Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Lovely Label: Joanna Pybus A/W 13 & Interview with the Designer

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neon coat, vinyl coat, joanna pybus, made in britain
eye print top, joanna pybus, london fashion, made in britain
fake fur, joanna pybus, london fashion design, british fashion design

The moment I've been waiting for is finally here: The new Joanna Pybus collection is out. It's a lot about contrasts: Thick faux fur clashes with translucent vinyl, monochrome colours are accented by vibrant neon. Joanna sticks to faux fur, which has become an integral part of her designs, but shows us another approach to this material. The distinctive Joanna Pybus eye print patterns return as well, mixed with other interesting patterns and prints.

But let the designer personally tell you a little bit more about the collection and her inspiration:

Interview with Joanna Pybus

Hi Joanna, please tell us a little bit more about your new collection and what inspired you.
The collection has been approached from a post apocalyptic view point, with strong references to dilapidated architecture, corrupted digital medias and hazard warning signs. My research included all manner of things- right from movies like The Hunger Games and Bladerunner to Super Mario Bros underworld levels.( has just some of the images I used during my researching/moodboarding). It was also important for me to embody a sense of power and strength in the collection, and this has been represented in the stone marble fabrics (used in my personal fav of the collection, the 'Column Suit') and the strong silhouettes – I would like to think that this strength is then translated into the wearers confidence.

Your new collection is darker than your earlier work, is this a new tendency for the future of your designs?
Yes it is quite dark! I really enjoyed working to this kind of tone in this collection- it was really great to be working with a different feeling in mind- although I think my previous work had some dark or creepy undertones to it but was represented in a giant candy coating! I'm not sure if its necessarily the future of my designs, I guess we'll just have to wait and see what comes of my research in the next collection- but I definitely loved working with a darker tone.

What kind of a woman do you imagine to wear your fashion?
I imagine she is confident, laid back and funny – I think she rolls out of bed and just wants to throw something on that will make her feel good.

Which famous person would you love to dress and why?
Maybe someone like Grimes- she's super cute and I imagine she's a lot of fun. I think she'd have fun wearing my stuff. Also maybe Brooke Candy (coincidentally, also in a Grimes vid!)- she has a great confidence and attitude, and such a powerful look –  I imagine she could be really fun to dress.

If your fashion would be a meal, what would it be?
Pizza- big, layered, many toppings and delicious ;-)

Visit Joanna Pybus' page or follow her on Facebook.

All pictures used with permission of Joanna Pybus. Photography: Aaron Hargreaves, Model: Becki Cunliffe, Hair & Makeup: Tuesday Rose Mullings, Styling Assistant: Aimee Ward, Location: Shoreditch Studios


  1. Ohmy... : O Die Mode ist unheimlich schön.
    Ausgefallen aber trotzdem noch edel und professionell.
    Das Interview gefällt mir auch sehr. Sie ist sympathisch : D
    Finde das schön auch mal die Gedanken von der Designerin/ des Designers zu erfahren : )

    Süße Grüße
    Alison / Kuchenkind

    1. Joanna ist unglaublich sympathisch und funny, genau. Für mich eine der absolut besten jungen Designer. Hoffe dass es bald noch mehr Interviews geben wird. Ganz liebe Grüsse, xxxx

  2. ahhhh her collection is so cool :) I love that she uses faux too

    1. Yes, yes I want everything (and can imagine you too). ;-) Faux is my material number one this winter season and her pieces are the best I've seen so far. xxx

  3. Replies
    1. Und ob! Ich bin extrem versucht sie zu meiner diesjährigen Winterjacke zu machen ;-) Freue mich sehr über deinen Kommentar, lange nicht gehört. Einen wunderschönen Sonntag <3

  4. Super doll, I quite need the second piece with all the rain we get here, then I can look stylish and dry at the same time ;-) <3

    1. I hope you'll have a little bit more sun soon my dear. But the raincoat is very pretty, maybe even worth to look forward to more rain... ;-) xxx