Sunday, 29 September 2013

Lovely Trend: Velvet In Berry Tones

velvet, fashion trend aw 2013, berry shades, berry colours
Crop Top: Mink Pink, Heeled Sandals: Asos, Wedge Shoes: Even&Odd, Bow: Topshop,
Bunny Ear Headband: Topshop, Kimono: Topshop at Nordstrom, Shorts: Topshop, Dress : Asos

It returns nearly every autumn/winter season: Velvet. This material with it's smooth touch and elegant shimmer is just the right thing when it gets colder and returns in deep rich berry tones this season.

Velvet used to be a material associated with wealth and nobility, although nowadays it's available for all of us, it didn't loose the air of luxery. Originally it was made from silk and cotton, more recently as well from polyester. It' s very easy to combine with almost any other materials. I wouldn't mix too many different velvet pieces in one outfit maybe, but there are no boundaries for experiments.

My shopping advice would be to go for a velvet kimono or velvet shoes to add a touch of glamour to your looks. I hope I'll soon have my velvet dream come true.

Is velvet one of your favourites too this autumn/winter?

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Lovely Label: Joanna Pybus A/W 13 & Interview with the Designer

made in britain, fake fur, neon, joanna pybus
neon coat, vinyl coat, joanna pybus, made in britain
eye print top, joanna pybus, london fashion, made in britain
fake fur, joanna pybus, london fashion design, british fashion design

The moment I've been waiting for is finally here: The new Joanna Pybus collection is out. It's a lot about contrasts: Thick faux fur clashes with translucent vinyl, monochrome colours are accented by vibrant neon. Joanna sticks to faux fur, which has become an integral part of her designs, but shows us another approach to this material. The distinctive Joanna Pybus eye print patterns return as well, mixed with other interesting patterns and prints.

But let the designer personally tell you a little bit more about the collection and her inspiration:

Interview with Joanna Pybus

Hi Joanna, please tell us a little bit more about your new collection and what inspired you.
The collection has been approached from a post apocalyptic view point, with strong references to dilapidated architecture, corrupted digital medias and hazard warning signs. My research included all manner of things- right from movies like The Hunger Games and Bladerunner to Super Mario Bros underworld levels.( has just some of the images I used during my researching/moodboarding). It was also important for me to embody a sense of power and strength in the collection, and this has been represented in the stone marble fabrics (used in my personal fav of the collection, the 'Column Suit') and the strong silhouettes – I would like to think that this strength is then translated into the wearers confidence.

Your new collection is darker than your earlier work, is this a new tendency for the future of your designs?
Yes it is quite dark! I really enjoyed working to this kind of tone in this collection- it was really great to be working with a different feeling in mind- although I think my previous work had some dark or creepy undertones to it but was represented in a giant candy coating! I'm not sure if its necessarily the future of my designs, I guess we'll just have to wait and see what comes of my research in the next collection- but I definitely loved working with a darker tone.

What kind of a woman do you imagine to wear your fashion?
I imagine she is confident, laid back and funny – I think she rolls out of bed and just wants to throw something on that will make her feel good.

Which famous person would you love to dress and why?
Maybe someone like Grimes- she's super cute and I imagine she's a lot of fun. I think she'd have fun wearing my stuff. Also maybe Brooke Candy (coincidentally, also in a Grimes vid!)- she has a great confidence and attitude, and such a powerful look –  I imagine she could be really fun to dress.

If your fashion would be a meal, what would it be?
Pizza- big, layered, many toppings and delicious ;-)

Visit Joanna Pybus' page or follow her on Facebook.

