Sunday, 28 July 2013

The Jungle Alien

tara starlet, tropical, know top, lime crime
Piep, piep, there comes an alien out of the jungle.
Natasha Lillipore, Eat.Me.Do, Hawaii, green
It's no rumor: Aliens are green.
belt, blue, chain, gold
And they love to wear accessories obviously.
Lime Crime, mint lipstick, Natasha Lillipore, Hertinyteeth
Their eyes are very sensitive, so they love to wear sunglasses.
arm candy, squid, resin, sparkling glasses
There are loads of diamonds to be found in the jungle.
shoes, green, vintage, flower
Watch out for alien girls, there might be more of them coming!

Look, my hair is already back to blonde. I wanted to see how long it takes till that happens and I am happy to know, that I can change from pastel pink to blonde in a week. I'll definitely go back for pink again, but for this outfit blonde is just perfect.

I will have a little look into the future and this is what I predict: At least one of the comments for this outfit will be, that everything is beautiful expect the crazy lipstick. Lovelies, I am very grateful for all your warm compliments and as well open for criticism, but I won't stop wearing weird lipstick colours. I am a crazy girl and I try to be bold, go to the borders and explore transformation. When I compare the looks when I started blogging with the latest few outfits, I see definitely a change. More colour and less fear. I feel like I am dancing on top of a wall, doing whatever fashion mischief I have in mind and trying to animate you to join me. Do you want to?

Today I thought it's nice to be kind of a tropical alien. The outfit is a mix of vintage inspired items and recent fashion. The lot of green makes me think of something mysterious from outer space. In my imagination, it's the colour of funny aliens, as seen in old science fiction movies. They don't come to invade earth, instead they bring green jelly pudding for all of us. Yummy!

What do you think about this rather crazy look?

My Outfit: 
Knot Top: Tara Starlet, Skirt: H&M, Shoes: Vintage, Sunglasses: Her Tiny Teeth,
Belt: Asos (not recent), Rings: A gift, Squid Bangle: Eat.Me.Do,
Hair scarf: American ApparelMint Lipstick: Lime Crime

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

The Pina Colada Beauty

Pineapple Fascinator: Pearls & Swine, Sunglasses: Quay Eyeware, Shoes: Asos, Top: Black Milk, Necklace: Tessa Blazey at Edition X,  Bangle: Serena Kuhl, Skirt: Sonia Rykiel at The Corner

Sitting in a beach chair, having big sun glasses on and drinking a Pina Colada with a lot of coconut cream. This is the scene I imagined, while putting together this outfit mood board – a decadent and quirky look for an opulent and crazy lady.

Don't you think this crop top and fascinator were made for each other? When I was a child, I used to dress up as a pineapple for parties and carnival. I was working for days on my pineapple hat I made out of a bucket. The fascinator shown here is of course much more beautiful than my childhood hat, but it absolutely awakes the desire of putting a pineapple on top of my head again. This fashion eccentricity is definitely a must in my wardrobe!

From my last outfit post you know that I love the combination of crop top and pencil skirt and I can't get enough of this trend. I think showing the belly is a little bit too much skin if you don't plan to go to the beach. Just expose the midriff, this makes the look ready for the city!

So, do you wanna wear a pineapple hat too and drink Pina Colada with me?

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Turning Into a Flamingo

lazy oaf, pastel pink, pastel hair, kawaii
Flamingo Sara in a cute sticker book world.
lazy oaf, cute print, pastel hair, pink
Cats, bears with rainbows and friendly dinosaurs are my best friends.
flamingo, pastel, pink, hair
Do you think the flamingos will accept me as one of them?
directions, pastel pink, lazy oaf, candy clutch
I hope at least when they see that even my bag is pink, they will.
maison margiela, harry potter, pink, candy clutch
This purple little fellow seems to like me too and doesn't want to leave my side.
juju, jelly, shoes, frilled socks
Completing today's look with a childhood dream of plastic glitter Juju shoes.

