Monday, 10 June 2013

Lovely Label: Eat.Me.Do

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Eat.Me.Do is a world full of colourful and mouthwatering jewellery. Each piece looks like a tasty menu or a piece of food and there is something to serve everybody's cravings. From broccoli, cherry pie, squid, Fruit Loops and pasta, everything what Eat.Me.Do turns into jewellery is a feast for the eyes. You might be tempted to put the beautiful things in your mouth, but beware: It looks to good to eat and therefore is made to last and sate your appetite for stylish fashion accessories day after day.

Melbourne based Designer Lara Ivachev is the creative mind behind the label Eat.Me.Do. After graduating with an advertising degree, Lara started in June 2012 to create handcrafted jewellery made from clay. After being moulded, the jewellery is baked in an oven and hand painted. Customer orders are welcome as well, just tell Lara about your favourite meal. Lara is the right person to turn all your dreams of chicken tikka and banana split into a tasty statement piece.

I adore that the jewellery from Eat.Me.Do looks so playful and happy. I believe everybody who sees this jewellery must immediately feel the love it was made with. All the pieces are extremely appetizing, yet this sweets are neither bad for your teeth, nor do they have any calories.

Five Questions to the designer:

Hi Lara, did you dream of making food jewellery for your whole life or how did this idea start?
No I never dreamed of making food jewellery at all. I always had a love for quirky, bright came about after I discovered how much I enjoyed making the pieces and how much people loved them. No one wanted to give me a job,so I created my own.

What was the first piece of food you ever turned into jewellery?
The first food I ever turned into food was actually a string of banana! They were so fun and colourful!

What inspires you for your work?
I am inspired by anything quirky,bright,sparkly and 60's inspired. I have a fetish for all things glittery and bubbly.

What is the connection between food and fashion in your opinion?
The connection between food and fashion in my eyes is the beautiful colours and somewhat novelty quality of food in fashion. I'm attracted to different and unique ways of using food in a wearable way that makes people fall in love.

What is your the menu of your dreams?
My dream menu would be one filled with mountains of sparkles,whipped cream,fruit and glazed cherries. I have a cheeky sweet tooth and can't go past a sugar coated treat.

Did this wheat your appetite for this delicious jewellery? Then go and visit Eat.Me.Do's page.

Copyright of all pictures by Eat.Me.Do.


  1. Hello doll :), how marvellous :)) I love these gummi bear bracelets, so wonderful :)) Fabulous interview as well. I'm off to enjoy her website :)) Have a sweet weekend doll <3 xxx

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    I'm in love with this accessories! :)

  3. This is what I call creative! Yummy!

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  4. You always bring so much fun, my dear Sara.
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