Sunday, 27 October 2013

I'm a Walking Candy Floss

Today's outfit is pink and fluffy.
Materials of the moment are fake fur and vinyl.
Just a hint of lilac makes the pastel look even better.
If you ever wondered if pastel yetis exist: The answer is yes!
A crowned head in powder shades and a rather surreal collar.
Looking cool and feeling warm at the same time is possible, don't you agree?
Are you staring at my red shoes?
These roses don't smell, but they are very tender nonetheless.
Who can say no to so many powder colours?

How much pink can fit in one outfit? I say a lot of! Powder pink seems to be the most trendy colour this season and I am excited to find whole shops looking like their content was delivered directly from candy floss country. There was a time in my life when I refused to wear any other colours than pink. I'm lucky to be more open-minded now, but pink will always have a big place in my heart and I feel comfortable wearing it.

Layering is the key when it comes to outfits for the colder seasons. At the moment I love to combine jumpers and blouses to keep myself warm. For a similar look like mine, but with a plain blouse, I think adding a pretty collar chain or collar tips would make a fabulous outfit.

I am excited that my all time favourite nail polish (Lilacism from Essie) matches exactly my new Quay sunnies. This outfit might be my first attempt to mix pastel pink and lilac and I can't see why I didn't do this before. Especially not after finding a wonderful fascinator from Jazzafine, that unites these colours. Wearing red shoes to this look might be a bold decision, some of you probably disagree about my choice. But I just needed a little colour clash. Even a pink yeti like me must love Kate Bush's album "Red Shoes" and get influenced in his choice of footwear…

Do you like this look and what is your favourite outfit at the moment?

My Outfit: 
Jacket: Ebay, Jumper: Topshop,Blouse with Hand Collar: Vivetta
Skirt: Topshop (sold out), Headband: Jazzafine, Sunglasses: Quay
Ring: Tenebris (sold out), Shoes: Melissa, Tights: H&M

Thanks to Quay Eyeware for the sunglasses and to Jazzafine for the headband.

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Lovely Smell: Bulgari Omnia Crystalline EdP

Bulgari, Bvlgari, omnia, crystalline
Omnia Crystalline EdP, the new fragrance from Bulgari
bulgari, omnia crystalline, eau de parfume, favorite parfume
It's a dive into a sensual, powdery world
bulgari, bvlgari, omnia crystalline, best parfume
A new precious crystal joins the Omnia family
bulgari, perfume, omnia, 2013
A pretty bottle, but an even more exquisite scent inside
new perfume, bulgari omnia, crystalline, eau de parfume
If this scent would be a colour, I imagine it must be a powdery pink

Time for a little confession: When it comes to perfumes, I have a religion and it's called Bulgari. Every time Bulgari releases a new frequency, I am a little bit anxious to try it and fear to be disappointed for the very first time.

The first impression from Bvlgari Omina Crystalline Eau de Parfum was that it is a tender and very feminine fragrance full of warmth and cleanness. A perfume perfect to wear for a first date. Not blatant or scandalous, but exquisite and sexy in a subtle way. The rosy powdery scent is very sensual and gives you a feeling of luxury and noble exclusivity.

Rare lotus flower, smooth orris concrete and white sandalwood are the most important scents of Bulgari Omnia Crystalline EdP. Despite it smells surprisingly soft for an EdP, it's rather long-lasting. I feel like being wrapped in something very smooth while wearing it and I have to think of a secret cave hidden beneath a waterfall. I would really recommend you to try this perfume as well and I can honestly say it's my favourite from all the five Omnia versions.

You might like this perfume, if your favourite perfume is:
Guerlain L'instant Magique, Kenzo Flower,

Thanks to coolbrandz for supplying the product for this review.