Did you know that flamingos are pink, because of a certain substance in their food? Imagine: I was at the zoo, sneaked into the enclosure of the flamingos and stole a little bit of their food secretly. Mistrustful, I smelled at it, wrinkled my nose first, but overcame my doubts bravely and ate it all. It was my secret dream to be a flamingo and to have beautiful pink feathers, so I had to try. Impatiently I waited and waited and finally something happened. At first, just a few of my hair started to glow in a bright, beautiful pastel pink, then more and more followed and suddenly what I was hoping for had come true: Finally I was a flamingo and all my hair was pretty pastel pink.

Of course, this is not what really happened, but isn't it more exciting than just telling you I went to the hairdresser again? The new colour makes me feel like a Lovely Sara doll, especially with my false lashes. I love how the hair enhances the girly look of my outfit. Little girls love glitter, cute stickers, jelly shoes, plush and frills. I have them all in my outfit and seriously: I think this outfit wouldn't have looked this good on me when I was still sweet fifteen.

My lovelies, I am very, very curious to hear what you think about this outfit and especially about my new hair colour.

My Outfit: 
Crop Top: Lazy Oaf x Nasty Gal, Skirt with belt: H&M (not recent),
Shoes: Juju at AsosSocks: Topshop, Handbag: Maison Martin Margiela for H&M (soon available at Eat.Me.Do), Plush Key Pendant: Warner Bros. Studios London, 
Bangle: Kate Rhode at Edition XHair: Coiffeur Blackpearl Zurich

Monday, 15 July 2013

Craving For Earrings

kate rhode, lucy hearn, adriana guiffrida, earrings
From left on the top to right on the bottom: Resin Hoop Earrings by Kate Rhode,
Shell Earrings by Sugar & ViceBlue Scarab EearringsPink Pompom earrings by Adriana Guiffrida,
Heart Drop Earrings, Multicoloured Earrings by Lucy Hearn

Maybe you noticed: Surprisingly for a jewellery addict, I didn't have pierced ears. I used to wear a lot of clip on earrings, but unfortunately the selection is very limited and I often caught myself craving for "real earrings". A few days ago I finally was a brave girl and had my ears pierced for a very special reason (I'll tell you more about this as soon as I can). I have to wait for five weeks, till I can wear earrings, but I am already counting the days. It's like a new world is opening.

I was already browsing the shops for the most beautiful earrings and these are the treasures I found. Beautiful earrings can be the final touch to an exciting outfit, especially when they are big and colourful. I am excited to include them into my future outfits.

Which earrings are your favorites and do you often wear earrings yourself?

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Lolita Gone Kaboom

lazy oaf, comic, boom, lolita
Let's go boom, bang, boink.
lazy oaf, melissa, comic, kapow
A firework of comic explosions on a dress.
yuk, patch, denim, jacket
Please don't say "Yuk" to this outfit.
brooch, jewellery, eatmedo, candy
Just eat a giant gummi bear and enjoy.
kawaii, comic, pop, lazy oaf
Ups, I have a "Boink" on my bottom.
bangle, squid, jelly, eatmedo
And a squid on my arm. What a crazy world!
lazy oaf, dress, kapow, comic
But I love it and don't put my heart shaped glasses of.
jelly, melissa, patchuli, cloud atlas
But dance into the night with my first flock shoes from Melissa.

Boom! Here I am with a new outfit post. I am so, so, so addicted to Lazy Oaf. For a long time I wanted this dress, but restrained myself. I am a shopping addict without doubt, but even I have limits and there are already many pieces from this shop in my wardrobe. But when I saw the dress on sale, all the good intentions were gone instantly. What shall I say? I love it and it's really causing big badaboom explosions of fashion happiness.

Jewellery from delicious Australian label Eat.Me.Do completes the look. Gummi bear and squid, nice menu, isn't it? Do you say "Yuk"? Exactly, this is what is written on my back. I discovered this patch on Instagram and couldn't get the word Yuk out of my head anymore. I sewed it onto a vintage denim jacket, which was a little bit boring on it's own. The patch turned it into a cool piece again. I might add other patches in the future.