All pictures used with permission of Joanna Pybus. Photography: Aaron Hargreaves, Model: Becki Cunliffe, Hair & Makeup: Tuesday Rose Mullings, Styling Assistant: Aimee Ward, Location: Shoreditch Studios

Thursday, 19 September 2013

The Golden Pineapple

pineapple, fascinator, fruits in fashion, black milk
Hello, I am the pineapple girl!
black milk, pearls and swine, tatty devine, pineapple fashion
I even have the cocktail umbrellas for a tasty pineapple cocktail with me.
tatty devine, cocktail umbrella necklace, pineapple top, fruits in fashion
Oldie but goodie: Still one of my favourites from Tatty Devine.
pineapple fascinator, pastel pink hair, pineapple crop top
Do you want me to mix you a cocktail too?
chilli ring, chilli jewellery
For the right amount of spice: A chili ring.
pineapple hat, pineapple fascinator, pineapple top
I am humming Carmen Miranda songs.
yellow crystal ring, serena kuhl, resin jewellery, alien ring
Love this mysterious yellow double finger ring.
pineapple hat, pineapple fascinator, pastel pink hair, pearls & swine
Do you think golden pineapples are holy? I don't know, but they are gorgeous for sure!

Did I promise you more pineapple looks? Here is another one and it's even more fruity than the last one. Probably this will be the last crop top I show you this season, before it gets too cold.

I am madly in love with the pineapple fascinator. Sometimes I wear it at home to just sit on the sofa or do the washing up, because wearing it makes me so happy. It's very Carmen Miranda and I think the colour combination of the golden pineapple and the green headband is perfect. Definitely another favourite from my favourite hatter Pearls & Swine!

During this summer, I gained a lot of self confidence. When spring arrived, I didn't know if I would ever wear a crop top again, because I was not sure if this trend is still fine for girls no longer in their teens. This is the shortest crop top I bought and I am really happy to wear it. I think we all should be more daring, have fun and don't care too much about the perfect body magazines show us. Models are old with 25 nowadays, isn't that ridiculous?

Eat pineapples, eat chocolate cake and wear crop tops or whatever you like to my lovelies and never let somebody teach you something else! Whatever you wear, wear it with confidence and it will look stunning.

How do you like this pineapple dedicated outfit my lovelies?

My Outfit: 
Crop Top: Black Milk, Skirt with Belt: H&M (not recent), Shoes: Melissa,
Fascinator: Pearls & Swine, Necklace: Tatty Devine (not recent),
Yellow Crystal Ring: Serena Kuhl, Red Chili Ring: V&A Shop

Thanks a lot to Pearls & Swine for this fascinator. Having a pineapple fascinator was one of my childhood dreams.

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Lovely Label: Temptress of Waikiki

Temptress of Waikiki is an amazing new range of headwear for everyday use. The whole range is flower focused and the perfect choice for weddings, tea parties or just to look stunning. There is always the right time to crown yourself with everlasting flowers and every girl looks like a fairylike creature with flowers in her hair.

Does the name Temptress of Waikiki ring a bell in your head? It comes from the movie the Addams Family, where Gomez refers to Debbie as the "Temptress of Waikiki". Isn't it a sexy name? - Then hurry and turn yourself into a Temptress of Waikiki too, all you need is one of these headpieces!

I think all regular readers know already about my one and only favourite hatter in the world Pearls & Swine. When I will wear Temptress of Waikiki in the future, it doesn't mean that I am unfaithful: It's the second range of Pearls & Swine, featuring easy to wear pieces, while Pearls & Swine is more focused on art headpieces. What the two ranges have both in common is the high quality and workmanship.

I am lusting very much after the pink beauties, but I think my favourite is the blue headdress. The model looks just divine with it and I think so will other girls.

Visit Temptress of Waikiki or join them on Facebook.

Copyright of all pictures by Temptress of Waikiki. Photographer: Kate Elizabeth/Ellie Victoria Gale, Model: Isobel Saunders/Abyss, MUA: Jennifer Bombardiere-Lippett, Wigs: Insomnium Wigs

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Lovely Trend: Holograms

hologram fashion, hologram, holographic, unif
Belt: Asos, Backpack: Unif, Platform Shoes: Unif, Dress: Asos, Skirt: Topshop, Sunglasses: Quay Eyeware,
Pink Heels: Ego And Greed, Jacket: Cult By Lip Service at Urban Outfitters

Summer season is coming to an end and the new trends are ready to enter your wardrobe. In the following weeks, I plan to tell you about my fashion highlights for next season.

Let's start with a sparkling trend first: Holograms. They have been seen in the spring/summer collections of Burberry, Stella McCartney and Jonathan Saunders, now they invade high street fashion. Holograms give a futuristic touch to your outfits instantly. Barbarella meets glam rock disco.