Saturday, 19 October 2013

Lovely Label & Interview: Jazzafine

fascinator, bride's wear, bird cage fascinator, hair accessory
fascinator, bride's wear, bird cage veil fascinator, hair accessory
fascinator, bride's wear, hair accessory, peacock feather fascinator
fascinator, bride's wear, bird cage fascinator, hair accessory
fascinator, bride's wear, bird cage fascinator, hair accessory

Jazzafine, a name full of music for a creative headwear and accessory label. A fascinator from Jazzafine might just be the finishing touch to your perfect outfit. Tender flowers, bird cage veils and elegant feathers for brides, everyday fairies and unique ladies are among the treasures you will find here.

Inspired by music, this hats are like tender poems and strong melodies themselves. Caroline Bejenar, the creative mind behind Jazzafine, tells us what is the connection between her hats and Mata Hari is and what inspires her most:

Interview with Carolina Bejenar

Please tell me a little bit about yourself, your background and how you started to make fascinators and jewellery.
The fascinators are a lucky find, a beautiful coincidence in my life ;O). I come from an intellectual family in Moldavia. There I visited a youth art college, later I studied business relations. I like intellectual challenges… In Heidelberg (Germany) I pursued my studies – literature, linguistic sciences and political science.

All the theoretical knowledge didn't make me happy and that's why I became a designer. After graduating, I worked as a graphic designer for a few years and organized photo shootings among other things. While doing a shooting, we missed hair styling accessories. Over the weekend, I made some from feathers I found. These were the first pieces and they looked wonderful in the shooting. Even if my boss didn't appreciate them, I had the secret feeling that I made something really good. A few months later I resigned and started my DaWanda shop. Since then I have the most beautiful job in the world.

What inspires your work?
All the knowledge I collected over the years. History of art, classical French literature, design theory or the fin-de-siècle Vienna play a role in my work. Images, ideas, described scenes and moods lead me in a strange way and help me to transform emotions and atmosphere into a tender, feathery and opulent thing. And there is the music as well – most of all Jazz – which plays a very important part in my work. The voice of Billie Holiday was first an inspiring long-stay guest in my studio, later it became more and more important, till it became impossible to be without this elegant music in the creative process. Ella Fitzgerald singing a duet with Louis Armstrong gives my day the drive for a lot of work as well.

Meanwhile I have many different collections. If I design vividly coloured compositions inspired by the Carpathians, I love to listen to the suitable beats and the sentimental stories of my homeland. Amazing voices from South Africa, such as Chavela Vargas as an example, inspire me just as well as swing from the twenties. They are perfect "co-workers" for my roaring twenties collection or the La Nuit Bohème collection.

Recent fashion trends don't catch a lot of my interest to be honest. But I have to keep an eye on the trendy colours. I do a lot of custom orders and very often there are a few dozen of fascinators or bird cages in nude or powder shades ordered in one summer season.

What defines a good hat or fascinator in your opinion?
A woman should not feel disguised if she wears it in her hair. A little bit of humour and self-consciousness is required… The headpiece should fit to the personality. Ideally, it should enhance the personality, or show a hidden aspect. The little diva, the strong amazon, the coquettish lover, the sensual aficionado or the arbitrary intellectual.

If the fascinator should fit to the rest of the clothes? Personally I think it's no MUST. It should be the complement, the icing on the cake and it's definitely allowed to have a certain outlandishness.

For which famous person would you love to design fascinators?
I love music and beautiful, strong, edgy woman with curves! I would be curious to see my work on Caro Emerald or Femme Schmidt.

Nonetheless, the best is to hear from clients that they feel like Dita von Teese or Mata Hari, it they wear a hat or veil.

What's the goal for your label Jazzafine?
When I studied political science, my goal was the rescue of the world for sure. ;O) Nowadays, whether by the famous wisdom of age or by decadent resignation, I would love to make the female world a hint more beautiful and sophisticated…C'est tout!

Visit Jazzafine's shop or like them on Facebook.