Have you ever seen the movie Cloud Atlas? You really should, it's a brilliant movie and unlike anything else I've ever seen on the screen. Why is she talking about movies now you might ask. Simple, because of a very special scene in this movie: There is a restaurant in a futuristic city called Neo Seoul. All the waitresses are Asian girls with a bob haircut and the same outfit. They wear the Melissa Patchuli shoes, just like I do in this post. I think I made funny noises of excitement in the cinema, when I saw all this girls with this wonderful shoes. It was the first time ever I spotted Melissa shoes in the cinema and this shoe is connected to the movie forever now. I wish they had Lazy Oaf dresses too...

What do you think, does this outfit make boom?

My Outfit: 
Dress: Lazy Oaf, Shoes: Melissa, Jacket: Vintage. YUK Patch: Yuk Clothing, Sunglasses: H&M (not recent), Tights: Sorry, I can't remember, Bangle: Eat.Me.Do, Gummi Bear Brooch: Eat.Me.Do

Thanks a lot to My Style Hit for my Lazy Oaf Dress. Lovely thanks to Eat.Me.Do for the brooch and Yuk Clothing for the patch.

Sunday, 7 July 2013

Asos Summer Sale Pick

Sale, Asos, Lazy Oaf, Melissa

Hurray, summer sale is on! The perfect time to make fashion bargains has come and I show you my pick from the sale at Asos. What is better than getting great fashion for less, especially when you don't even have to leave home? No digging through sale boxes required, just a few clicks. I think shopping the sale is the perfect activity for a lazy Sunday. Let's do it and wait together with happy anticipation for our lovely Asos parcels to arrive! Summer is still ahead of us and this items will be the perfect choice to rock the summer holidays.

What is your favourite item from my pick and what are your sale darlings?

By the way: Today is the last chance to enter my Sugar & Vice give away.
Hurry my lovelies!

Shop my favourits here:

Monday, 1 July 2013

Picking All the Berries

lilac lips, flower crown, ice cream dress, tatty devine
Do you love berries? I have delicious ice cream.
ice cream dress, furl, candy, tatty devine, lilac lips
Strawberry, blueberry and raspberry flavour are available today.
pink, furla, candy, bag,
I don't just have ice cream, but as well a brand new candy bag.
furla, candybag, pink, jelly
My new love is so vibrant and pink.
furla, pulp kitchen, lime crime, tatty devine
Whipped cream and white accessoires can't be missed too.
swarovski, crystal, bangle, bracelet
A little bit of glitter is never wrong as well, don't you think?
vivienne westwood, melissa, lady dragon, jelly
And jelly shoes with globes, just like giant blueberries.

What is this spell, the colours purple, pink and red cast on me? Why do this colours make me so happy? This outfit unites them and has become one of my favourites as soon as I put it on for the first time. It seems to be a true energy outfit and wearing it makes me feel powerful.

The ice cream dress I spotted first on the blog of my one and only favourite blogger and lovely friend Fashion Hayley and wrote an excited comment. Unfortunately it wasn't available on the page of the shop anymore, but fabulous Hayley found it for me in their outlet store and sent it all the way from Melbourne. Thank you so very much Hayley, you are not just the most inspiring person I've ever seen, but a very sweet girl too!

What was the first thing from this outfit you liked? Probably the bag? Yes, Lovely Sara has a Furla Candy Bag now. I tried to convince myself for a long time, I don't need it, but the video with Japanese Blogger Misha Janette told me otherwise and when I had it in my little greedy fashion fingers, I couldn't put it to the shelf anymore. The power of pink is always bigger than me.

The Vivienne Westwood for Melissa shoes are a gift from my boyfriend, he somehow managed to buy them just in front of my nose without me seeing it. What a lovely surprise! To continue with gifts I won this bangle from Swarovski, can't believe what a lucky girl I am.  I am very grateful to have amazing people around me and that I have the chance to live in my Barbie-Jelly-Fashion-Glitter-World.

What do you think about this all in berry shades outfit my lovely readers? Do you have special outfit sthat makes you instantly feel good as well?

My Outfit: 
Dress: Pulp Kitchen (no longer available on their page),
Shoes: Vivienne Westwood for Melissa at Cruise, Handbag: Furla at Zappos,
Bangle: SwarovskiFlower Headband: Selfmade, 
Necklace: Tatty Devine (not recent, but they have other beauties)