Friday, 31 May 2013

From South Korea With Love: Etude House & Tony Moly Cosmetics

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My first three products from the South Korean brands Etude House and Tony Moly
tony moly, bunny, lip, gloss
Tony Moly Petite Bunny Gloss Bar, 9 Neon Red
Etude House, Sweet Recipe, nail polish, ice cream
Etude House Sweet Recipe Ice Cream Nails, 04 Strawberry Stars
Etude House, hand cream, kawaii, panda
Etude House Missing U Hand Cream, #3 This is "Panda Story"
Etude House, Sweet Recipe, glitter, nail polish
Etude House Sweet Recipe Ice Cream Nails, 04 Strawberry Stars

This is the first cosmetic review post ever on this blog. I think the products I discovered fit so well to my blog and I couldn't resist. I am strongly influenced by Japanese fashion, I love South Korean movies and now I found another love made in South Korea: Cute, very kawaii make up from Tony Moly and Etude house. All their products have the most pretty packages you've ever seen and their prices are very reasonable, even if you have to import them. I tested three products for you and let you know about my experience.

Tony Moly Petite Bunny Gloss Bar, 9 Neon Red
Let's face it, I rarely go out with natural looking lips. Usually a bold, bright lipstick makes me feel very good. Therefor this gloss bar is not really the product I would wear every day. It leaves just a hint of colour on the lips, but it makes them smooth and shiny. Despite the colour being called neon red, it's more a pinkish shade. The lip gloss bar has a light fruity candy scent, which reminds me of my teenage years. All the girls at school had lip gloss and a huge variety of sweet scents. I suffered from several allergic reactions, because of them. With this lip gloss, I don't have any issues at all, just nicely hydrated lips. There are about 10 different shades available, all with a different smell and another cute little face printed on the packaging.

Etude House Sweet Recipe Ice Cream Nails, 04 Strawberry Stars
Isn't it a genious idea to design a nail polish packaging that looks like an ice cream cone? I love the light pink colour of it and the pretty glitter. The brush is flat which makes the nail polish easy to apply. It's a little bit vicious and you definitely need to apply at least two layers, till it's well covering. If you want to have a really opaque look, I think you might need 3 shades. It doesn't chip off easily, after three days of wearing it, it looks still perfect on my nails. All in all I think this nail polish can't compete with my Essie polishes, but it's cheaper and the pretty packaging is worth buying it.

Etude House Missing U Hand Cream #3, This is "Panda Story"
This panda that appears like a mini matryoshka doll is indeed a hand cream. It smells pleasantly of peach, maybe a little bit artificial. The cream contains shea butter, natural herbs and olives. The texture of the cream is light and it leaves no greasy film on your hands, but makes them smooth and feeling hydrated. However, if you have very dry hands, you might need another cream. The packaging is probably the best thing about the cream, it's cute beyond all meanings, but it's maybe as well a minus: The size is very small. It contains just 30 ml of hand cream, which is gone very fast if you use it regularly. The good news: There are three other cute animals waiting, all of them containing a different scent of hand cream and you can collect them all and make your girls jealous, when you take one of them out of your hand bag.

Where to buy: I ordered everything over Ebay. There are many sellers. The delivery from South Korea was surprisingly fast and without any problems. I definitely have to come back for other products and would love to try out more from both of this brands.


  1. Hello my sweet!! Happy Friday :) These are wonderful & I've often thought about doing a post like this as I get asked sometimes what products I like, maybe one day :)) The panda is so cute, I could not resist him. Shame it isn't bigger to get more product from it, but maybe you could fill him up again with other lotions to re-use him!?! And I love nail polish...I have many bottles, though lately I haven't painted my nails, so after this I think I must change that!! This was wonderful & a great chance to see more of what you enjoy :)) And I love buying stuff on ebay ;) Have a gorgeous weekend doll. Love, xxxx

  2. I LOVE Tony Moly products so much! I've never tried the nail polish, it looks amazing. The packaging is adorable hehe Thank you so much for posting this great review :)

  3. All three products are so cute! I just love them all.
    Hollie. xx