Monday, 14 October 2013

The Flamingo Princess

collectif clothing, flamingo bag, pastel hair, vintage outfit
It's flamingo time again!
collectif, 50s dress, juju shoes,flamingo bag
This incredible purse turns every outfit into a stunner.
flamingo, hand bag, kawaii, cute handbag
Look at Mr. Flamingo's cute neck!
flamingo shaped hand bag, purse
Isn't this the craziest handbag you've ever seen?
vintage, retro look, 50s dress, collectif clothing
You can never go wrong with a flattering 50s dress.
swarovski, flamingo earrings, pink flamingo
The best boyfriend in the world gifted me with the flamingo earrings. Jealous aren't you?
juju, flamingo bag, rockabilly girl with pink dress, flower print dress
A candy floss pink petticoat completes the look.
Little Black Swan, fascinator, Made in Japan, pastel pink hair
This fascinator from Japanese label Little Black Swan is made of a tie.
fascinator, headwear, Little Black Swan, tie fascinator
Attached lace and pearls turns it into a very female accessory.
Made in Britain, Juju jelly shoes, socks and sandals, pink jelly shoes
Socks and Juju jelly sandals again, my favourite footwear this year.

"A summer outfit?" you might ask. Yes indeed! I was in Barcelona for a few days and there it was warm enough for a look like this. We shot this pictures back at home, because there was no time for a shooting, but I just couldn't resist to show you this look.

My flamingo addiction has no end and in this outfit I show you not just one, but two new flamingo accessories. I wanted to go for a rather sweet and 50s inspired look and wear a romantic flower print dress and a lot of candy floss pink.

While we shot this outfit, a few little girls were watching. I heard them say that "This woman looks like a princess", which made me smile and happened to become the title of the post.

I had to be very patient until I could show you this outfit for a very special reason: I had my ears pierced only for the flamingo earrings and wasn't allowed to put them on for a time that felt like eternity. But the look was just not complete without the earrings. Because I still have problems with one piercing I only wear one earring, but hopefully this will be over soon.

The other highlight of the outfit is the bag. It's actually made from a garden decoration flamingo. I haven't seen something like this before, just stumbled over it while giving in to my flamingo addiction and looking for flamingo things on the net for a whole eve. Believe me, browsing for flamingos causes an instant outburst of happiness, if you don't believe me, have a try!

Please tell me you love this look as much as I do!

My Outfit: 
Dress: Collectif Clothing (sold out), Petticoat: Vivien of Holloway, Fascinator: Little Black Swan, Shoes: Juju, Socks: Primark, Flamingo Purse: EyeCandySugar, Bangles: H&M, Ring: Serena Kuhl, Flamingo Earrings: Swarovski (sold out)

Shop pretty 50s style dresses:

Friday, 11 October 2013

Lovely Label: Quay Eyeware

Quay Eyeware, Made in Australia, Sunglasses, Gwen Stefani
Quay Eyeware, Made in Australia, Sunglasses, Gwen Stefani

Whenever I leave the house, I take a pair of sunglasses with me. I couldn't live without them, because it's constantly too bright for my eyes. The ability of sunglasses to completely change the appearance of the wearer, makes them the perfect accessory.

I am excited about having the matching pair to every outfit and trying out different shapes and styles all the time. That's why I was looking for an eyewear label that is affordable, fashionable and offers good quality. Quay Eyeware fulfills all of this and I want to share the fabulous brand with you:

Quay Eyeware is the Australian sunglass brand by Linda and Allen Hammond. The brand was born on the festival circuit by the music loving duo. What started as a small project soon grew and nowadays their glasses are retailed by Nastygal, Nordstrom and Asos, besides being sold by various Australian retailers and of course on their own homepage.

Celebrities like Gwen Stefani, Diane Kruger and Whitney Port are regularly spotted with a pair of Quay Eyeware sunnies. Isn't it great to wear the same glasses like style icon Gwen Stefani?

All the shades are about 40$, definitely not a big prize for an ultra-stylish accessory, so what are you waiting for? Visit Quay Eyeware on their page or join them on Facebook.

All pictures used with the permission of Quay Eyeware.

