Monday, 15 July 2013

Craving For Earrings

kate rhode, lucy hearn, adriana guiffrida, earrings
From left on the top to right on the bottom: Resin Hoop Earrings by Kate Rhode,
Shell Earrings by Sugar & ViceBlue Scarab EearringsPink Pompom earrings by Adriana Guiffrida,
Heart Drop Earrings, Multicoloured Earrings by Lucy Hearn

Maybe you noticed: Surprisingly for a jewellery addict, I didn't have pierced ears. I used to wear a lot of clip on earrings, but unfortunately the selection is very limited and I often caught myself craving for "real earrings". A few days ago I finally was a brave girl and had my ears pierced for a very special reason (I'll tell you more about this as soon as I can). I have to wait for five weeks, till I can wear earrings, but I am already counting the days. It's like a new world is opening.

I was already browsing the shops for the most beautiful earrings and these are the treasures I found. Beautiful earrings can be the final touch to an exciting outfit, especially when they are big and colourful. I am excited to include them into my future outfits.

Which earrings are your favorites and do you often wear earrings yourself?


  1. So many pretty colours hun, I love the fluffy ones.

  2. These are gorgeous!! I didn't have my ears pierced until I was older as I didn't like the look of it, haha. But, I love earrings now. Dangly ones, small ones, any really that take my fancy :)) I hope you enjoy getting lots of fun earrings doll :) Have a sweet day :) xx

  3. Your comment on my blog is so true - there are a lot of interesting jewellery designers in Australia, especially in Melbourne. I love Kate Rohde's work so much, and that of Poms (that's the label name for jeweller Adriana Giuffrida, this is her website I too don't have my ears pierced which sucks as I want a pair of the pom pom earrings so much. I actually have had my ears pierced in the past but each time I have an allergic reaction and have to remove them. My friend made me a pair of clip on earrings which I've been wearing recently , I wish more designers featured them.

  4. Oh, i'am in love with earrings! :D and i love them make myself.