not recent), Socks: Topshop, Bangle: Anna Dello Russo for H&M

Friday, 17 May 2013

Lovely Label: Joanna Pybus S/S13

Joanna Pybus, Fashion, Pop, Fur
Joanna Pybus, Eye, Stripes, Dress
joanna pybus, eye, fashion, 60s

This is the return of the eyeballs! After her breathtaking A/W 12 collection, London based designer Joanna Pybus had to fulfill high expectations with her next collection. She did more than to succeed and designed a spring/summer 2013 collection, just as quirky and fabulous as one might have wished for. Flattering skirts and cheeky shorts are at their best in Joanna's stripes and eye prints. The beautiful pastel colours make the collection as sweet as candy and as explosive as a firework on a warm summer evening.

Joanna Pybus' fashion has a strong graphic approach and the patterns of her fabric are very distinctive. All her clothes are striking, yet easy to wear. The sixties are obviously a strong influence in Joanna Pybus' work and walk hand in hand with a generous touch of pop art. The simple, 60s inspired shapes are the perfect canvas to show off the bold prints. No piece of Joanna Pybus comes without a lot of humour: The eyes seem to twinkle and tell you that life is far more fun if you don't take everything too serious.

I think Twiggy and Andy Warhol would have loved this fashion, so do I.
Visit Joanna Pybus' homepage and shop the collection on Etsy.

All pictures used with the permission of Joanna Pybus. Photographer: Anya Holdstock, Model: Katharina @ M+P, Hair: Kevin Luchmun, Hair Assistant: Dexter Johnson, Make Up: Helen Rose Drake, Stylist Assistant: Aimee Ward

Monday, 13 May 2013

10 Fashion Finds & 10 Things About Lovely Sara

Dawg Shirt: Lazy Oaf at Asos, Pink Collar: Romwe, Red Lips Handbag: Romwe, Ufo Necklace: Me & Zena,
 Ice Cream Collar Clips: AlternateNormality at Etsy, Flamingo Collar: Topshop, Jumper: Aloha from Deer
Bralet: Lashes of London, Pink Boots: Ego & Greed, Pop Mary Necklace: Shop with Romi

10 Things About Lovely Sara

1. Somebody once offered me money to see me without makeup. I didn't accept and am still waiting for a better offer. ;-)

2. I often have nightmares about giant spiders hiding under my bed.

3. When I lived in London, I had the same hair dresser as Agyness Deyn.

4. I only have one pair of jeans in my wardrobe. It's a pair of Levi's Curve ID trousers, the only one I found to perfectly suit my curvy body shape.

5. My favourite milliner and my current hairdresser are as well two of my very best friends.

6. I love Fruit Loops, no matter if for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

7. I rarely call people. Somehow I suddenly feel very shy if I have to dial a number and write instead, whenever there is the possibility.

8. The perfumes I love most are Alien by Thierry Mugler and The Rouge by Bvlgari.

9. I've seen the movie "Lord of the Rings – The Return of the King"seven times at the cinema because I was so enchanted by it.

10.  Something you might have guessed: I collect Melissa shoes. At the moment I have 15 pairs. I hope my collection will grow a lot of and I want my whole flat to smell of their bubblegum scent.

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Pink Spring Blossoms

pinafore, 50s, retro, fashion
Hello stunning flower tree, you are a true beauty!
melissa, pinafore, 50s, retro
May I take a picture with you? Oh see: Kitty wants to be with us too.
ring, cat, cute, jewellery
Your flower petals are so delicate and tender.
pink, pinafore, vintage, retro
Both of us dressed in pink, aren't we a cute couple?
outfit, spring, pink, flowers
I love to be in this world full of pretty flowers.
bow tie, polka dots, pinafore, vintage
Dressed as a 50s woman with my pinafore skirt.
cat, ring, gold, cute
Kitty wraps herself around my finger.
tree, flowers, pink, spring
We can enjoy the afternoon in this pink garden.

