Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Over the Pastel Rainbow

hat, pastel, roses, pink hair
Pastels, pastels, wherever you look.
lashes for london, dip dye dress, headwear, pastel hair
I imagine this dress comes directly from a pastel paradise.
madonna, lace gloves, vintage angel jewellery
Of course there are angels included as well.
dress with bow, flower hat, wedding outfit, pastel hair
A big bow and romantic roses can't be missed too.
angel accessories, vintage headwear, pastel pink hair, false lashes
Me and my angel, who's got the prettier face?
dress with bow, lashes of london, dip dye, cutout back
The probably best thing about this dress is the cute back.
dip dye tights, melissa shoes, vivienne westwood, lady dragonball
Yellow dip dye tights go surprisingly well with baby blue heels, what a new discovery!

Sometimes I wish the world was made of candy floss. Imagine a place where everything is full of pastels, candy and softness. Anything harmful or bad is beyond the imagination. I love strong bright colours, but if there is something like a paradise, I like to think it must be filled with pastels. This soft colours mean peace, tenderness and dreaminess to me.

Because of my thoughts about paradise, I combined the dip dye dress with it's cute bow back detail with lace gloves and angelic jewellery. I had the paintings of Raffael in my mind when I choose my accessories and gave the outfit a touch of a madonna with unblemished hands.

I wish I would be invited to a wedding and would love to wear this outfit. But why not just wearing it out for any occasion? I believe that the perfect dress should be worn and not be stored till the perfect moment for it arrives. You make the moment perfect. I would even go out dressed like this just to buy a bottle of milk and turn a very ordinary moment into my pastel dream.

How do you like this romantic outfit my lovelies and do you love pastels too?

My Outfit: 
Skirt: Lashes of London, Tights: Ebay, Shoes: Melissa, Hat: Hatastic,
Handbag: Furla at Zappos, Necklace: Tenebris, Bangle, Ring and Gloves: Vintage

Shop more pretty pastel dresses:

Friday, 23 August 2013

My Crazy Pony

Necklace: Tatty Devine, Clutch: Santi at Shopbop, Shoes: Unif at Dolls Kill, Sunglasses: Nasty Gal,
Jumper: Truffle Shuffle, Skirt: Cédric Charlier at Avenue 32, Bracelet: Kirsty Ward at Bengt, Tights: Romwe 

I am obsessed with colours more than ever before and this style is proof. On other blogs, you will find a post like this as a mood board about colourful fashion, I say: Why not wear all these pieces together, just the way I show them? At least I would love to and declare this outfit to one of my dream outfits! I want ponies, I want rainbows, glitter and never forget about the pompoms!

I remember brushing the hair of my Little Ponies when I was a child, I loved their pastel coloured manes. I think the first ponies have been made when I was born or maybe a little bit earlier and so they were about the first toys I can remember too. Wearing them on a jumper would bring up a lot of nostalgia. I am sure the ponies would love the pompom clutch and the colourful accessories as much as I do.

What do you think about this outfit, would you wear it or just pick out one piece for yourself?

Monday, 19 August 2013

Lovely Label: Serena Kuhl Jewellery

jewellery, resin, sea life, australian design

Mysterious undersea life and translucent crystals are among the main themes of Serena Kuhl's jewellery. All her pieces come in the prettiest and brightest colours you can imagine. It's amazing how this jewellery shines in the sunlight and it's the perfect addition to any happy outfit.

All jewellery is designed and produced by Australian designer Serena Kuhl personally. The material of her choice is resin. It's an extraordinary material, easy to care and pleasant to wear.

Serena is open for custom orders, if the perfect piece is not available in the colour of your dreams for example. Good news for the plus size girls among you too: There are some plus size bangles ready too.

I really can't name a favourite from Serena Kuhl's shop. All the pieces are amazing and I think they look best, if you combine a few of them. Due to the very reasonable prices, you don't have to hold yourself back. I'll keep you updated about my first Serena Kuhl pieces for sure. What is your favourite?

Discover all the resin treasures of Serena Kuhl and visit her shop and like her on Facebook.

