Friday, 28 June 2013

Summer Time, Jelly Time

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My favourite jelly shoes right now, see where to get them below.

Do you remember the jelly sandals from the 90s? They are back and they don't come alone. While I am the biggest fan of the label Melissa and wear jelly shoes since I heard about their existence as a teenager, this year jelly shoes seem to invade the streets and are everybody's darling. A lot of labels supply us with shiny, pretty shoes, made of plastic. They are comfortable, don't mind getting wet and spread summer feelings immediately.

Here I show you a little selection of the prettiest jellys I've spotted for you. I counted 20 pairs of jelly shoes on my shoe shelf right now and I tell you, this addiction is unstoppable. If you don't have any jelly shoes, now the time is right. No matter if you go for comfortable sandals, beach-style flip flops or elegant high heels: Jelly Shoes have to be part of your summer dream this year.

Will you go for jelly shoes this season and which one?

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Shop my favourite jelly shoes:


  1. I love jelly shoes, I had many pairs as a child. I will have to get myself a pair now as an adult too :)) They bring happy memories. I like the Westwood ones, so lovely!! I wish you a great weekend dear xx

  2. You know of my love for jellies. They are soooooooo confortable and cute.
    Have a lovely weekend, sara guapa.

  3. Love the purple pom-pom ones, so cute!


  4. Ah I love me some jellies!!! I have the wedges from Urban (Mel by Melissa), and they are amazingly comfortable! Not the case for all jelly shoes, sadly. I have ones that look like those peach ones (can't find the site they go to, though) and they are very stiff and hurt! But the Vivienne Westwood ones are definitely my favorites!

    xox Sammi

  5. I had so many Jelly shoes when I was a kid! I think it's pretty cool that they have so many 'grown up' styles now hehe