Wow look at all the pink trees outside, isn't it breathtaking? Pink has always been one of my favourite colours. There was a time, back at School of Arts, long, long time ago, when I dressed in no other colour. I am not that singleminded anymore, but pink occupies still a big space in my heart. My heart started to beat faster when I saw the flower trees outside and I just had to be the pink girl under the pink tree. My outfit is a lot of vintage inspired, I feel like a modest 50s housewife from an advertisement. This image of a woman fascinates me, always pretty, with a bright smile and perfect nails and makeup.

My skirt is indeed made from an original vintage pattern. After discovering this skirt, I couldn't get it out of my head again. The shape is just perfect and I love the silhouette it makes. I bought it at The Black Pinafore, it's the Etsy Store from Debora, a lovely dress maker from Italy. She is a diploma costume designer and loves the 40s and 50s. I could just send her my measurements and she made this wonderful skirt for me. I was able to choose the fabric, buttons and length of the skirt. When it arrived I was very pleased, because it fits perfectly and looks even more beautiful than I expected. I just had to wear it, go outside with it as fast as possible and show it to you surrounded by this dreamy location. I am always surprised again and again, how close from the city beautiful places like this exist. It looks like I am in an enchanted garden at the countryside, but it's just a few steps away from the big apartment blocks of the city. Even a cat wanted to be part of my pictures and she was very stubborn in staying exactly under the same tree I wanted to take my pictures. But I think she just made the pictures perfect.

I hope you enjoy spring as much as I do my lovelies. What do you think about this outfit?

My Outfit: 
Top: Vintage, Bow Tie: H&M, Skirt: The Black Pinafore at Etsy, Headband: H&M,
Shoes: Melissa (not recent), Ring: Ebay

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Pearls & Swine: Dreaming of Mystical Creatures and the Adventurous Sea

ship, fascinator, hat, pearls and swine, headwear
Mystical beauties with gorgeous headwear.
headwear, hat, feathers, bird
This is how pictures from a secret dream land look.
lovechild boudoir, fascinator, flowers, pearls and swine
Breathtaking dresses are the perfect match for this fairytale creature mood.
ship, hat, fascinator, marie antoinette
A styling fit for proud queens and daring adventuresses.

Let's open the velvet curtains and step into a world full of mysteries: Do you believe in fairytale creatures? Do you think there are women with eternal beauty, eyes full of sparkling magic and dangerous powers of seduction? I can't tell you on which island of the world they exist, but I can reveal another secret: There are clothes and accessories, which make a woman feel and look like a mystical creature and this is almost as good as having special powers. If you wear what you dream of in your wildest dream, it's a daring adventure and like achieving some glorious mischief. There will be a sparkle in your eyes, which is only seen in the eyes of the bold ones.

I think the models on this pictures have the expression I just described in their eyes. No wonder, if you consider the decadent clothes and wonderful fascinators they wear. The most elaborate boudoir could not beat what Lovechild Boudoir (clothes), Redneck Leeds  (clothes) and Pearls & Swine (headwear) combined for this pictures. The elaborate dresses and the extraordinary fascinators are perfectly matched and styled. There is an atmosphere of secrets and temptation in these pictures. Because I am a big fan of Pearls & Swine, of course I can't keep my eyes from the fascinators especially. Marie Antoinette would be jealous of this wonderful ship hats, all the feathers and delicate beadings.

I almost hear the rustle of the precious garments, while looking at these pictures and they make me dream of adventures at sea, full of mermaids, giant octopuses and siren songs. Are you under the spell of this pictures too and join the dream?

Headwear & Styling: Pearls & Swine, Photographer: Ellie Victoria Gale Photographer, Model: Gemma Lou/Chloe Francis Foyster , MUA: Jane Armstrong MUA, Hairstylist: Jessica White Hair Artist, Clothing: Lovechild Boudoir/Redneck Leeds