Thursday, 19 September 2013

The Golden Pineapple

pineapple, fascinator, fruits in fashion, black milk
Hello, I am the pineapple girl!
black milk, pearls and swine, tatty devine, pineapple fashion
I even have the cocktail umbrellas for a tasty pineapple cocktail with me.
tatty devine, cocktail umbrella necklace, pineapple top, fruits in fashion
Oldie but goodie: Still one of my favourites from Tatty Devine.
pineapple fascinator, pastel pink hair, pineapple crop top
Do you want me to mix you a cocktail too?
chilli ring, chilli jewellery
For the right amount of spice: A chili ring.
pineapple hat, pineapple fascinator, pineapple top
I am humming Carmen Miranda songs.
yellow crystal ring, serena kuhl, resin jewellery, alien ring
Love this mysterious yellow double finger ring.
pineapple hat, pineapple fascinator, pastel pink hair, pearls & swine
Do you think golden pineapples are holy? I don't know, but they are gorgeous for sure!

Did I promise you more pineapple looks? Here is another one and it's even more fruity than the last one. Probably this will be the last crop top I show you this season, before it gets too cold.

I am madly in love with the pineapple fascinator. Sometimes I wear it at home to just sit on the sofa or do the washing up, because wearing it makes me so happy. It's very Carmen Miranda and I think the colour combination of the golden pineapple and the green headband is perfect. Definitely another favourite from my favourite hatter Pearls & Swine!

During this summer, I gained a lot of self confidence. When spring arrived, I didn't know if I would ever wear a crop top again, because I was not sure if this trend is still fine for girls no longer in their teens. This is the shortest crop top I bought and I am really happy to wear it. I think we all should be more daring, have fun and don't care too much about the perfect body magazines show us. Models are old with 25 nowadays, isn't that ridiculous?

Eat pineapples, eat chocolate cake and wear crop tops or whatever you like to my lovelies and never let somebody teach you something else! Whatever you wear, wear it with confidence and it will look stunning.

How do you like this pineapple dedicated outfit my lovelies?

My Outfit: 
Crop Top: Black Milk, Skirt with Belt: H&M (not recent), Shoes: Melissa,
Fascinator: Pearls & Swine, Necklace: Tatty Devine (not recent),
Yellow Crystal Ring: Serena Kuhl, Red Chili Ring: V&A Shop

Thanks a lot to Pearls & Swine for this fascinator. Having a pineapple fascinator was one of my childhood dreams.


  1. You look marvellous, I love this outfit, it's so wonderful. Amazing amazing!! Am happy you have gained should, you are stunning!! I just love this :))) <3 <3

    1. Self-confidence is indeed so important, but very difficult to gain. :-) Thank you a lot for your lovely words. <3<3<3

  2. Sooooooooooooooo wonderful, dear Sara.
    I love and want it all.

  3. I cannot believe I have only just found your blog! Your style is amazing and you are beautiful xx

    1. Oh I love excitement :-D Need to check out your blog too, I am sure you are awesome <3

  4. love the green nail polish and your makeup looks super pretty :)

    1. Thank you very much darling <3 I have fun with my pineapples ;-)

  5. So wonderful! Dear Sara, you are a very special style icon I love it! I'm glad you won confidence with yourself, that's great, I stopped worrying me so people say has long ago. Pineapple Kisses my dear girl!

  6. You look fantastic, surely have nothing to worry about!
    that fascinator really is something...

  7. Wow!!! The pineapple headband and the chilli ring!!! Love!

  8. Thank you for this happy and inspiring post! This really makes my day even better! =) LOVE the cute colors and am seriously thinking about creating a pineapple hairband myself ;)
    HAPPY MONDAY to you!

  9. ohhh - how cool is that! :) You remind me on Katy Perry :)

  10. The whole outfit is just amazing! I love your skirt and... everything!
    You look so pretty :)

  11. Ich glaube ich hab einen meiner neuen Lieblingsblogs gefunden - wirklich jetzt :D

  12. where did you get this pineapple hair band/? It looks so cute!!!