Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Lolita Gone Kaboom

lazy oaf, comic, boom, lolita
Let's go boom, bang, boink.
lazy oaf, melissa, comic, kapow
A firework of comic explosions on a dress.
yuk, patch, denim, jacket
Please don't say "Yuk" to this outfit.
brooch, jewellery, eatmedo, candy
Just eat a giant gummi bear and enjoy.
kawaii, comic, pop, lazy oaf
Ups, I have a "Boink" on my bottom.
bangle, squid, jelly, eatmedo
And a squid on my arm. What a crazy world!
lazy oaf, dress, kapow, comic
But I love it and don't put my heart shaped glasses of.
jelly, melissa, patchuli, cloud atlas
But dance into the night with my first flock shoes from Melissa.

Boom! Here I am with a new outfit post. I am so, so, so addicted to Lazy Oaf. For a long time I wanted this dress, but restrained myself. I am a shopping addict without doubt, but even I have limits and there are already many pieces from this shop in my wardrobe. But when I saw the dress on sale, all the good intentions were gone instantly. What shall I say? I love it and it's really causing big badaboom explosions of fashion happiness.

Jewellery from delicious Australian label Eat.Me.Do completes the look. Gummi bear and squid, nice menu, isn't it? Do you say "Yuk"? Exactly, this is what is written on my back. I discovered this patch on Instagram and couldn't get the word Yuk out of my head anymore. I sewed it onto a vintage denim jacket, which was a little bit boring on it's own. The patch turned it into a cool piece again. I might add other patches in the future.

Have you ever seen the movie Cloud Atlas? You really should, it's a brilliant movie and unlike anything else I've ever seen on the screen. Why is she talking about movies now you might ask. Simple, because of a very special scene in this movie: There is a restaurant in a futuristic city called Neo Seoul. All the waitresses are Asian girls with a bob haircut and the same outfit. They wear the Melissa Patchuli shoes, just like I do in this post. I think I made funny noises of excitement in the cinema, when I saw all this girls with this wonderful shoes. It was the first time ever I spotted Melissa shoes in the cinema and this shoe is connected to the movie forever now. I wish they had Lazy Oaf dresses too...

What do you think, does this outfit make boom?

My Outfit: 
Dress: Lazy Oaf, Shoes: Melissa, Jacket: Vintage. YUK Patch: Yuk Clothing, Sunglasses: H&M (not recent), Tights: Sorry, I can't remember, Bangle: Eat.Me.Do, Gummi Bear Brooch: Eat.Me.Do

Thanks a lot to My Style Hit for my Lazy Oaf Dress. Lovely thanks to Eat.Me.Do for the brooch and Yuk Clothing for the patch.


  1. Loving the dress and the sunnies. Your squid bangle is really cool :)

  2. I am officially jealous of your body!
    You look stunning as always and the dress is just awesome! Suits you very well!

    And I am as always fascinated b your hair :D

    Love xx

  3. gorgeous outfit <3 love the gummy bear brooch! x

  4. So I totally want to go shopping in your wardrobe!

    x. Pixelhazard | Bright Green Laces |

  5. Oh wow! I love everything about this outfit! Perfection!

  6. Heisses Kleid! das steht dir sowas von gut!!! die Strümpfe und die Jeansjacke passen auch toll dazu :) bombshell!! hrhr

  7. Hello my sweet!! I am back from holiday time :)) You look sensational, love this dress on you :))) So gorgeous. It's perfect for you. I hope you have been doing well xx