When days get colder and the sky more gray, something glittering is just the perfect choice. They don't need be combined with a lot of accessories, because they are very strong on their own.Wear them together with black or white as an eye-catcher or mix them with strong colours for an even more exciting look.

Do you love holograms too and what are your new season trends?

Saturday, 7 September 2013

The Three-Eyed Pineapple & Her Crush on Jewellery

lazy oaf, pineapple dress, melon bag, resin jewellery
Melons and pineapples are on the menu for today.
lazy oaf, serena kuhl, melissa, comic babe
Yes, I am a fruity comic babe, no doubt!
serena kuhl, resin, jewellery, purple rock
Confetti nails and a lot of hand/arm candy makes my day.
crystal ring, purple glitter, jewellery, accessories
A purple rock made of glitter. Imagine the beautiful landscapes if all mountains looked like this…
lazy oaf, comic dress, 90s, melon clutch
Didn't you know that pineapples have three eyes?
pastel hair, kawaii outfit, pineapple dress, fruity fashion
Pastel haired fruity girl having fun.
necklace, resin, sea urchin, serena kuhl
I think this sea urchin beads are like a beautiful symphony for the eyes.
resin, fluo pink, bangle, australian design
Bangle crush with this resin beauties. Their vibrancy is amazing.

The pineapples on my dress couldn't take all of their three eyes form my jewellery today. All this adorable accessories came to me all the way from Australia and I can't stop loving them. Pink, Purple, yellow and orange all mixed up is just a great combination and I think the accessories add a lot of extra fun to the outfit.

I am obsessed with pineapple prints as you might have noticed already if you follow me on Instagram. This is the first pineapple look for this season, but definitely not the last. A few other fruity discoveries are still waiting to be styled. For now I am very pleased how this quirky 90s inspired dress looks combined with all the resin jewellery.

It's a very girly look and perfect for casual weekends full of fun indeed.  This outfit would be my choice to wear to a concert from Japanese singer Kyary Pamyu Pamyu or to make funny Purikura pictures with my friends. Unfortunately both of this things are not possible in my city, but at least I am prepared and meanwhile I wear it wherever I go.

What do you think about this fruity look and how do you like my new jewellery?

My Outfit: 
Dress: Lazy Oaf, Bangles, Rings and Necklace: Serena Kuhl, Clutch: H&M (not recent), Bow: Topshop (not recent), Tights: Ebay, Shoes: Melissa Vintage

Thanks a lot to Serena Kuhl for this amazing jewellery.

Shop more cool comic print dresses:

Monday, 2 September 2013

Lovely Label: Dazzle & Jolt

Made in Britain, Dazzle and Jolt, Printed T-shrits
dazzle and jolt, jungle prints, exotic prints, tiger
flamingo, print, tshirt, dazzle and jolt
dazzle and jolt, printed tshirts, pineapple, jungle prints

Let me introduce a brand new label from London: Dazzle & Jolt. This year the exciting brand launched it's first collection called "Geometric Jungle". Happy jungle prints in all the colours of the rainbow makes the collection perfect to brighten up your outfits.

Fruits, flowers and exotic animals such as toucans, parrots and tigers have their big appearance on Dazzle & Jolt's tees. Every piece is a bold statement of fun and joy. You can wear them as the splash of colour to an otherwise plain outfit or let them be part of a rainbow look form head to toe.

Dazzle & Jolt was founded by the two friends Jessica Holt and Zara Saleem. Their mission is to colour the world. All their prints are limited edition, so get your hands on their tees, crop tees and sweaters as long as you can. The tees are made from 100% organic cotton and printed in the UK.

I love the graphic quality of the illustrated prints and can't decide for a favourite. It seems like Dazzle & Jolt just has all the things I love most on their tees (maybe expect cats and melons), so I am torn between pineapple, flamingo and parrot. Why not just get them all and make the streets of the city less monochrome?

Visit Dazzle & Jolt here or join their Facebook page.
Which one is your favourite Dazzle & Jolt piece?

Copyright of all pictures by Dazzle & Jolt.