Monday, 7 October 2013

Lovely Inspiration: Pretty in Pink

Aminta, pink, outfit, suit
Aminta in a hot pink suit and a crop top
Fashion Hayley, Pink Look, Candy Clutch, Flower Crown
Fashion Hayley wearing a pink tulle dress, jelly sandals and a candy clutch
Cupcake Clothes, PInk Look, PInk Outfit, Pastell, Cute dresses
Elena (My name is Peggy Sue) and Georgina (Cupcake Clothes) in pretty pink dresses
Hey Dickface, Patel Outift, Pastel PInk, Pink Look
Katia (Hey Dickface) all in pink, including a chic hat
Intrinsically Florrie, kawaii, Lolita Look, Pastel Lolita
Cute Lolita style from Intrinsically Florrie

Pink is not just a colour, pink is a way of life! Cute but sexy, playful yet feminine, pink is full of emotions. The pastel shades are very tender and perfect for girly looks, whereas it's stronger tones work well for vibrant looks. Pink takes it's name from a flower of the same name and depending on how you combine it, pink can be innocent or seductive.

I am very excited to share a few of my favourite pink looks from the most amazing blogger girls with you. I love how different the looks are, every one of these girls is very inspiring and has her very own approach to the colour pink.

Other pretty things in pink:
- Flamingos
- Cherry Blossoms
- Marshmallows
- I Dream of Jeannie
- Pink Cadillacs
- Barbie
- Strawberry Milkshakes
- The Pink Panther
- Rose Quartz

How do you like these looks and which one is your favourite?

Shop pretty pink fashion:

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Tropical Paradise

tropical print, parrot print, tatty devine, eyelash sunglasses
Who says that the tropical paradise is closed till next summer?
Tatty Devine, Dazzle & Jolt, Tropical green, Topshop Rain Coat
I just take a coat and let the fun continue.
pink nails, resin jewellery, Serena Kuhl, Made in Australia
Colour is my weapon against gray weather.
Tatty Devine, Tropical Print, Parrot tshirt, Juju Shoes, Dazzle and Jolt
If there is a little bit of sun, I am happy to put aside the rain jacket.
tropical print, graphic shirt, dazzle and jolt, made in britain
It would be a shame to hide the parrot print more than absolutely needed.
tropical outfit, jelly shoes, californian look, dazzle & jolt
Do you feel the spirit of the jungle?
Tatty Devine, Neon Green Rain Jacket, Pastel hair with bow, graphic tee
I almost hear the sound of the palm trees rustling in the wind.
jelly shoes, juju, pink plastic sandals, frilled socks with sandals
Let's dance to the sound of the jungle and keep warm!

How to not get moody while it get's colder from day to day? I admit it's hard, but wearing colours and tropical prints is the best antidote. Adding fun to your outfits helps to keep the summer spirit in your heart!

My new T-Shirt from Dazzle & Jolt is perfect for my mission to keep summery. When it arrived, it was instant love. The adorable parrot print in the very bright colours won over my heart and I love the casual fit. I was a little bit afraid it might not look well, like long T-Shirts sometimes do on a curvy girl like me, but there was no reason to worry at all. Since I love parrots this will be among my favourites from now on.

To be prepared for quickly changing weather, the neon green rain coat is my first choice. Plastic jackets have always been among my favourites and I wish I had one in every bright colour. Because this outfit is rather casual, I wear a multi coloured sequin skirt for a touch of glitter. Something shiny never hurts!

Dressed like this I suddenly feel like dancing, no matter if there is rain or sun.What are your secrets to keep yourself in a summer mood and how do you like this outfit?

My Outfit: 
T-Shirt: Dazzle & Jolt, Rain Coat: Topshop (sold out),
Skirt: Asos (not recent), Shoes: Juju, Socks: Topshop (sold out),
Sunglasses: Tatty Devine, Bangle and Pink Ring: Serena Kuhl 
Blue Ring: Bijou Brigitte (not available online), Bow: H&M

Thanks a lot to Dazzle & Jolt for the T-Shirt.