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

The Heart of the Flamingo

lalalove london, flamingo dress, jump from paper
2D meets 3D world. What is real here? -Everything!
jumpfrompaper, 2d bag, lalalove, flamingo
The heart of the flamingos on my breast beats for the pink handbag.
jumpfrompaper, bag, comic style, 2d
I can't get my hands of it too.
lalalove, printed dress, flamingo
Loving the psychodelic print of this dress and playing with my pastel hair.
jumpfrompaper, first date, bag, pink
"Comic Lovely Sara" is what I feel like with this bag.
lalalove, printed dress, london
Orchards, lilies and my favourite resin bangle are a winning team.
asian fashion, jumpfrompaper, lalalove, printed dress
The playfulness of the handbag is inspiring me.
crystal, ring, jewellery, blue
Imagine this stone came from a planet far, far away, where the whole surface is blue and shiny.

Sweet, sweet confusion! Today I am tricking your eyes with a psychodelic all over print and a handbag that is almost too good to be true. This outfit is a declaration of love to Asian fashion: The dress comes from Thailand/London based label Lalalove (Yes, I couldn't resist to buy it after I told you about it) and the bag from Taiwanese label JumpFromPaper. I love the creativity and playful quirkiness Asian designers often display in their work. If I find a new label from this part of the world that satisfies my urge to be a walking rainbow, I always get very excited and feel like a little fashion explorer.

JumpFromPaper wasn't actually found by me, but rather I was found by them. When they contacted me, I couldn't believe I didn't hear about them before, because my style is literally made to fit these bags. I already wrote a post about the label here if you are interested to learn more about them.

When my very own JumpFromPaper bag arrived, I instantly felt that we were gonna be very close friends. The quality of the bag is excellent and it's super flat. There is a zipper at the bottom of the bag and when it's open the bag gets a lot more roomy. Enough space for the things I carry around in my everyday routine is provided. 

The bag gets a lot of looks and compliments. Isn't it a wonderful achievement for a bag to make people smile? This makes my flamingo heart beat faster for sure.

What do you think about this outfit and are you amazed by Asian labels too?

My Outfit: 
Dress: Lalalove London bought at Famous Ape (for all people not from Switzerland, it's available here), Handbag: JumpFromPaperBangle: Kate Rhode at Edition X
Blue Ring: Bijou Brigitte, Golden Ring: A gift, Flower Crown: Selfmade, 
Shoes: Bought in Camden, Tights: Claire's, Socks: Topshop

Thanks to JumpFromPaper for the beautiful bag.

Monday, 12 August 2013

Lovely Label: Lalalove London

The crazier prints are, the more I love them. This is where Lalalove London comes in: The London and Bangkok based label is print heaven! Quirky screen printed shirts and eccentric dresses with romantic ruffles will win over your heart. Their recent collection is full of tropical elements, candy and animals, all mixed up to a psychodelic cocktail. All in all, it seems that this collection is like a rejoicing overdose of all the good things together.

Linda Charoenlab, the designer behind the label, was born and raised in Bangkok, were she worked as a stylist. After relocating to London and further studies there, she founded Lalalove in 2009. Lalalove stands for kitsch at his best, their much revered prints and as well for eco-friendly production. It is fashion far from normality and boredom, ready to be worn by bold people.

My true favourite from the collection is the flamingo bodycon dress. The print of this dress spotting two flamingos forming a heart with their heads inside of a psychodelic wonderland full of orchids and lilies is beyond perfection. I am so obsessed with flamingos and love to think if my soul would be an animal, it would be a pink flamingo. You see why I need this dress so badly in my life.

While I am dreaming of pink animals, Lalalove is ready for their next masterstroke: Their A/W 13 collection will hit the shops soon and it's called "The Final Attack".  See a little preview below and get ready!

Visit Lalalove London on Facebook. If you are in London, you can shop their fashion at Topshop Oxford Circus, in Switzerland go to Famous Ape in Geneva.

