Sunday, 23 June 2013

Comic Fruit Bomb

lazy oaf x nasty gal, fruits, quay, comic
Boom! Here comes a fruit and colour splash.
lazy oaf, fruits, bralet, bangles
I want to be a comic book heroine who saves the world with  fruit power.
Quay eyewear, pink, sunglasses, comic
At least this sunglasses give me the look of a cartoon girl.
juju, lazy oaf, fruits, pineapple bag
I wanna have a pile of fruits this big.
lazy oaf, nasty gal, bangles, fruits
What do mosaics and fruit have in common? They fit together!
pineapple bag, asos, lazy oaf, nasty gal
Yes, I do carry around my mobile and purse inside a pineapple.
Juju, Quay, Lazy Oaf, jelly
Get fruity, have fun!

The hot summer weather turns me more and more into a joyful fruit. While many of you might struggle to eat their five a day, I manage to fit many more fruits into my outfit. It was love at first sight, me and this outfit from the Lazy Oaf x Nasty Gal collection. The colourful fruits with their happy and sad faces seemed to shout "Take me, take me" into my ears. 

This summer it's a big trend to have matching skirts and cropped tops/bralets. You know that I don't follow headless every trend, but this one suits my taste perfectly. I matched my clothes with sunglasses from Quay Eyeware to enhance the comic style look. Quay is my one and only favourite shop for glasses at the moment. You will get bold glasses in good quality for reasonable prices from them. Not just me, but as well stars like Gwen Stefani, Lady Gaga or Kelly Osbourne love the trendy glasses from the Australian label.

Last but not least, let's talk about jewellery: Time for opulence! I got the bangles and rings (except the heart ring) as a gift from lovely Tessa from the blog Fashionresister. We girls do a little swapping from time to time and send each other surprise packages. This time we choose the topic "Holidays and Around the World" and Tessa's parcel was all inspired by Barcelona. She said the bangles reminded her of the work of the artist Gaudi and I think they spread a huge dose of Mediterranean spirit. I imagine they might come from the place where happy fruits grow.

So my lovely readers, I hope you had your five a day and your mind is full of colours. I am very curious to hear your opinion about this look.

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My Outfit: 
Bralet and Skirt: Lazy Oaf, Handbag: Asos (not recent), Shoes: Juju, Socks: H&M, Sunglasses: Quay Eyeware, Bangles and rings (except heart ring): A lovely gift from my friend Tessa from the blog Fashionresister, Heart ring: Rachel's Wonders


  1. We are definitely connected, Sara.
    My post today is about fruit too, ahhhhhhhhhhhh
    But nothing as gorgeous, and inspiring as you, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    I adore and WANT ever single item you are wearing, ahhhhh

  2. Dear Sara,
    I love your handbag its gorgeous!
    You are so creative and I love your details in your outfits.
    It fits all, thats great!
    lots of love Jen

  3. Aloha Sara,
    vielen, vielen Dank für deinen lieben Kommentar.
    Hat mich riesig gefreut=).
    Ich Nulpe hab den ersten Kommentar in englischer Sprache geschrieben, weil die Texte alle auch in englisch geschrieben wurden=D, habe gar nicht auf das Herkunftsland geachtet.
    Außerdem einen lieben Dank fürs folgen,freut mich immer, wenn wem mein Blog gefällt.
    Dank dir bin ich auch auf ganz viele, neue Shops gestoßen, sowas liebe ich

  4. Super cute. You know I love me some fruit fashion but this is perfection! I wish I saw that awesome pineapple bag on ASOS when it was around, so amazing! xoxo

  5. Hello my sweet!! You look the fruits :))) I have a romper with lemons on it that I am hoping to wear soon when it gets a bit warmer :) You look so fantastic, I love all the colours and fun. I hope you have a grand week doll!!! xxxx

  6. Hey,
    this outfit is amazing. I love everything, the bag is so great!

  7. your sunglasses are AMAZING!!!! loving the fruit theme hehe

  8. OMG, you are incredible. I've been admiring this Lazy Oaf/Nasty Gal collaboration, and this outfit is perfect for you. And the addition of the pineapple purse is amazing. You totally do look like Super Fruit Girl, fashionista extraordinaire!

    xox Sammi

  9. WOW Sara! Wir lieben dein Outfit! Es macht einfach gute Laune :)

    Jo Brauer

  10. WOW Sara! Wir lieben dein Outfit! Es macht einfach gute Laune :)

    Jo Brauer

  11. Vielen Dank liebe Sara:)

    Am Freitag und Samstag gibt es bei uns einen Summer Sale Apéro und wir würden uns freuen, wenn du uns besuchen kommst! :)

    Hier noch die Veranstaltung auf Facebook:

    Jo Brauer

  12. love this outfit and your style, its really refreshing to see someone dressing so differently and freely and I am in love with your pineapple bag!! x