Friday, 9 August 2013

10 Lovely Fashion Finds

Miss Lovett, Glitter shoes, Candy Colours, Melissa
Red Lips Shoes: Vivienne Westwood x Melissa, Round Sunnies: Romwe, Crystal Ring: Nasty Gal,
Marshmallow Skirt: Topshop, Lightening Bolt Bag: Paul's Boutique,
Flower Print Top: Lashes of London, Flamingo Phone Case: Etsy, Bow Top: Miss Lovett,
Glitter Shoes: Minna Parikka, Cat Face Bag: Sugar + Style

This is a selection of the items I like best in the online shops at the moment. A lot of prints, pastels and cute details included to spread fun.

I will ignore the darker autumn colours that are sneaking into the shops as long as possible. Down jackets? Nobody needs them, as long as there are light girly things spreading fun instead.

I definitely need the flower print top with the cute metallic bows and the Melissa heels. I think the lightning bolt bag is a winner too. I have a lot of fancy bags, but just a few bags for everyday use. This one could be the solution. I really have to restrain myself, not to order everything and I just hold back because I want to leave some pretty things for you.

What do you think, which of this items can't be missing in the perfect wardrobe?

Monday, 5 August 2013

Monsters & Cats from Outer Space

joanna pybus, fur clutch, eye clutch, pop
Who can resist this cute monster eyes? Definitely not me!
hype, cosmic cats, joanna pybus, quay eyewear
I can tell you what monsters and cats form outer space have in common:
They are both rainbow-coloured.
hype, pink, joanna pybus, cats
Accessoires and makeup in bright pink are a must for this look.
joanna pybus, fur clutch, monster, kawaii
This friendly monster wants to be hugged and stroked all the time.
monster clutch, braces, hype, cats
The clutch is great to hide your face in case you encounter any paparazzi,
evil ex-boyfriends or nasty neighbours.
cats, galaxy, hype, braces
The cats are playing hide and seek behind the braces of the high-waisted skirt.
jelly, shoes, juju, lilac
This comfortable jelly sandals in lilac are the perfect shoes for hot summer days.

This look is a mad liaison between the 50s and the 90s. A little bit of retro, a lot of craziness. Galaxy cats are floating through a rainbow coloured sky, while the cute furry monster twinkles with its long eyelashes. Nineties neon disco meets pink vintage chic. Yes, today I let styles clash together and mix wildly, what doesn't seem to fit at first.

You've seen this high-waisted pinafore skirt before here, I styled it to a genuine retro look. I wondered if it would look good in a more quirky outfit as well and was surprised how well it goes together with the cosmic cat print. The tee is quite long and it doesn't look good on my curvy body if I wear it loose, but tucked into the high-waisted skirt the silhouette is accented to flatter.

The true star of the outfit is the clutch: I wrote about British fashion designer Joanna Pybus before here and this is her first piece I own. I love the cute monster and always catch myself stroking it. I was tempted to not show my face at all in this post, because it's just too much fun to hide my face behind my monster.

I'll definitely have to go back for more Joanna Pybus items and recommend you to keep an eye on her too. I am curious what she comes up with in the future. I guess it must be cute and colourful, maybe it will be furry too…

Do you like this crazy look?

My Outfit: 

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Lovely Label: JumpFromPaper

Are you confused? Your eyes are not fooled, this bags are real and they look exactly like on the pictures. I have seen them with my very own eyes. 2D is the new and better 3D and the Taiwanese label JumpFromPaper makes what is so hard to believe come true: They create hand bags you'll need to take a second glance to realize they are not just a cartoon day dream.

Chay Su and Rika Lin are the creative masterminds behind JumpFromPaper. The two crazy girls both studied communication design and had the fabulous idea to turn 2D illustrations into bags. Their designs looks literally like they jumped to life from a quirky comic book and unlike anything else I've ever seen.

The philosophy of JumpFromPaper is, that life does not need to be that serious. People are born to enjoy. Indeed, this colourful bags spread a lot of fun and turn you instantly into a comic character. Probably the greatest thing is to take a picture of you with a JumpFromPaper bag: Every shot looks like photoshoped and causes a sweet irritation, which leads to unstoppable fascination.

Katy Perry was already spotted with a playful JumpFromPaper handbag, Lovely Sara will follow soon. Do you wanna join the pop art 2D gang?

Visit JumpFromPaper's website and shop your own comic bag or join them on Facebook.

Copyright of all pictures by JumpFromPaper.